Top 7 Decluttering Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

decluttering myths

There are a lot of decluttering myths about what it takes to live an organized, tidy life.

The recent popularity of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing book only seems to have muddied the waters regarding clutter even more.

The Japanese organization guru presents some radical concepts about decluttering in her book. Most famously, she preaches that any item you own that doesn’t “spark joy” within you should be discarded.

Well, Kondo’s book was a #1 New York Times Best Seller and is currently being turned into a Netflix series. Surely, she has all the answers when it comes to the best practices to follow related to home organization, right?

Not necessarily.

7 decluttering myths debunked

There’s more than one way to declutter and get a space organized. Decluttering methods and practices that work for one person aren’t going to work for everybody.

Let’s look at 7 common decluttering myths and the actual truth behind these misconceptions.

Myth #1: You need to be organized 24/7

The truth: Accumulating clutter (even on a small scale) is an inevitability in life, regardless of how tidy a person you are. Being completely organized all the time simply isn’t realistic or practical.

Sometimes you’ve had a long, stressful day and just need to relax instead of tidying up. That’s okay.

Give yourself a little leeway and make an effort to tackle your cleaning chores the next day. Your batteries will be recharged and you’ll probably do a better, more efficient job with your organizing tasks.

The key is find a schedule and routine that allows you to maintain a tidy home without feeling burnt out or burdened by the need to declutter. Impossibly high organization standards will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Myth #2: You only need to declutter once in awhile

The truth: Decluttering needs to be a regular, ongoing process.

Investing hours into a major decluttering project will liberate you from the oppressive, chaotic feeling that comes with living in a cluttered home.

Taking action to curb the clutter is a good first step, but it’s just that –a first step. An annual concentrated decluttering effort just won’t cut it.

Having a regular decluttering routine is the only way to maintain a consistently tidy home. Try to allocate time to handle this task on a weekly basis. Once per season, devote a little more time to your decluttering and cleaning duties.

Myth #3: Empty space is a bad thing

The truth: Sometimes it’s about what’s not there when it comes to the impression a room can make.

Perhaps it’s the negative connotation of the word “empty” that makes empty space seem like a bad thing.

Some interior decorators even borrow a term from the world of art and refer to spaces in the home intentionally not occupied by furniture or, say, artwork on the walls as “negative space”. No wonder the concept gets a bit of a bad rap – “negative” is right there in the actual name.

Decluttering isn’t just about cleaning up and getting rid of junk. It can also be about making a calculated decorating choice to keep a space (or spaces) empty. That serves a couple of purposes.

First, a less “busy” space can be calming and not as overwhelming to our brains. Keeping spaces empty also allows other features and items in the room to be accentuated and draw our attention.

decluttering myths empty space

“Clutter” doesn’t just mean stacks of useless junk. It can also refer to filling corners or walls with too many things, like furniture and artwork. This room’s deliberate use of empty space accentuates its table and island.

Myth #4: A minimalist lifestyle is the way to go

The truth: It’s not for everybody.

One of the more common decluttering myths is that embracing a minimalist lifestyle is the way to go.

Kondo’s book and numerous media articles telling us to re-examine our consumerist tendencies have caused more and more people to learn to live with far fewer things.

Drastically downsizing and living in a micro condo, tiny home, or 200 square foot shipping container apartment definitely isn’t everybody’s idea of enjoyable, though.

Owning more things than you really need doesn’t make you a worse person than someone living a minimalist lifestyle. It’s simply a personal preference.

Just try not to go overboard with how much you buy until it gets to the point where you’re drowning in clutter. As the saying goes, “Own your stuff, don’t let your stuff own you”.

Myth #5: A messy person can’t change their bad organization habits

The truth: This is one of the decluttering myths to which we say “rubbish”.

Being well-organized isn’t a trait or characteristic – it’s a skill. And any skill can be learned and developed over time. It all comes down to a person’s willpower and patience to develop that skill.

Granted, it will definitely be a real challenge to get an older person who’s been untidy their whole life to suddenly make a 180 degree turnaround and become a neat freak.

Insert any number of expressions here…“you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, “a leopard can’t change its spots”, etcetera.

