9 Walk-In Closet Design Ideas: All the Basics You Need to Know

walk-in closet design ideas
Once considered a feature typically only found in large luxury homes, the walk-in closet is now considered essential for anyone looking for a new home.

The 2018 Canadian Home Builders’ Association study of homebuyer preferences revealed that walk-in closets topped the list of the most wanted home features.

Even if you’re not looking for a new home, converting a spare room into a large walk-in closet (also known as a dressing room) has become a popular home improvement upgrade in recent years for a few reasons.

A professional utilizing smart walk-in closet design ideas can create a special space that is highly functional, practical, and luxurious.

Who wouldn’t want all of that out of a spare room in your home that’s just sitting there, waiting to be used more purposefully?

9 essential walk-in closet design ideas

Designing a large walk-in closet that does more than just give you a lot more more space to store your clothes requires some creative thinking.

Your comfort level within your new space is equally important, so what walk-in closet design ideas will help you achieve the best results?

Get familiar with the basics and learn which walk-in closet design ideas should be considered essential when putting together your home improvement project.

1. Smart closet storage

One of the most important walk-in closet design ideas you’ll want to get right is the closet’s storage layout.

Just because you have more storage space at your disposal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be maximizing every bit of space available in the closet.

Using your vertical storage space to the peak of its capabilities can help to accomplish this. Incorporate extra hanging rods, closet hanging accessories, floor-to-ceiling shelving, and shoe racks into the closet design.

Using a high quality custom closet organizer is also highly recommended. They’ll maximize your closet’s storage space best by creating a home for everything you wear and will effectively complement your home’s décor.

2. A luxurious look

A dream closet is only worthy of that name if it has a luxurious, elegant look.

Bespoke closet cabinetry with rich finishes and refined accents, like our Monogram cabinetry, help create that desired high-end look.

Adorn your walk-closet with additional stylistic touches, such as tasteful lighting, cornice moulding, fluted columns, frosted glass cupboard doors, and attractive decorative cabinetry hardware.

walk-in closet design ideas, custom cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling fitted cabinetry with rich finishes create a luxurious walk-in closet space.

Take a look at our “Her Closet” photo gallery for more walk-in closet design ideas.

3. Good lighting and the right colours

A walk-in closet doesn’t just provide ample storage space and luxurious surroundings for your dressing area. It also lets you showcase your entire wardrobe and all of your clothing accessories.

To make your wardrobe really stand out, using the right colours and lighting in your closet is crucial.

Your closet colours can range from the earthy, darker look that comes with choosing more natural-looking cabinet finishes to the brighter, crisper look that’s conveyed by using lighter colours for your cabinetry finishes, wall, and ceiling.

For lighting, a chandelier adds an extra measure of extravagance to the closet space. It can be supplemented with overhead recessed lighting, task lighting, and strategically placed LED lighting integrated into the cabinetry design to show off your wardrobe and add extra ambiance.

4. Practical closet accessories

It’s the little details that can elevate a closet’s design from merely good to something truly great, which is where closet accessories come in.

Take advantage of the wide variety of practical closet accessories that are available to help you streamline your daily routine of getting ready for work and special occasions. Here are a few recommendations:

  • retractable valet rods
  • laundry hampers
  • a pullout pant rack
  • sliding belt racks
  • belt hooks

5. A closet island

When it comes to walk-in closet design ideas that have your convenience in mind, a closet island is a must-have feature.

A centre storage island in your large walk-in closet provides a handy spot for placing items down temporarily and folding clothing.

This multi-purpose closet feature also provides valuable extra storage space. A closet island can include drawers to keep things hidden and maintain a tidy look, open shelving for easier access, or a combination of the two.

walk-in closet design ideas, jewellery drawer

A closet island provides extra closet functionality with additional storage space and a countertop for folding clothes or placing items.

6. Space for your valuables

When having your closet designed, create space to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Your bespoke cabinetry can include a document drawer that’s discreetly hidden for holding vital documents, like a will or insurance policy. Adding a drawer safe to safeguard valuables is another option.

Felt-lined jewellery drawers an also be incorporated into your closet cabinetry to keep jewellery organized and safely stored.

