Looking for a Confidence Boost? Start Clearing Your Clutter

confidence boost

Physical clutter and mental clutter go hand in hand.

Being surrounded by a lot of things you don’t need causes disorganization and chaos in your life. That can undermine your confidence because one of the negative effects of clutter is that it makes you feel less in control of your life.

How can decluttering be a confidence boost?

Regaining control of the organization in your surroundings, whether it’s at home or work, will provide a confidence boost and other positive ripple effects. You’ll put yourself in the position where you can enjoy a healthier state of mind.

A confidence boost can come via a number of methods, such as getting in shape, receiving a compliment, or getting a promotion at work. The common denominator with any of these is that the confidence boost is fuelled by the feeling of empowerment.

Decluttering your home and creating a cleaner, tidier living environment that looks more respectable can be extremely empowering. And accomplishing that goal is easier than it may appear when you’re first confronting the big task in front of you.

The harmful effects of clutter

It’s a well-established fact that clutter takes a toll on our mental well-being. It’s just one of many reasons Canadians are now experiencing a “stress epidemic”, as one doctor recently referred to it.

Clutter robs you of the ability to feel good within your surroundings. That’s no wonder, considering the ways in which clutter undermines your happiness:

  • you feel guilt and shame for having clutter
  • the prospect of dealing with clutter can feel overwhelming
  • clutter is a distracting presence that makes it harder to focus

All of this contributes to elevated levels of stress and anxiety. That prevents you from getting a decent night’s sleep and the sleep deprivation only ends up fuelling the whole never-ending cycle of unhappiness.

If the root causes of your stress aren’t addressed, the problem can worsen and lead to bigger concerns, such as depression and heart disease.

Clutter makes it harder to clean

When your home is overly cluttered, you’re far less likely to make an effort to clean. Nobody enjoys having to clean their home. And having to move stacks of junk scattered all over your home to run the vacuum makes only makes a normally mundane task even more tedious.

On top of the stress that clutter causes, failing to deal with your clutter contributes to your home being less sanitary. And that can also end up affecting your health, as clutter contributes to poor air quality in your living space.

Having an unclean home makes you less willing to have guests over. If you’re embarrassed for a friend or family member to visit your home because of its unclean state, that’s definitely going to take a toll on your self-confidence.

Clutter makes you indecisive

Being overwhelmed with the clutter in your home causes you to be indecisive. Because it’s harder to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter, your ability to make decisions isn’t as finely tuned as it should be. The clarity and drive we need to make each day easier to navigate through just isn’t functioning at their optimal levels.

Clutter is the cause of a lack of organization. A neatly organized closet or dressing room makes it much easier to find something to wear quickly. A closet that has no organization system in place and has clothing thrown anywhere will get cluttered in a hurry.

Trying to pick an outfit or even just an item of clothing to wear from a cluttered closet is simply more time-consuming. Often you’ll end up just settling on something to wear, which may not have been your first choice.

The time wasted looking for things causes stress. You’ll also be more stressed because that time wasted can cause you to be late for work or an appointment. Naturally, that added stress will, to some degree, undermine your self-confidence.

Declutter your home and a confidence boost will follow

The unhappiness and poor self-confidence that clutter contributes to has a simple fix – decluttering. Yes, that’s easier said than done.

However, ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and creating a tidier, cleaner, and more welcoming living environment leads to nothing but good things, including a confidence boost.

Your mind will be less burdened with the nagging feeling that there’s always something to clean up or organize. Naturally, your home will still need regular cleaning and decluttering to keep it organized. You just won’t feel the obligation to do so every waking moment of the day, as you would when you’re surrounded by clutter.

That reduced level of stress helps you get a better night’s sleep, which helps you to function much better during the day.

confidence boost closet

How much less stressful would the start of your day be if your closet was as organized and aesthetically pleasing as this custom closet space?

Be more productive

Part of the reason you’ll feel a confidence boost after decluttering is you’ll find you’re more productive. Having less clutter to contend with means it’ll be easier to make decisions, stay focussed, and get things done in a timely manner.