But you can change. Otherwise, expressions such as “if you’re not learning you’re dying”, “if you’re not learning you’re not growing”, and “if you’re not learning you’re not living” (and many other words of wisdom about learning) wouldn’t be part of our lexicon.

Myth #6: You can stay organized without a little help

The truth: There’s a lot of great organization helpers available out there. Take advantage of them.

One of the decluttering myths out there is that you can capably keep a tidy home without investing in quality organization and storage systems.

Sure, it’s possible, but why make it so difficult for yourself?

There are plenty of amazing products out there like closet organizers and bed surrounds that are specifically designed to maximize storage space and save you time by making it easier to stay organized.

These effective tools won’t do all the work for you in terms of staying organized, but they certainly make it a lot easier to do so.

decluttering myths bed surround

Take advantage of the many great products out there (like this custom bed surround) that help you to stay organized with less effort.

Myth #7: Living with clutter is manageable 

The truth: Yes, one can technically live a disorganized life and just adapt to the clutter that surrounds you. Unfortunately, the longer you don’t deal with your clutter, the more unmanageable your life will become.

Think of how much time you waste every day searching for things in a home or office that’s not organized.

One recent survey estimates that the average American spends 2.5 days every year looking for lost items. The average search time spent looking for a single lost item was almost five-and-a-half minutes.

On top of the wasted time clutter causes, it’s been well-established by medical professionals that having too much clutter can contribute to stress, poor sleeping habits, and other medical issues.

The best solutions for decluttering

Don’t be mislead by the many decluttering myths that are out there. The truth is, everyone needs a hand occasionally when it comes to keeping their life and home organized.

Organized Interiors is all about helping our clients make space for living, not living around the clutter that’s congesting their homes.

We have effective storage and organization systems for every room in your home, so book a free in-home design consultation with us today.

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10 Things Causing Closet Clutter You Should Ditch Right Now

How is it possible that finding something to wear from a packed closet is such a difficult task so much of the time?
With so many wardrobe options to choose from, it should theoretically be a breeze to find an outfit relatively quickly, shouldn’t it?
Not exactly. Just like clutter in your workspace or anywhere else in your home, having too much closet clutter impedes your ability to focus and be productive within your closet space.

Closet clutter wastes your time (and money)

If “closet productivity” sounds like a silly concept, perhaps look at it more as “time efficiency in the closet”. There’s a direct correlation between how much time you end up wasting in your closet and the amount of clutter it contains.
47% of women surveyed by OnePoll said they struggle when it comes to picking out a work outfit. 61% of those who had a hard time find anything to wear in their closet ended up buying new clothes, according to the survey.
And that same survey of 1,000 American women also found that a third of them believed an organized closet would make their mornings less stressful.

Eliminate these 10 items to reduce closet clutter

Take action to make your closet more functional by minimizing your closet clutter, or preferably eliminating that space-hogging clutter altogether.
Empty out everything from your closet in order to be thorough. Make it a weekend project and enlist a friend to help and provide some honest, impartial feedback on what’s worth keeping.
These 10 items are a great place to start with your closet purge.

1. Old bags

Odds are that some some of your closet clutter is made up of old bags. This includes free tote bags, gift bags, and higher quality boutique shopping bags that have a tendency to accumulate in our closets over the years.
How many of those bags do you really need, though? When is the last time you used them or when can you realistically see yourself using them next?
If the answer to those questions is “ages ago” and “probably never”, respectively, toss them out or recycle them.
Gift bags will probably have the most usefulness, such as during the holiday season or for birthdays.
Get them out of your bedroom closet and store them wherever your gift wrapping and wrapping accessories are kept.

closet clutter bags

You’ll never use all of those tote bags, gift bags, and shopping bags sitting in your closet.

2. Sale items you’ve never worn

The irresistible lure of a great sale price for a clothing item has led to more than a few ill-advised purchases that are likely responsible for some of your closet clutter.
Our judgement can get clouded by a “too good to pass up” price for something we really don’t need. And even though you had every intention of wearing the item, it just never happened.
Maybe you’re being stubborn or embarrassed to admit you made a mistake, which is causing you to hold on to something you’ll never wear. Do your closet a favour by lightening its load and donating those never-worn pieces of clothing.
Just chalk it up as a learning experience that will hopefully make you think twice the next time you’re tempted to make an impulse buy on a sale item.

