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Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

Hidden. Efficient. Multifunctional.

Wall beds provide a clever solution to homes that don’t have space for a dedicated guest room. Their small footprint blends seamlessly with custom built-in cabinetry to maximize your storage space.

Wall beds, often referred to as Murphy beds, are an amazing piece of integrated furniture. They can be the perfect answer for a guest room you don’t have but always wanted!

murphy bed in down position in spare bedoom

Transform any space into guest room quickly in seconds.

murphy bed in up position hidden inside builtin bookcase

When the wall bed is hidden your guest room can be used as a library or home office.

wall bed side table with magazine, glasses, yellow flower
ladder on rails against bookcase

Murphy beds are perfect for condos in Toronto.

Most condos in the greater Toronto area generally don’t have spare rooms. When space is at a premium, a Murphy bed makes a lot of sense.

Organized Interiors use genuine Murphy bed hardware for its superior quality and ease of use. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our Murphy bed parts. They are that good.

Make your dining area a multifunctional space.

After dinner you can transform this space into a cozy guest room with a built-in wall bed.

A switch above the headboard provides easy access to a reading light.

Hidden storage behind the headboard provides a place to put pillows when they aren’t being used.

Overhead storage provides a space for bedding and more pillows.

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