Bedroom Storage

Custom Fitted Wardrobe Closets

A custom fitted wardrobe closet provides excellent storage and will look classy within your space. This is not a piece of bedroom furniture to be hidden behind doors! It is an important, additional storage piece that can be added to a room to complement an existing closet.

Wardrobe closets can be designed to fit your room. Unlike furniture from a big box retail store, these wardrobes can be any length, to accommodate all of your storage needs. You can choose the look and function of your wardrobes with different finishes, accessories, drawers, doors as your lifestyle requires.

If your space is at a premium then a wardrobe is a smart choice. It is conveniently secured to the wall to ensure that it is safe within any space.

Wardrobe Layout

To plan your wardrobe layout, decide if it is going along a straight wall or in a corner. Are you going to be hanging clothes inside the wardrobe? Determine if you need full hanging storage, shelves, or drawers. Our design consultants can help you with this and will recommend the best solution for your storage needs.

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