3. Clothing that doesn’t fit

When curating your wardrobe, it’s essential to part with items of clothing that no longer fit or aren’t comfortable.
We all have several things in our closets or drawers that fall into these two categories, so why do we hang onto them?
Maybe it’s wishful thinking that we’ll eventually slim down to fit into something again. Perhaps it’s just too hard to part with that favourite pair of old jeans.
Make some tough decisions and clear out that closet clutter comprised of things that are no longer practical for your wardrobe needs.
If you haven’t worn something in the last year, or worn something very sparingly in, say, the last five years, add it to your “donate” pile.

4. Damaged and old clothing

Just as ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing that’s never worn has little practicality, clothing that’s damaged or just old is is also creating closet clutter. Here are some examples:

  • shoes in need of repair
  • stained clothing and yellowed white t-shirts
  • clothing that’s stretched-out or has worn-out elastic
  • faded clothing
  • clothing that’s thinned from too many wash and dry cycles
  • torn clothing

Take stock of what damaged and old clothing is worth a salvage effort, establish a timeline for doing so, and hold yourself accountable for taking some action.
Anything that doesn’t qualify as repairable can probably be thrown out, as most charities won’t accept donations of damaged or heavily worn clothing.

5. “Special occasion” clothing

Three “special occasion” types of clothing that will likely never be worn again are your wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress (or dresses, if you’ve been enlisted in the role more than once), and your prom dress.
Sentimentality and nostalgia are powerful things that can make us reluctant to get rid of mementos that serve as important milestone markers in our lives.
But if those mementos are clogging up your closets and only being appreciated once in a blue moon, you probably won’t miss them.
Unless you have a daughter that might use your wedding dress or prom dress someday, there are plenty of worthwhile organizations you can donate them to.
The Brides’ Project, for example, accepts wedding dress donations and distributes all of their profits to various cancer charities.

closet clutter bridesmaid dress

That never-to-be-worn again bridesmaid dress hanging in your closet isn’t making the best use of your storage space.

6. A sock or glove without a partner

A few lone socks or gloves that don’t have a partner admittedly don’t occupy much real estate in a closet or drawer.
But if you’re never going to wear these things specifically because their orphaned state makes them less useful, why keep them?
They’re still contributing to your drawer and closet clutter and only give your brain more things to process when looking through your wardrobe.
If it’s been more than a year since those lonely gloves or socks have been paired with their mate, get rid of them.
When you’re making your next clothing donation, check with your local charities to see if they take single gloves or socks.

7. Out-of-season clothing

Winter clothing taking up valuable closet space during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons isn’t exactly useless clutter, but it’s clutter nonetheless.
Unless you have the luxury of owning a spacious large walk-in closet/dressing room, your closet’s contents shouldn’t include out-of-season clothing.
Have a designated storage space somewhere else in the bedroom or perhaps in the basement for clothing that’s not currently in season.

8. Unfashionable clothing

Another culprit when it comes to closet clutter are fashion relics. A top-to-bottom closet purge is sure to turn up a a few outdated pieces of clothing whose “best before” date has long since passed.
Stop holding out hope that those acid-washed jeans bunched up on your closet floor will be among the very few fashion trends that makes a comeback.
Clothing that may not necessarily be hopelessly out-of-fashion, but simply no longer fall in line with your current style sense can also be eliminated.

9. Odds and ends

Just like the garage, our closets tend to become catch-all spaces that attract clutter we either don’t know what to do with or can’t be bothered to deal with.
Old newspapers, books, and magazines you’ll never read again, old electronics, and any number of other odds and ends can needlessly sit in a bedroom closet for years, while you struggle to manage your wardrobe. It makes no sense.
Paring down the contents of your closets by eliminating these useless items will free up valuable closet space that can be put to much better use.

closet clutter newspaper stack

Purge things like old newspapers you likely won’t read again from your closet.