7. Comfortable seating

You’ll spend a good deal of time in your dressing room sitting down, so comfortable seating is another priority when it comes to the walk-in closet design ideas you’re considering.

A comfortable chair, ottoman, or stylish bench with hidden storage provide the perfect, relaxing spot for getting dressed and undressed and putting on makeup.

8. A makeup table

With so many beauty products available to buy, it can be tricky keeping them all organized when your collection keeps growing.

Set up a makeup table or vanity in your walk-in closet to keep all of your beauty products tidy, easy to find, and in the same space where you’ll be getting dressed.

walk-in closet design ideas makeup table

A makeup table keeps you organized and streamlines your daily preparation routine.

9. The perfect finishing touches

The last of our walk-in closet design ideas is to choose the perfect finishing touches to complete your closet and dressing room space.

This can include adding a stylish rug and a charging station or easily accessible outlets for all of your electronic devices. A full-length mirror is another smart addition, to both evaluate your appearance and make your closet space look a little larger.

Adding artwork, inspirational quotes, photos, and perhaps a small TV or sound system will help to personalize your walk-in closet space even more and boost your comfort level.

Talk to the walk-in closet design experts

A walk-in closet adds value to your home, reduces bedroom clutter, and allows you to pamper yourself within a luxurious, private dressing room space.

If you’d like to free yourself from the limitations of a small closet and preparation space, book a free in-home design consultation with us to determine which walk-in closet design ideas can best serve your needs.

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The 7 Home Features Buyers Want the Most

home features buyers want house exterior
A home improvement project should upgrade your house with features that add convenience and extra functionality to your living space.

Too many homeowners, however, make the mistake of not adding home features buyers want the most when it comes time to sell their house.

It’s natural for anyone to look more to a home improvement project’s impact on their family’s life over the next 5, 10, or 15 years.

While you’ll get plenty of use out of the home upgrades over that period, casting an eye towards the future should also be a factor in your renovation decisions as well.

Choose home features buyers want and need

Certain renovation projects have a poor return on investment that can significantly affect the back-end value of your expenditure. Experts agree that for potential buyers, these renovations don’t add value to a home:

  • removing closets
  • converting the garage into a living space
  • adding a sunroom
  • turning a spare room into a home theatre
  • adding a pool

These remodelling projects are considered too niche or just not practical for the average homebuyer.

And the first two examples completely go against the second-most important factor that goes into a homebuyer’s decision – available storage space. Not surprisingly, a home’s location was the most important factor.

Do your research to find out which home improvement projects provide a good balance of fulfilling an everyday need and will also be desirable in the eyes of anyone home shopping years from now.

7 of the home features buyers want the most

Certain home features buyers want the most virtually never change.

At the top of that list is storage space. Garage parking space and updates to kitchens and bathrooms also consistently rank highly with buyers.

We’ve looked at numerous studies, surveys, polls, and expert opinions to come up with a list of seven of the home features buyers want the most when they’re searching for a house.

1. Walk-in closet

A recent extensive Canadian Home Builders Association study found that a walk-in closet was the most valued asset of the 12,000 homebuyers surveyed.

A Braun Research survey of 500 realtors found that 97% of them said their clients valued closet storage space more than attic and basement storage space. And a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey shows that a walk-in closet in the master bedroom was the second-most important feature to homebuyers.

For many buyers, a large walk-in closet (also known as a dressing room) is an absolute essential. The absence of one may very well prove to be a dealbreaker for them.

A spacious walk-in closet doesn’t just provide a lot more space to store your clothes (although that’s one of its best benefits). They also:

  • provide a private, relaxing space for getting prepared or unwinding after a long day
  • make it easier to manage your wardrobe and keep it organized (saving you time)
  • provide a stylish and elegant space to showcase your wardrobe and accessories
home features buyers want walk-in closet

A walk-in closet (also known as a dressing room) is considered one of the most essential features for homebuyers.

2. Good energy-efficiency

The 2017 Canadian Homebuyer Preference National Study shows that good energy-efficiency is another of the top home features buyers want and will pay more for.

That Canadian Home Builders Association study also cited energy-efficiency as one of the most desired home features from buyers.

