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Wardrobe Closets

Wardrobe Closets

The any size, anywhere storage solution.

A custom wardrobe closet can provide just the right amount of extra organizational space you need. There’s no limit to the size or configurations available.

Customize the inside of a wardrobe to make it function exactly as you need it on a busy morning! Add pullouts to lower shelves for easy access, add a dressing mirror to the front door, or hooks and rods for hanging.

A wardrobe can have decorative elements like glass, mirrors or metal grill details to give it a more furniture-like feel. With crown molding and baseboard at the bottom of the unit, this is an excellent piece to display within any room of the house, not just the bedroom!

Not enough closet space? Add a wardrobe closet with shelves and drawers for additional storage. Remember, a wardrobe can be very useful in a family room, basement TV room, playroom, storage room or any place where you need additional storage that doesn’t have closet space. A white finish is an excellent choice for utility type spaces.

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