At home, daily or weekly tasks like cooking, getting dressed, and cleaning can be more enjoyable and less time-consuming. That can leave you more time for hobbies and fun activities.

Being more productive also makes you more willing to tackle those other projects that previously felt too imposing. This could include a home improvement project or something like getting in better shape.

Decluttering doesn’t just provide a confidence boost at home, either. Cleaning up your office or work area also leads to better productivity and clarity at work, along with less stress.

We specialize in confidence boosts

Your home life, work, health, and even relationships can all benefit from the confidence boost that comes when you reclaim control of your life and eliminate your clutter.

For more than four decades, Organized Interiors has been helping our customers get the confidence boost that comes with getting organized. They truly feel empowered from how much tidier and cleaner their home is after we’ve improved their living space with our home organization and storage solutions.

We can provide the same confidence boost to you. All you have to do is begin by booking your free in-home consultation with one of our design experts.

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7 Must-Have Qualifications to Look for in a Home Organization Expert

The marketplace has many different choices available when it comes to businesses that specialize in improving a home’s organization. What criteria should you use when deciding which home organization expert to hire?

Making the right choice for your home organization expert requires you to do your homework. There are a lot of horror stories out there of less-than-reputable contractors who “provide” sub-par products, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Know what to expect from your home organization expert

Knowing what to look for when picking the best professional to improve your home’s storage and organization functionality requires looking at a few essential criteria.

Remember, cutting corners when it comes to paying for any high quality professional service only leads to regret and frustration later on. Don’t settle for any less than these seven must-have qualifications from the home organization expert you hire.

1. A good reputation

One of the first things you’ll likely research when narrowing down your lists of potential home organization experts is their reputation.

There are many crowd-sourced review sites available to get some insight into the reputation and work practices of any company you’re considering doing business with.

Yelp, Google, HomeStars, Houzz, and Facebook are just a few of the more prominent online review resources you can use to help you make a more informed hiring decision. Just Google “Organized Interiors” and you’ll find that our satisfied clients have left overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Organized Interiors has worked hard to establish and maintain our position as an industry leader in the area of home organization and storage solutions. We take great pride in the fact that many of our projects are a result of customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth.

2. Experience

You’ll want whatever home organization professional you choose to have plenty of experience. Experience doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get high quality work, mind you, but it’s still an important consideration.

Some home organization projects will require electrical work and other complicated tasks that not just anyone can do. When a design consultant is designing a dressing room or closet organizer, they’re drawing from years of schooling and work experience to bring their concept to life.

With experience comes wisdom, so a home organization expert will be able to problem-solve faster and also have more of an idea of what will work best for the client.

Organized Interiors has 40+ years of experience as a home organization expert. Over that long period of time, our highly trained professionals have worked on projects both big and small and have seen just about everything.

home organization expert

Organized Interiors has been a home organization expert for more than 40 years.

3. Excellent customer service and a personal touch

Sub-par customer service is one of the easiest and most common ways to alienate someone who’s hired you for your professional services.

Ideally, your home organization expert should be attentive to your needs and welcome your feedback throughout the project’s duration. A strong level of communication between the client and service provider will result in a higher chance of customer satisfaction.

Some other important factors that play a role in excellent customer service include getting the project done in a timely manner and being reliable.

One reason Organized Interiors’ reputation speaks for itself is our tireless dedication to providing exemplary customer service.

4. Great products

Excellent customer service only gets you so far if the products you’re using in your projects are of an inferior quality. Your home organization expert should be using products that are durable, have appealing aesthetics, and provide easy-to-use-functionality.

A home organization expert with more experience will be more likely to be using products that deliver high marks in all three of these categories.

A newer company will need to go through somewhat of a trial-and-error period to determine which products hold up well and provide a high level of satisfaction for their customers.

When you’ve been around for as long as someone like Organized Interiors, though, you’ve been able to refine your product line more. Even something as seemingly insignificant as the type of hanging rod used in our custom closet projects has been given careful consideration.