This can include everything from a home having energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient lighting, and modern windows and doors that will keep hydro bills lower. More energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems are also valued by homebuyers.

Buyers also place a higher priority nowadays on how well-insulated a home is. Are the attic, garage, and the rest of the home outfitted with high-efficiency insulation that’s actually been properly installed to deliver the best energy-efficiency?

3. Master bathroom

Whether or not a home has a master bathroom is another important factor for many buyers. A master bathroom is defined as a bathroom with a sink, bathtub, and shower that is accessible from the largest bedroom (also known as a “master bedroom”).

The terminology for this room can vary. Some people may refer to it as an “ensuite master bathroom” or simply “ensuite”. It can also be written as “en-suite” (just to make things even more confusing).

When referring to bathrooms and bedrooms, you can expect to hear less usage of the word “master” in the coming years, however. Homebuilders and realtors are phasing it out due to the word’s negative gender and racial connotations.

Bathroom features buyers are looking for most are a custom bathroom vanity/makeup area, two sinks, and a separate shower enclosure. Forward-thinking buyers in their forties and fifties want the latter, in part because they’re considering its ease of use a couple of decades down the line.

Surprisingly, linen closets topped the list of the most desirable bathroom features for new home buyers surveyed in 2013 by the National Association of Home Builders.

4. Two-car garage

For both older homes and newly constructed homes, two-car garages are another feature buyers consider essential. 80% of buyers factor in the garage when making their decision, according to an Impulse Research survey.

And while that Braun Research survey found that 97% of buyers valued closet space more than attic and basement storage space, the garage ranked a close second. Realtors surveyed said that 96% of buyers valued the garage over the attic and basement as a home storage space.

Garages provide valuable storage space not just for tools and items there’s no room for elsewhere in your home, they also allow you to park vehicles indoors. That protects your sizeable investment in your vehicles.

There’s also the convenience of parking indoors. That’s why 55% homeowners use the garage as their house’s main entryway, according to a Chamberlain Group study.

Garage makeovers are also a hot home improvement trend. As Garage Living’s Linda Fiore Ceolin explains it, “There is so much potential in every garage space, large or small. More homeowners have realized the importance of upgrading their garage to make it a beautiful, functional extension of their living space.”

home features buyers want 2 cars

96% of homebuyers view the garage as a more valuable storage space in a house than the attic and basement.

5. Hardwood floors

The National Association of Realtors survey shows that just over half of homebuyers are willing to pay more for wood floors. The main reasons are its contemporary look, durability, and how much easier wood floors are to clean than carpeting. 

Hardwood is most preferred, especially original hardwood flooring found in older houses, which can be a real home seller. Authentic hardwood flooring is easier to refinish compared to engineered wood flooring. It should also theoretically last a lifetime. 

Engineered wood flooring is less expensive and not as durable as original wood flooring. However, it does nicely replicate the look of hardwood with a hardwood veneer over layered fibreboard and structural plywood.

A higher percentage of homebuyers under the age of 54 look for a house with wood floors than older buyers. This is attributed to the fact that older generations tend to find carpeting a little cozier and warmer than wood floors.

6. Laundry room

Look at a variety of studies and surveys on the home features buyers want most and a dedicated laundry room will assuredly rank highly on most of them.

In fact, last year’s report from the National Association of Home Builders on the home features buyers desire most had “a separate laundry room” at number one.

92% of buyers surveyed considered a laundry room essential. An increasing number of homebuilders agree and are incorporating laundry rooms into their building designs.  

Those in the aged 35 to 54 demographic placed a high priority on having a laundry room. Millennials especially favour owning a laundry room, preferably upstairs close to a bedroom or on the main floor, off the kitchen. Space-saving stacked washers and dryers are also popular with younger generations.

Laundry rooms are considered a must-have feature for many buyers because of the convenience and high functionality they add to homes. A dedicated space to take care of all of the ironing, sorting, folding and other tasks that go along with laundry duty helps to simplify and speed up the process.

Second floor laundry room.

7. Modern/open concept kitchen

Concluding our list of the home features buyers want most is the open concept kitchen. Once again, younger buyers favour open concept kitchen designs more than baby boomers.