10. Gift clothing you’ll never wear

Keeping unwanted clothing gifts given to you by a relative, friend, or co-worker that you’ll never wear also makes little sense.
If the item they’ve given you doesn’t fit or align whatsoever with your fashion taste, there’s no reason you should feel any guilt about getting rid of it.
You can still appreciate their generous gesture. Donate it, help a charity, and let someone else get some use out of the item.
While you’re at it, reconsider what type of holiday-themed clothing you should actually let occupy your closet space.
Do you ever actually wear that ugly Christmas sweater? Are ironic fashion choices just not really your thing? If not, clear out that tacky apparel to reduce your closet clutter.

Get rid of your closet clutter

If you’re constantly dealing with closet clutter, unburdening yourself of these 10 things is a good first step towards having a more manageable closet space.
Adding some helpful closet organization solutions to your home will also be of great assistance when it comes to keeping your closets neat and tidy.
Schedule a free in-home design consultation with Organized Interiors to plan your custom closet project.

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9 Walk-In Closet Design Ideas: All the Basics You Need to Know

walk-in closet design ideas
Once considered a feature typically only found in large luxury homes, the walk-in closet is now considered essential for anyone looking for a new home.
The 2018 Canadian Home Builders’ Association study of homebuyer preferences revealed that walk-in closets topped the list of the most wanted home features.
Even if you’re not looking for a new home, converting a spare room into a large walk-in closet (also known as a dressing room) has become a popular home improvement upgrade in recent years for a few reasons.
A professional utilizing smart walk-in closet design ideas can create a special space that is highly functional, practical, and luxurious.
Who wouldn’t want all of that out of a spare room in your home that’s just sitting there, waiting to be used more purposefully?

9 essential walk-in closet design ideas

Designing a large walk-in closet that does more than just give you a lot more more space to store your clothes requires some creative thinking.
Your comfort level within your new space is equally important, so what walk-in closet design ideas will help you achieve the best results?
Get familiar with the basics and learn which walk-in closet design ideas should be considered essential when putting together your home improvement project.

1. Smart closet storage

One of the most important walk-in closet design ideas you’ll want to get right is the closet’s storage layout. Just because you have more storage space at your disposal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be maximizing every bit of space available in the closet.
Using your vertical storage space to the peak of its capabilities can help to accomplish this. Incorporate extra hanging rods, closet hanging accessories, floor-to-ceiling shelving, and shoe racks into the closet design.
Using a high quality custom closet organizer is also highly recommended. They’ll maximize your closet’s storage space best by creating a home for everything you wear and will effectively complement your home’s décor.

2. A luxurious look

A dream closet is only worthy of that name if it has a luxurious, elegant look.
Bespoke closet cabinetry with rich finishes and refined accents, like our Monogram cabinetry, help create that desired high-end look.

Adorn your walk-closet with additional stylistic touches, such as tasteful lighting, cornice moulding, fluted columns, frosted glass cupboard doors, and attractive decorative cabinetry hardware.

walk-in closet design ideas, custom cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling fitted cabinetry with rich finishes create a luxurious walk-in closet space.

Take a look at our “Her Closet” photo gallery for more walk-in closet design ideas.

3. Good lighting and the right colours

A walk-in closet doesn’t just provide ample storage space and luxurious surroundings for your dressing area. It also lets you showcase your entire wardrobe and all of your clothing accessories.
To make your wardrobe really stand out, using the right colours and lighting in your closet is crucial.
Your closet colours can range from the earthy, darker look that comes with choosing more natural-looking cabinet finishes to the brighter, crisper look that’s conveyed by using lighter colours for your cabinetry finishes, wall, and ceiling.
For lighting, a chandelier adds an extra measure of extravagance to the closet space. It can be supplemented with overhead recessed lighting, task lighting, and strategically placed LED lighting integrated into the cabinetry design to show off your wardrobe and add extra ambiance.

