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Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

Hidden. Efficient. Multifunctional.

Wall beds provide a clever solution to homes that don’t have space for a dedicated guest room. Their small footprint blends seamlessly with custom built-in cabinetry to maximize your storage space.

Dark Murphy bed in down position, custom built-ins, Toronto spare room, rolling ladder, antique telescope

Wall beds, often referred to as Murphy beds, are an amazing piece of integrated furniture. This wall bed and custom built-ins are finished in Chocolate Pear.

murphy bed in down position in spare bedoom

Transform any space into guest room within in seconds.

murphy bed in up position hidden inside builtin bookcase

When a wall bed isn’t in use, your guest room can be used as a library or home office.

wall bed side table with magazine, glasses, yellow flower

Built-in shelving and a custom night table provide clever storage for guests.

ladder on rails against bookcase

Custom built-in cabinetry and a rolling library ladder make this a unique space.

Murphy beds are perfect for condos in Toronto.

Many condos in the greater Toronto area are pressed for space, and some don’t have spare rooms. When space is at a premium, a Murphy bed makes a lot of sense.

Organized Interiors uses genuine Murphy bed hardware for its superior quality and ease of use; hardware which is backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can count on it.

Make your dining area a multifunctional space.

After dinner you can transform this space into a cozy guest room with a built-in wall bed.

A switch above the headboard provides easy access to a reading light.

Hidden storage behind the headboard provides a place to put pillows when they aren’t being used.

Overhead storage provides a space for bedding and more pillows.

Multi-purpose rooms with wall beds.

Transform a a home office or family room into a guess room in less than 60 seconds with a custom wall bed.

white home office, built-ins with wall bed down in a mid-town Toronto condo

This multi-purpose room features a home office, a sofa and a wall bed for guests.

white home office, built-ins with wall bed down up, blue sofa, mid-town Toronto condo

When the wall bed is put away it transforms into a sofa.

Murphy bed in mid-town Toronto with sandy beige pillows and duvet, in guest room

Double side tilt Murphy bed in Sand Beige and Sunset Cruise showing angled headboard.

Murphy bed hidden away in built-in cabinets beside a desk, computer and printer create a home office.

A matching desk provides a cosy home office when the Murphy bed is put away.

Sofa Murphy Bed

Maximize your space in a multi-purpose room with a custom sofa and Murphy bed, all in one built-in.

The transition from sofa to Murphy bed is seamless and easy. This example features a queen size mattress but can also use a double mattress.

sofa Murphy bed open in home office

This multi-purpose room in Etobicoke features a home office, a sofa and a Murphy bed for guests.

blue sofa Murphy bed in closed position, Toronto condo.

Choose from an extensive series of finish and panel options, plus endless hardware choices and upgrades.

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