The Canadian Home Builders Association reports that 85-90% of consumers in Ontario and the Toronto area prefer this more modern type of kitchen design.

An open concept kitchen that includes a kitchen island and inclusive eating area is also considered an attractive selling feature, particularly to buyers with kids. 

Realtors and designers widely agree that modern kitchen updates yield better returns come resale time than a bathroom remodel.
Additional modern kitchen upgrades that appeal to homebuyers include:

  • double kitchen sinks
  • high quality stainless steel appliances
  • walk-in pantry
  • granite, marble, or quartz countertops
  • stylish cabinetry with modern hardware

Do you have the home features buyers want most?

Is your home keeping up with the modern design trends that can make your life more comfortable and pay off when you sell your home?

Organized Interiors specializes in bespoke home organization and storage solutions for the entire home. We can improve your living space with many of the home features buyers want and need the most.

Sit down with us to discuss your aspirations for improving your home’s interior by scheduling a free in-home design consultation.

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Create Your Dream Closet by Turning a Spare Room Into a Dressing Room

In the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, we easily forget that a life worth living is a life worth organizing. One important part of your home’s organization includes having enough space for storing your clothes.

Perhaps you have very little space for clothes storage and getting dressed. Or perhaps a spare room in your home is just waiting to be transformed into your own personal space, where dressing becomes no ordinary ritual.

To dress in clean, crisp clothes that can easily breathe in an airy and well-designed dressing room, well that is an experience we are all worthy of.

Pamper yourself in your private home sanctuary

When Gloria Dilecce decided to convert her spare room into a dressing room, she wanted more than a walk-in closet for her clothes and shoes. 

She wanted a dream dressing room, her very own sanctuary where she could pamper herself while dressing daily for work and for special occasions.

“Ever since I was a little girl, the idea of a dressing room was an ongoing dream of mine,” says Gloria. “Once I decided to convert the spare bedroom into a dressing room, it made all the difference in my life.”

“At the time, my smaller walk-in closet just wasn’t providing enough space for my husband Joe and I.”

dressing room

A dressing room makes better use of your spare room’s valuable space

You can take charge of the manner in which you dress by turning a spare room into a dressing room (also known as a large walk-in closet).

Dressing and grooming with ease in the right environment can make all the difference between how the rest world views you.

Imagine how exhilarating it would be to have all of your clothes and valuables in one place, where dressing is a pleasurable experience rather than a chore.

A dressing room can be designed to be an elegant and soothing space where life slows down just enough for you to unwind. It can be a place with plenty of space and light, creating the ideal, calming environment for choosing the perfect outfit.

The limitations of a small closet and preparation space

How many times has a lack of storage and preparation space lead to the realization (long after you’ve left the house) that you’ve committed a fashion faux pas?

This might include noticing that the blouse you thought was white is actually a creamier shade. Perhaps it’s mistakenly pairing navy blue socks with your black pants.

Then, of course, there’s the added hassle of touching up pants, jackets, and shirts before you wear them because they lack the desired crispness, due to being crowded into a small storage space.

Your dream dressing room can become reality

A spare room in your home represents an underutilized and valuable space, full of untapped potential. In the hands of a skilled design professional, your dream dressing room can be carefully molded into reality.

Imagine sitting on a bench comfortably while you are putting your socks, stockings, and shoes on. The space can include a full-length mirror with proper reflective lighting, either from natural light from a window or by installing brighter light fixtures.

Now imagine pullout shelves lined with shoes where you can mix and match your clothes quickly and efficiently, without having to trek all over your home searching for something.

Adding a personal touch to your sanctuary with inspiring pictures and words of inspiration and motivation can also help you get your day started on a positive note.

It’s like a fashion boutique in your own home

Gloria says that having a dressing room “feels like I have my own boutique right in my home.”

Whether you are in the fashion industry like Gloria, or you just want to be able to see everything at a glance, these convenient features add to the comfort of dressing.

Soon after first using her dressing room, Gloria came to realize that it made getting dressed so much easier and more enjoyable. It became a routine that she truly appreciates.

“I never thought of turning my spare bedroom into this amazing dressing room until Organized Interiors suggested it. What else would I do with three extra bedrooms without children at home?”