4. Practical closet accessories

It’s the little details that can elevate a closet’s design from merely good to something truly great, which is where closet accessories come in.
Take advantage of the wide variety of practical closet accessories that are available to help you streamline your daily routine of getting ready for work and special occasions. Here are a few recommendations:

  • retractable valet rods
  • laundry hampers
  • a pullout pant rack
  • sliding belt racks
  • belt hooks

5. A closet island

When it comes to walk-in closet design ideas that have your convenience in mind, a closet island is a must-have feature.
A centre storage island in your large walk-in closet provides a handy spot for placing items down temporarily and folding clothing.
This multi-purpose closet feature also provides valuable extra storage space. A closet island can include drawers to keep things hidden and maintain a tidy look, open shelving for easier access, or a combination of the two.

walk-in closet design ideas, jewellery drawer

A closet island provides extra closet functionality with additional storage space and a countertop for folding clothes or placing items.

6. Space for your valuables

When having your closet designed, create space to keep your valuables safe and secure.
Your bespoke cabinetry can include a document drawer that’s discreetly hidden for holding vital documents, like a will or insurance policy. Adding a drawer safe to safeguard valuables is another option.
Felt-lined jewellery drawers an also be incorporated into your closet cabinetry to keep jewellery organized and safely stored.

7. Comfortable seating

You’ll spend a good deal of time in your dressing room sitting down, so comfortable seating is another priority when it comes to the walk-in closet design ideas you’re considering.
A comfortable chair, ottoman, or stylish bench with hidden storage provide the perfect, relaxing spot for getting dressed and undressed and putting on makeup.

8. A makeup table

With so many beauty products available to buy, it can be tricky keeping them all organized when your collection keeps growing.
Set up a makeup table or vanity in your walk-in closet to keep all of your beauty products tidy, easy to find, and in the same space where you’ll be getting dressed.

walk-in closet design ideas makeup table

A makeup table keeps you organized and streamlines your daily preparation routine.

9. The perfect finishing touches

The last of our walk-in closet design ideas is to choose the perfect finishing touches to complete your closet and dressing room space.
This can include adding a stylish rug and a charging station or easily accessible outlets for all of your electronic devices. A full-length mirror is another smart addition, to both evaluate your appearance and make your closet space look a little larger.
Adding artwork, inspirational quotes, photos, and perhaps a small TV or sound system will help to personalize your walk-in closet space even more and boost your comfort level.

Talk to the walk-in closet design experts

A walk-in closet adds value to your home, reduces bedroom clutter, and allows you to pamper yourself within a luxurious, private dressing room space.
If you’d like to free yourself from the limitations of a small closet and preparation space, book a free in-home design consultation with us to determine which walk-in closet design ideas can best serve your needs.

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We're Proud to Be a Canadian Home Organization Company

Organized Interiors building, Canadian home organization company
The Canada 150 celebration last Canada Day was particularly momentous, but every July 1st is special.
As we prepare to spend Canada Day with our families and enjoy the fireworks and all-too-brief hot weather bestowed on us by our beautiful country, the day provides a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to live here.
Canada stands as a pillar of stability, kindness, opportunity, and civility to the rest of the world, which we should all be enormously proud of.

A proudly Canadian home organization company

As Canada Day approaches, Organized Interiors also takes the time to reflect on our proud Canadian heritage.
Based in Vaughan, Organized Interiors is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer, and installer of creative home storage and organization products.
For several decades, we’ve been serving our Canadian clientele and helping them find innovative ways to make more space for living. In all aspects of our business operations, Organized Interiors’ Canadian roots are proudly on display.

Canadian home organization company, closet

Organized Interiors carries the best closet organization solutions in Canada.

Over 40 years of experience in Canada

Organized Interiors is known as a leading expert in custom closet organization and solutions for improving the entire home, but we weren’t always known by that name.
Our operation actually started in 1974 under the name McDoors & Closets. Organized Interiors came to be after we acquired The Closet Shop and other established closet design companies, all of which were well-respected in the home building and interior design professions.
We rebranded with a name that neatly (pun intended) sums up our core philosophy – providing our customers with helpful solutions for keeping the interiors of their homes well-organized.
More than 40 years later, Organized Interiors is still going strong. The homes of our many valued Canadian customers are now easier to keep organized and have a more high-end look to their décor.
Organized Interiors has been recognized with numerous awards for our outstanding quality and service, including a Business Achievement Award from the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.