All of this goes a long way to ensuring a customer ends up being fully satisfied with the products that were chosen for their project.

5. The ability to customize

Anyone calling themselves a home organization expert should know that the ability to customize to fit their client’s needs is essential.

This is one huge advantage that custom home organization specialists like Organized Interiors have over companies that use stock products for their projects. It’s also another advantage to choosing to DIY your home organization project.

The high quality custom cabinetry we use in our projects has been created specifically for the diverse needs of each individual client. The customer can have input into just about everything, including cabinetry finishes, configuration, and decorative hardware used.

We manufacture our custom products on-site at Organized Interiors. That means no detail is overlooked. The finished product will exactly match the original design, barring any changes that get made while the project is unfolding. And that’s another advantage to the way we work – our professionals can more easily adapt to the evolving needs of any project.

home organization expert showroom

Your home organization expert should be able to customize your choice of products to fit your specific needs.

6. A guarantee of quality

When you enter into a business relationship with a home organization expert, you want to feel secure that they’ll stand fully behind their work.

The last thing you want to contend with right after having, say, a new home office installed is to come across a problem with it and find that the company is less than eager to resolve the issue now that they’ve been paid.

You also want the peace of mind to know that the products and services you’ve invested in will have a guarantee of long-lasting quality behind it.

This is one area where it pays to shop around and find a home organization expert that provides warranties that suit your needs. We think you’ll be more than pleased with what Organized Interiors offers:

  • a 1 year no-hassle warranty on all installations
  • a 10 year warranty for all of our products covering defects in material and hardware

7. High standards

When a business strives for high standards and employing people who have a real passion for their work, the results are obvious.

This can’t be said of all home organization experts, but you can rest assured you’ll know if you made the right choice shortly after you begin working with someone.

At Organized Interiors, we believe the high standards we set for ourselves is what makes us stand out amongst a crowded field of home organization experts.

Make sure your home organization expert ticks all these boxes

Now you know what to look for in a home organization expert. You can be confident that Organized Interiors ticks all the right boxes when it comes to what you need from the professional you’re trusting to improve your home’s organization.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation with us to get your home organization project started.

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9 Tips to Aid Your New Year’s Resolution for a More Organized Home

New Year’s resolution notebook

The dawn of a new year finds the holiday fanfare fading away and normalcy returning to your life. A new year also means its time to take on the challenge of some New Year’s resolutions.

Losing weight, managing your finances better, and spending more time with the family are some of the more popular New Year’s resolutions people make. So is getting your home organized and keeping it that way.

Retailers are fully aware of consumers’ appetites for getting their homes organized once the new year begins. It’s why flyer ads filled with sales on plastic storage bins and containers are as predictable in January as the steady barrage of ads we see for gym memberships.

Resolving to get your home organized is a great idea and one that offers a multitude of benefits if you’re successful in following through on your plan:

  • you’ll be less stressed
  • your home will be more functional
  • you’ll save yourself lots of time

Stick to one New Year’s resolution

One reason New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept is because we take on too many of them. Focus on quality, not quantity when it comes to your resolutions. Stick to a single New Year’s resolution you can focus all your attention on. Doing so will greatly improve your odds of success.

And let’s be honest, getting a messy home in shape is no easy task. But it’s certainly not an impossible task, either. These nine tips will get you started in the right direction to fulfilling your goal of getting your home organized in 2018.

1. Establish a plan and don’t procrastinate

Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Take that advice to heart. Establish a sensible plan for your home organization project that you can put into action sooner rather than later.

Write down a list of tasks you’ll need to complete your plan with successful results. For example, list what areas of the home you’ll be focussing on, like the laundry room or basement. Establish a timeline of when to start these tasks and when they should be completed by. Check in with your list occasionally and hold yourself accountable to what’s on it.

And just as we recommended not taking on more than one New Year’s resolution, don’t overextend yourself with your home organization project. Set a reasonable number of goals and tasks and just focus on one of them at a time. Completing one task or goal will give you the motivation and momentum to tackle the next one on your list.