“Why not pamper myself? It was well worth the time and expense. My clothes appreciate it just as much,” says Gloria.

No detail is too small when it comes to your custom dressing room

Organized Interiors leaves no stone unturned and no detail is too small.

Do you require a locked document drawer? Done. How about compartments for jewelry so nothing is tangled and messy? Done. How about using clever closet accessories to accommodate scarves, ties, and belts? Easily done.

Gloria adds, “I particularly love my foldout ironing board and valet rod so I can hang what I picked out for the next day, making coordinating my look a lot faster.”

A dressing room can be as stylish or as simple as you like with unique features that can make this space the envy of all your friends and family.

A combination of features like shelving, pullout shoe racks, and hanging bars for your finest garments of all sizes are options that are sure to enhance your dressing experience.

“All my clothes and shoes are so visible. It’s the complete solution to all my morning problems,” says Gloria.

White dressing room walk-in closet with plenty or storage.

Every dressing room is unique and reflects your personality

The benefits of having a special place for dressing, which helps us look our best, is being increasingly recognized by homeowners and home improvement professionals.

A dressing room is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and comfort. Organized Interiors’ innovative and creative ideas and workmanship, coupled with every individual’s distinct style, makes every dream closet design unique.

“The experience with Organized Interiors was phenomenal from start to finish. It has made staying organized a lot easier and a dream come true,” says Gloria.

“This is now my sanctuary, which brings me more joy and value then soaking in my tub. This made all the sense in the world for Joe and I. He loves his walk-in closet, which he now has all to himself.”

Your dressing room sanctuary awaits!

Does turning your empty spare room into an elegant dressing room that allows for more storage room and a cozy, private area for getting dressed sound like a no-brainer?

Discover the same joy that Gloria found with her dressing room by scheduling a free in-home design consultation with us today!

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Dressing Room Organization In 7 Easy Steps

A dressing room (also known as a large walk-in closet) offers many benefits to homeowners.

One of the biggest benefits is the extra closet and storage space they provide. But a lack of smart dressing room organization and storage solutions means you’re not truly maximizing your dressing room’s potential.

Inadequate organization systems (and obviously an absence or shortage of them) will negate the benefits of that extra space quickly.

Before you know it, you’ll just have one more area of your home that’s been overrun by clutter. Use these seven tips that make dressing room organization easy to achieve and maintain.

white dressing room organization

1. Make dressing room organization easier by clearing out old clothing

It’s an old and simple organization solution that works: start by reducing the amount of clothing and belongings you own.

Honestly assess what clothing is worth keeping and what’s expendable by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is it still fashionable and does it reflect who you are at this moment?
  • Does it fit and, if not, will it ever fit again? (warning: this one may be painful!)
  • Have you worn it once in the past year?

If the answer to any of these questions is a “no”, then it’s clear that parting ways with the item of clothing has more positives than negatives for you.

You’ll gain some closet space and your local charity will appreciate the donation.

2. Evaluate your dressing room setup

Now that you’ve made it a little easier to achieve your dressing room organization goals, evaluate the effectiveness of your current dressing room setup.

Is your closet organization system woefully outdated? Are you getting the most out of your storage space?

Do you have helpful closet accessories, such as a shoe rack or a sliding belt rack? Once again, if you’re answering “no” to any of these questions, then there’s lots of room for improvement when it comes to your dressing room’s setup.

3. The right cabinetry transforms any dressing room

We can completely transform your dressing room (or create a dressing room from a spare bedroom) with our Monogram closet system.

It’s specifically designed for large walk-in closets and dressing rooms and features custom-crafted cabinetry with rich finishes that will maximize your storage space.

You’ll have lots of flexibility in terms of the colours, styles, finishes, and accessories you’d prefer. We also have the largest selection of decorative hardware in the Greater Toronto Area.

dressing room organization custom cabinetry collection

4. Improve dressing room organization with elegant design touches

With a larger closet space, you can add elegant, yet functional, design touches that enhance the looks and comfort level in your dressing room.