Canadian design team

Our team of Canadian design consultants is the best in the business.
Knowledgeable and professional, our design experts know how to create the best design solution to meet the unique needs of each individual client. We encourage you to take advantage of their years of expertise in the industry.
Whether they’re meeting a client in our showroom or in the comfort of the client’s home for a free consultation, the design consultants get to know each customer.
One of Organized Interiors’ hallmarks is our ability to customize each project, which is where you’ll see the design consultants’ talents really shine.

We manufacture in Canada

Once our design consultants have started to bring your project to life with their carefully conceived design, our Canadian manufacturing team gets right to work.
All of our custom cabinetry and custom products are manufactured right here in Canada, on-site at Organized Interiors.
Our team of skilled craftspeople manufacture to the precise specifications the project requires, ensuring the highest standards of quality for all of our products.

Canadian home organization company, bed surround

Our bed surrounds and other custom cabinetry products are manufactured right here in Canada.

Canadian installation team

What sets Organized Interiors apart from our competition is that we are truly a full-service Canadian home organization and storage business.
That includes having our own team of installers finish the project after the designing and manufacturing processes have been completed.
Whether it’s a closet organization system, laundry room, home office, or entertainment unit you’ve custom ordered, the installation team makes sure your custom project looks and fits just right in your home.

Enjoy your Canada Day!

Organized Interiors couldn’t be more proud to be a 100% Canadian home organization business serving the best customers in the world.
From everyone at Organized Interiors, have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day!

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9 Clever Closet Accessory Organizer Ideas Every Bedroom Needs

valet rod
Mornings never seem to give you enough time to get everything done before leaving for work.
There’s making and eating breakfast for yourself and others, catching up on the news, showering, choosing an outfit, putting on makeup, and getting the kids off to school. The luxury of squeezing in a morning workout is a pipe dream for most working professionals.
Streamlining your busy routine in a few imaginative ways can help save you a little time every morning. Your bedroom closet is a great place to start in order to make some improvments.

Closet accessory organizer ideas to save you time

Consider these eye-opening statistics:

  • 57% of women believe they would find things quicker in an organized closet. (OnePoll survey)
  • 67% of people surveyed estimate they’d save up to 30 minutes a day if they were more organized. (Alpha Phi Quarterly study)
  • 47% of women struggle when it comes to deciding on which work outfit they should wear. (OnePoll survey)
  • 3 in 10 women say their mornings would be less stressful if they had an organized closet. (OnePoll survey)

As you can see, messy closets are a particularly notorious culprit for wasting time.
Let’s look at nine clever closet accessory organizer ideas to improve your bedroom closet’s functionality, which can help you reclaim some of that precious time that’s being wasted.

1. Pullout tie rack

closet accessory organizer tie rackA pullout tie rack is perfect for any man with a large tie collection who just can’t seem to keep them all organized. More than one tie rack can be added to a closet if a tie collection is particularly large.
This space-saving tie rack smoothly pulls out to allow you to see everything in your tie collection at once. That makes it easier to pick a tie that goes best with the suit you’ve chosen to wear that day.
Another benefit of a tie rack is that it gives all your ties a proper home. They won’t end up folded up on a shelf or drawer where they can get wrinkled.

2. Watch winder

closet accessory organizer watch winderIf you’re a collector and connoisseur of luxury watches, your expensive collection is sure to include a few automatic watches (also known as self-winding or mechanical watches).
Unless automatic watches are worn regularly, their self-winding process won’t activate. A watch winder is needed to keep the timepieces always running, thereby keeping their time and date accurate.
Using this handy closet accessory organizer will also keep your watches well-maintained. It will also make sure your watch collection stays organized and protected.
Ask an Organized Interiors design consultant about the high quality Orbita watch winders we carry. They can be incorporated into your closet’s custom cabinetry design in a drawer or showcased more prominently in a beautiful glass case.

3. Valet rod

closet accessory organizer valet rodA simple, yet incredibly useful closet accessory organizer solution are valet rods (also known as valet poles).
Why are valet rods so useful in a bedroom closet space? Think about how many times you’ve hung a clothes hanger holding an outfit you’re wearing the next day or in a few hours on a door knob or from the top of an open door. That’s certainly not ideal.
A retractable valet rod provides readily available hanging space so you can hang dry cleaning or the next day’s outfit properly, which can save you time in the morning.
You’ll find the rod is surprisingly strong and conveniently stays out of the way when it isn’t needed with its telescopic design.
Valet rods can also be used in any closet in your home and make a very practical addition to your laundry room.