2. Delegate

Some New Years’s resolutions (like losing weight, volunteering more, or eating better) leave the onus strictly on you to put in the work required to fulfill the resolution.

Much of the work required to fulfill your home organization New Year’s resolution benefits the whole family, however. And let’s not forget, they’ve probably contributed to some of the disorganization in your home.

For that reason, be sure to delegate some of the home organizing tasks to anyone in your family old enough to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. It’ll lighten the load for you and let you focus on other tasks on your list.

3. Start small

Ease yourself into your cleaning project for the new year by starting out with a small task – cleaning out your wallet or purse. It’s amazing how much clutter they can accumulate in the course of a year. Expired coupons, business cards you’ll never use, old receipts, expired makeup…the list goes on and on.

Empty out all their contents and toss what you don’t need. Find an easy-to-remember place for the items that are worth keeping, but don’t need to be carried around. This is one time when “having a lighter wallet” will actually be a good thing.

New Year’s Resolution purse

Start small with your New Year’s resolution for getting your home organized by cleaning out your purse or wallet.

4. Store your holiday decorations sensibly

Considering the time of year and the traditions you follow, you may have holiday decorations that need to be stored. Your newly discovered resolve to have a tidier home is the perfect excuse to not just organize, but to organize and store sensibly.

Storing your holiday decorations gives you the perfect opportunity to carry this out. Before storing the holiday decorations you put up, declutter the ones that weren’t used. If they didn’t make the cut this holiday season, why not? Toss any broken items and donate decorations you no longer see yourself using.

You can avoid having to untangle your strings of Christmas lights next year by wrapping them around empty paper towel rolls or the discarded tubes from your wrapping paper. Old liquor and wine boxes with dividers make great storage boxes for your holiday ornaments. Store all your holiday decorations in labelled plastic storage containers.

For storing artificial Christmas trees, buy artificial tree storage bags. They can make moving and storing your disassembled tree easier by breaking it down to two or three bags with handles, as opposed to storing it in its large and heavy original box. To save storage space, you might even consider buying a real Christmas tree next year. Surprisingly, that might actually be a more environmentally friendly option.

As for all the holiday cards you’ve received, there’s no reason to have them displayed any later than the end of January. And there’s also no point keeping them. Honestly, when’s the last time you went though a box of old holiday cards? If you need to remember who sent you one so you can send them one next year, just keep a list of names in a computer text document.

5. Tackle clutter problem areas

It’s logical to tackle clutter problem areas in your home while working towards fulfilling your New Year’s resolution. This means areas that are clutter magnets like:

Junk drawers, as their name clearly spells out, are another area of your home that demand your attention when it comes to organizing. Empty any drawer that qualifies as a junk drawer of all its contents and purge the clutter.

In many of these spots, paper clutter will account for much of the space that’s being needlessly taken up. Recycle what you can and shred any documents with sensitive information.

No doubt, junk mail contributes to a lot of the paper clutter in our homes. You can reduce the amount you get by registering for the Canadian Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail Service. Make sure you’re also using e-billing as wherever possible.

Keep all manuals in your home in one location to make them easy to find when needed. And you can reduce the number of them by downloading digital versions that are all kept in one folder on your computer. Nowadays, all manufacturers make PDF files of manuals for their products that you can download.

6. Declutter your closets and dresser drawers

Another common clutter area are your home’s closets, especially in the bedroom. Without a good closet organizer, this space can easily become a disorganized mess that makes finding specific clothing items a daily challenge.

Empty the contents of all your closets and you’ll find plenty of things you can remove to free up some valuable space. While your closets are empty, give them a good cleaning.

You can donate, throw out, or give away what you don’t need anymore. This decluttering process also usually reveals a few hidden treasures you can finally start wearing!

Once your closets are sorted out, turn your attention towards your dresser drawers. Dump all of their contents out and get rid of worn out socks and clothing that is no longer useful to you. To save space in your drawers, you can fold clothing vertically. Drawer dividers also help you keep them organized.