The more comfortable you are in your private sanctuary, the more you’ll appreciate this valued space and the more motivated you’ll be to keep it organized. Consider these ideas:

  • a sit-down vanity for putting on makeup
  • a centre island with storage space for jewelry, watches, and other personal items
  • the right type of lighting
  • a full-length mirror
  • a comfortable chair

5. Closet accessories can be a big help

These are just some of the many closet accessories we offer that make it even easier to keep your dressing room clean and orderly:

  • retractable valet rods that take up little space
  • pull-out laundry hampers that stay hidden and help keep dirty clothes organized
  • drawer dividers for maximum organization
  • shoe racks
  • space-saving pull-out ironing boards
  • pull-outs that are ideal for shoes and bags

dressing room organization pull-out

6. Let these dressing room organization solutions do most of the work

Choosing the best dressing room organization solutions is more than half the battle in your efforts to keep this area clutter-free.

Their smart designs mean they’ll actually do most of the organization work for you.

Going forward, you’ll now be equipped with the best storage and organization solutions available, so keeping your dressing room and closets tidy will be noticeably easier.

7. Turn to the dressing room organization experts

If your dressing room or large walk-in closet wasn’t designed by closet organization professionals, then there’s undoubtedly ways to make these spaces better.

We have more than 40 years of custom closet organization expertise, so we know how to get the most out of any closet space.

Our design experts have exciting ideas that can make your existing dressing room a whole new space, or they can transform one of your spare rooms into a dressing room that makes your home more functional.

Schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our designers today. Together, we’ll reach the high standard of dressing room organization that you’ve always wanted.

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5 Smart Reasons for Getting a Dressing Room Closet

Are you a clothes enthusiast short on closet storage space?

Could the routine of getting ready for work or social engagements use a refreshing change of scenery that frees you from the bedroom or bathroom?

White dressing room walk-in closet with plenty or storage.

Here’s an idea – a dressing room closet. In recent years, dressing rooms have become a highly coveted addition to homes as more people discover their many benefits.

Here are five reasons to add one to your home.

1. An abundance of storage options

Adding a dressing room (also referred to as a “large walk-in closet”) to your home considerably expands your clothing storage options.

This gives you the freedom to organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories in a manner that exactly fits your vision.

2. A dressing room eliminates bedroom clutter

Just imagine the liberating feeling of adding a whole extra room that can, in part, be used to store your clothing and accessories.

A dressing room will eliminate the bedroom clutter that has limited your organizational capabilities for too long.

Better clothes organization directly translates into an improvement in efficiency when it comes to getting ready for work or social functions. That’s because everything is in its place and much easier to find.

3. Enjoy unlimited design potential

The design potential for a dressing room is only limited by the lengths of your imagination.

Feel like showing off your impressive wardrobe? Then an open-concept dressing room design will work for you.

If you want your belongings kept out of sight, consider keeping them behind custom closet doors or in a wardrobe closet. Other design options to think about are:

  • closet organizers
  • shelving
  • furniture like a sit-down vanity, dresser, or comfortable chair
  • closet accessories like valet rods, laundry hampers, and shoe racks
  • a multi-purpose centre island providing storage space for watches and jewelry, as well as a surface to fold and iron your garments
  • a full-length dressing room mirror

4. Create your own private sanctuary

A dressing room is much more than just a clothing storage area. It’s a dedicated space that becomes your own little sanctuary.

Enjoy its privacy and comfort as you ruminate about your wardrobe options, put on makeup, unwind after a long day, or (naturally) get dressed.

5. Maximize your home’s functionality

A guest bedroom is nice to have, but how frequently does it really get used? Couldn’t that spare room be put to better use if you don’t entertain many overnight guests?

A dressing room turns your home’s spare room into a better utilized purpose-driven space, because it will get used every single day.

Custom Cabinetry Collection

A dressing room doesn’t have to be unobtainable just because you lack a spare room. If your master bedroom is larger than your needs require, you can create a private dressing space by installing a partition wall.

Dressing rooms combine the luxury of a private dressing area with the functionality of an additional clothes storage area. Their unique design possibilities will also reflect your tastes and style.

These dressing room ideas can get you started, but feed your imagination further by booking a free in-home consultation with one of our designers.

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