4. Pullout shoe rack

closet accessory organizer shoe rackIt goes without saying that keeping your footwear in disorganized piles in the closet is bad for a few reasons.
First of all, it will be a daily chore trying to find matching pairs of dress shoes, heels, or boots. Having to rummage through a disorganized collection of footwear every morning will add up to hours of wasted time each year.
Not taking care of your footwear also leads to them scuffing and scratching, which shortens your footwear’s life. Some delicate footwear and expensive designer shoes need especially careful care.

A pullout shoe rack is the perfect closet accessory organizer idea to address your shoe storage needs.

Have your closet or dressing room’s shoe rack built to any depth of shelf so that shoes (as well as purses) can be stored more than one row deep.
Using a pullout shoe rack allows you to see everything in your shoe collection at a glance and keeps all of your footwear well-organized and well-preserved..

5. Sliding belt rack

closet accessory organizer belt rackSimilar to the pullout tie rack is the handy sliding belt rack.
Belts are another clothing accessory that often end up draped over a piece of furniture or door knob. Sometimes they’ll just get rolled up and stored on a shelf or the top of dresser.
You can maintain the appearance of your belts and get a longer life from them by storing these accessories on a low profile sliding belt rack.
These belt racks provide a dedicated home for your belt collection and make sure they maintain their shape. Another closet accessory organizer idea for your belts is to store them on a belt hook.

6. Four position hanger

closet accessory organizer hangerLike the valet rod, a four position hanger is a practical closet accessory organizer that creates extra closet hanging space.
This closet accessory may be tiny, but it’s stronger than it might look and very versatile.
The hanger has holes for hanging multiple items of clothing, allowing you to get your outfits easily coordinated.
The “four position” part of the name refers to the fact the hanger can be adjusted into four different positions, depending on your hanging needs.
Four position hangers are another accessory that can be used in other places besides bedroom closets. They’re useful in a mudroom, laundry room, or can even be attached to the side of a cabinet or dresser.

7. Jewellery drawer

closet accessory organizer jewellery drawerFine jewellery should be kept in a proper home like a jewellery box or, even better, a jewellery drawer.
One more jewellery drawers can be added to your bedroom closet’s cabinetry to keep all of your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other precious jewellery items organized.
Keeping your jewellery collection hidden from view is also smart from a security perspective.
Our custom jewellery drawers feature velvet lining, which serves two purposes. First, it adds an elegant touch to where your valuables are kept. Secondly, the velvet lining (along with the drawer dividers) helps to keep your jewellery safe from scratches, scuffing, and tangling.

8. Pullout pant rack

closet accessory organizer pant rackThis closet accessory organizer idea adds more functionality to your closet and can also allow you to maximize your closet’s storage space.
A pullout pant rack accomplishes this by making better use of your bedroom closet’s underused lower storage space.
A pant rack can be shorter or longer, depending on your available space and how many pairs of pants you need to hang. The rack easily pulls out when you need to choose a pair of pants and stays out of the way the rest of the time.
Now you can keep all of your pants well-pressed, grouped together by colour, and more organized.

9. Hooks

closet accessory organizer multiple hooksNot every square inch of a closet interior needs to be filled with something being stored.
Every closet should still include a few hooks, however, as a supplementary closet accessory organizer for any of your hangable items.
Hanging hats, purses, scarves, or any number of additional hangable items can free up space in your other closet storage systems.
And because hooks are so small, they can be easily incorporated into your custom closet’s layout just about anywhere.
Visit our showroom to browse the hundreds of types of hooks and other decorative hardware items we have available.

Clever closet accessory organizer ideas (and much more)

These are just a few of the clever bedroom closet accessory organizer products available at Organized Interiors.
We also carry a wide variety of storage solutions for the entire home to save you time by helping your family to stay organized with less effort.
Learn more about how our closet accessory organizer ideas and other products can simplify your life by booking a free in-home design consultation.

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