New Year’s resolution white bedroom closet

You’ll find your closets accumulate less clutter when you have a good closet organizer installed.

7. Check expiry dates

Your home organization New Year’s resolution should include going through everything you own that has a best before date and discarding anything that’s expired. Set aside an afternoon to tackle this task on your list.

Start in your bathroom and go through all the toiletries and makeup in your medicine cabinets and vanity drawers. Don’t just use expiration dates as a criteria for decluttering – discard anything that you’ll probably never use.

This includes hotel soaps and shampoos (which you can donate) and sample packages that are just collecting dust. Once this task has been done, start going through your kitchen pantry.

8. Create a home for everything

Your New Year’s resolution to get your home organized involves cleaning and decluttering, but you should also be looking at how you can make it easier to maintain a tidy home.

You’d be surprised at how much less effort it can require to keep your home organized if you have the right storage and organization solutions in place.

By taking care of this, you’ll have created a home for everything in your home, which cuts down significantly on clutter. You’ll also save yourself a lot of time, as finding items in your home will now be a much quicker process.

Using neatly made labels with a handheld label maker also minimizes the chance that items won’t get stored in their proper home.

9. Maintain your organized home

Finally getting your home organized and cleaned up will require a big effort on your part. Once you’ve fulfilled this New Year’s resolution, however, you’ll be filled with a pride and sense of calm that’s well-earned.

Unfortunately, the work isn’t done. Maintaining your newly organized home requires ongoing dedication and diligence to make sure all your hard work isn’t wasted. Be sure to pay extra close attention to the clutter problem areas in your home.

Set up a schedule to take care of decluttering and cleaning tasks on a weekly basis. There are many smartphone apps available that can make this easier to manage.

And just as you delegated cleaning tasks to the rest of your family to get your home in order, ensure you do the same with them when it comes to helping with the weekly chores.

Get help from a pro to accomplish your New Year’s resolution

Getting your home organized as your New Year’s resolution is easier if you lean on the expertise of a professional who know the best ways to help you accomplish your organizing goals.

At Organized Interiors, we’ve been transforming the closets and homes of our clients for more than 40 years to help them make space for living. We can do the same for you so that you find success with your 2018 New Year’s resolution for a tidier home.

Start your new year off on the right foot by scheduling your complimentary in-home design consultation with us.

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16 Ways To Organize Your Home in 2018

It’s a new year and time for a fresh start. You’ve decided that it is time to tackle some organization and storage problems in your home. But when you look around, all you feel is overwhelmed and it all needs work.

Take a deep breath

Relax. Just pick one room, one space in your home. Fulfill a New Year’s resolution by organizing that space.

By focusing on just one project, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and that may be enough. After all, the worst thing that could happen is you get the energy and initiative to do more organizing in your home!

Which space will you organize this year?

There are dozens of spaces in your home that might have organization or storage problems. We have design solutions for each of them but you have to decide where to start.


Do you have to slowly open your closet door just in case something is about to fall out on you? Is there a knee-deep pile of clothing on your floor? It’s time to look at some solutions to keeping your closet organized. From simple to extravagant, discover how closet organizers can maximize your storage space.

Bed Surrounds

If the last thing you look at before closing your eyes each night is a tabletop of clutter, you might want to think beyond replacing your nightstand. Bed surrounds are custom-designed for your space and offer a stylish solution to a good night’s sleep.

laundry room storage

Laundry Room

Do you dread doing laundry? It may feel like it’s a chore because it’s buried in a dark and dingy spot in your home, or it’s just a dreary process. It doesn’t have to be.

Treat your laundry room like any decorated room that can use a designer’s flare. From simple solutions to high-quality custom solutions, just look at what’s available to transform that space.


The mudroom is another overlooked area of the home that can make a big contribution towards keeping your living space organized.

Whether your mudroom is a small room near an entrance, is combined with your laundry room, or is a dedicated space in the hall of your home’s entryway, there are many ways to enhance its functionality.

