Dressing Rooms

A dressing room (large walk-in closet) is fast becoming the most desired closet for the home. It’s ease of organization and it’s ability to assist us with our day to day time management goes without saying.

But perhaps the key element of the dressing room is not only its design features that allow everything from jewellery to shoes to clothing and accessories to be properly housed and easily found, it is its ultimate luxury and design.

Imagine walking into a warm space with dark floor to ceiling cinnamon cabintry around the perimeter and a centre storage island with a sandy-coloured natural limestone counter top. Everything in a dressing room has a place, whether it be velvet lined jewellery drawers, a built-in laundry bin, slanted shoe shelves and purse pullout to full and short hanging as needed. Not only is a dressing room a wonderful oasis in a chaotic household, it’s a room that will house some of your most important items. Never be late again searching for a particular pair of earrings or a certain colour of tie.

A dressing room is easier to create than you think. A small extra bedroom can be successfully converted to a dressing room or create more use out of an oversized master bedroom by building a simple partition wall and adding this highly prized space.

Dressing room with multiple accessories A dressing room is the ultimate in luxury and space management.
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