His Closet

Our floor-supported Classic closet organizer system provides a variety of storage options and accessories for guys.

His closet requires a completely different approach to itemize and take into account his contents such as taller clothing to entirely different accessories.

Just for him dressing room loaded with drawers to store clothing out-of-sight such as: tops, t-shirts, undershirts, boxers, hoodies, track pants and PJ’s. Open shelves a perfect to rest pocket change, watches, sunglasses, colognes, books, keys, picture frames, and more.

Designed with convenience in mind: 1. A pull-out laundry bin with a removable canvas liner. 2. Double hanging sections for jackets, shirts, tops and hoodies. 3. The pull-out tie rack with 18 hooks is available in a variety of metal finishes. 4. An open shoe shelf for his dressy shoes.

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Additional luxuries: 1. A closet bench for him to pull-up socks and tie his shoes. 2. A pull-out pant-rack which is ultra-convenient to store and retrieve trousers. The supportive dowels are crease resistant. The dowel spacing allows easy visibility and a safety tip also helps keep the pants neat and front-aligned. 3. Upper shelving customized with a dust-resistant glass door for finer cardigans and scarves. 4. A must-have custom-coordinated mirror frame to check out his attire!

A retractable valet rod to help with planning his day, hanging dry cleaning to remove overwrap or detailing jackets with a lint brush before hanging away.

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Acrylic dividers are perfect for his ties, pocket squares, socks, boxers or belts. If he is a sock-lover or a tie-lover, consider a bank of drawers dedicated for his special collections.

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