Home Office

Paper isn’t going away anytime soon and home offices still need filing space to store your hard copies. Whether it’s a corner carved out under a staircase or a full-sized room in your home, treat yourself to a home office with function and style.

Entertainment Unit

As our home screens become bigger, we seem to be plugging more and more devices into our TVs – AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Sonos PLAYBAR, and more. Maybe you received a Google Home or Amazon Echo. Keeping all of these devices and cables organized requires more than a sturdy shelf. Choosing a custom solution over a prefab unit has many advantages. Find out why custom entertainment units are better than prefab units from big box retail stores.


The layout works, the fixtures are fine, but your bathroom cabinets are showing their age. Changing moisture levels and wear from dampness can make cabinets look dingy and worn. If it’s time for an upgrade, replace them with long-lasting, beautiful cabinets. Learn more about our custom bathroom cabinetry.

Wall bed in a condo.

Wall Bed

If your holiday guests looked tired when they woke up, maybe its time to get rid of that lumpy, bulky futon. But where can you put a mattress that’s not used every day without taking up precious space? You won’t believe how a small condo added a whole guest room without adding square footage!

Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen is the hardest working room in your home. It also demands the most organization to function properly. You can achieve the most efficient space when you are part of planning the solution. Take a look at some of the latest innovations in our kitchen cabinetry.

Dressing Room

You’ve been eyeing that spare room, contemplating its next incarnation, plotting the takeover, and this is the year. Transform a whole room into a dressing room or large walk-in closet.

Imagine wall-to-wall cabinetry for clothing and accessories, a makeup area complete with vanity and even a lounging space because dressing can be so exhausting. Prepare to drool.

wine storage

Wine Storage

Collecting wine is more popular and we now see the value of devoting more space in our home to fit it into our lifestyle. Wine requires ideal conditions: a space that is dry, dark and away from movement.

A rack wedged under a staircase just won’t do. Here are some wine storage ideas for keeping your collection organized.


Are all your closets bulging with too much stuff? If you’re not ready to reduce clutter, redistribute it.

Instead of buying a pre-finished, assemble-it-yourself wardrobe unit from a big box store, take a look at a custom solution. You choose the finish, the interior layout, and the size to suit you, not the other way around. Here are some wardrobe examples.

bar cabinetry

Bar Cabinetry

Aside from a wet bar requiring running water, you can set up a bar in almost any room in your home. All you need is a little imagination, inspiration, and customization. Have a look at some of these bar ideas from Organized Interiors.

Upgrade your closet with accessories

Sometimes it’s the smallest projects that give us the greatest sense of satisfaction. Keeping everything in your closet organized starts your day and ends it on a good note. From shoe racks to jewelry drawers, there are many options to get you organized. A valet rod is one of our most popular closet accessories.

Decorative hardware

Quality decorative hardware that’s added to the custom cabinetry that will help keep your home more organized has several benefits:

  • the hundreds of types of pulls, knobs, and hooks we offer will better complement the cabinetry and your décor
  • high quality decorative hardware is more durable and long-lasting
  • decorative hardware of a higher quality provides a better tactile experience when using your custom cabinetry

The garage

Do you see your garage as one big storage container? When it comes to attention to detail for organizing solutions the garage is the new laundry room. This could be your one big project of 2018. From flooring to overhead storage, Garage Living has everything to keep your garage looking pristine and organized.

Get organized. Start planning.

Whether you decide to organize your whole home or just one space in 2018, the storage solutions are abundant and available.

Get a free design consultation to have an Organized Interiors designer come to your home and provide you with a detailed quote.

Bed Surrounds: 5 Reasons They’re the Perfect Bedroom Storage Solution

bed surrounds 1

It can sometimes require a little ingenuity to find extra storage space in the bedroom. Small bedrooms present even more of a challenge when it comes to finding storage space that helps you stay organized. That’s why bed surrounds are so useful.

Bed surrounds maximize your bedroom’s storage space and functionality by providing extra storage room that’s built right into the all-in-one design of the bedroom furniture.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “bed surround”, you may be more familiar with the bed products that are in the same furniture category:

  • platform bed
  • storage bed
  • platform storage bed
  • captains/captain’s bed

The origin of bed storage

The bed surround takes the smart underbed storage concept one step further by expanding on the design to create a larger, fully integrated furniture piece. The origin of this multipurpose, storage space-maximizing concept can be traced back hundreds of years.

The cabins on ships back then were so small that a creative designer came up with the idea of adding storage space that was built right into a cabin’s bed. It was a luxury that only the ship’s top personnel got to enjoy, hence the name “captains bed”.

So why should you consider a bed surround for your home? Here are five great reasons:

1. Bed surrounds aren’t just for kids

You might think that bed surrounds are suited more to kids’ bedrooms and not meant for adults. In fact, a bed surround is perfect for kids and adults.

After all, who wouldn’t want one of their rooms to be enhanced by a comfortable, beautiful piece of furniture that makes their bedroom space work harder for them?

2. Maximize your bedroom’s storage space

The bed surround’s valuable underbed storage design features spacious drawers that can be used more effectively than traditional underbed storage.

The 6-10″ gap underneath beds that use a box spring are typically filled with flat rolling plastic storage containers or, even worse, miscellaneous items that are just stashed loosely, with no thought given to organization.

And because they’re difficult to get underneath to vacuum (and because it’s a pain to move the stored items out of the way), the area underneath traditional beds is usually filthy.

Bed surrounds use a slat support system instead of a box spring, which allows for more storage space with the drawers. The drawers’ stored contents also stay protected from dust. Extra blankets, pillows, linens, toys, and clothing can be kept in the deep, conveniently close-at-hand drawers.

The “surround” part of the bed surround design can include:

  • built-in nightstands with drawers
  • custom cabinetry and open shelving above the bed
  • hidden storage within the headboard
  • a custom wardrobe

3. A custom bed surround fits your needs better

Unlike the limited one-size-fits-all selection you’ll find with bed surrounds sold at big box stores, a custom bed surround can be designed to fit your needs much better.

Being able to choose what storage features are incorporated into your bed surround’s design means you’ll get a lot more functionality from the furniture.

For example, say your closets and dresser drawers are full and you’re looking for more clothing storage space. This need can be factored into the design of the bed surround, perhaps by incorporating a custom wardrobe.

How wide or deep do you need your bed’s drawers and how many of them would you prefer? Do you have a desire to really personalize the space above your bed surround with art or photos, which would call for more open shelving to be used in the design?

Perhaps you want the top of your nightstand to be a little bigger to allow enough room for the numerous items that will be kept there, such as eyeglasses, an alarm clock, books, or a tablet or phone. The beauty of custom bed surrounds is that your specific needs can usually be accommodated.

bed surrounds 2

4. Customize your bed surround’s look

Having a lot more bedroom storage space is nice, but you also want your new bed surround to enhance your bedroom’s décor. That’s one of the other major benefits of choosing a custom bed surround.

Organized Interiors’ custom bed surrounds complement any room’s style, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or modern. Choose from a huge selection of finish colours and styles to achieve the look you want.

A number of other customization options allows you to adorn your bed surround with even more appealing features. When choosing your pulls for the drawers and doors, you can select from the largest selection of Richelieu decorative hardware in the GTA.

You can add task, accent, and ambient lighting that’s useful and also really shows off the bed surround’s beautiful design.

5. Bed surrounds are perfect for small bedrooms

If some other bedroom storage products like a wardrobe or dresser simply can’t fit within your small bedroom space, a bed surround is perfect to make the most of your limited space.

And if your large or small bedroom has awkward corners and spaces, a custom bed surround can be designed to accommodate your room’s unique layout.

Bed surrounds: a practical bedroom storage solution

When it comes to practical bedroom storage ideas that can lighten the load on your closets, bed surrounds make complete sense.

Schedule a free in-home design consultation and one of our design consultants can further explain how a custom bed surround can enrich your home.

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