Custom Cabinetry Ideas To Enhance Every Room In Your Home

If you’re thinking about giving one or more rooms in your home a decorative update, custom cabinetry probably plays a role in your design plans.

Custom cabinetry can be added to any room in your home and well-designed custom cabinetry can transform the look and functionality of any space it occupies. With so many custom cabinetry ideas to consider for the entire home, let’s explore your options.

Custom cabinetry ideas for your dressing room

Organized Interiors has lots of stylish and practical custom cabinetry ideas that can enhance any bedroom. Our Custom Cabinetry Collection is perfect for dressing rooms (also known as large walk-in closets). We can create a luxurious environment highlighted by rich wood finishes, convenient closet accessories, and an abundance of storage space.

custom cabinetry ideas dressing room

Custom cabinetry ideas for the entire bedroom

Transform the rest of your bedroom with our bedroom storage and custom cabinetry ideas and solutions:

  • custom-fitted wardrobe closets can complement your traditional closet storage space and add an elegant stylish touch to bedrooms
  • the integrated design of a bed surround maximizes your storage space and can be highly customized to fit your needs
  • wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) save lots of space and are just as comfortable as a traditional bed, making them ideal for guest bedrooms

Bathroom custom cabinetry ideas

Reinvent your bathroom décor with our beautiful custom bathroom cabinetry. We can create a bathroom that matches your vision, whether you’re seeking an aesthetic that’s modern, contemporary, or vintage. The designs of our vanities, makeup tables, and other bathroom cabinetry offer a wealth of custom options.

Custom cabinetry ideas to upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is one of your home’s most important rooms and we can help you get the most out of its functionality and looks with our custom kitchen cabinetry. We can ensure your kitchen is making the best use of its storage space and add stylish cabinetry, pantries, an island, and other ideas that will complement your home’s décor.

custom cabinetry ideas laundry room

Laundry room and mudroom custom cabinetry solutions

Brighten the look of your laundry room and mudroom with our custom cabinetry solutions. Add easy-to-access upper and lower cabinetry, pullouts, drawers, and countertops to enhance the usefulness and storage capabilities of this task-oriented workspace. Add additional accessories like a hanging rods and built-in ironing boards and laundry hampers to maximize this space’s potential.

Custom cabinetry for the family room

A custom entertainment unit isn’t just a piece of furniture where your TV is located. It becomes the focal point of any family room or living room, especially when you add any of the design features we offer, such as an electric fireplace, cabinets with adjustable shelves, interior lighting, and many more options.

The family room (or just about anywhere else in your home) can also include custom bar cabinetry to store, display, and enjoy your spirits, glassware, and liquor accessories. We can design bar cabinetry of all sizes and styles which will add a classy, chic touch to your home.

Custom wine cabinetry

Our custom wine cabinetry can add a dedicated wine storage room that can double as an entertainment space, a traditional wine cellar, or a smaller reach-in closet wine storage space to your home. Store your wine collection properly with our sophisticated custom wine cabinetry solutions.

custom cabinetry ideas wine

Custom cabinetry ideas for a home office

Boost your productivity when working from home by having us create a modern home office space. Our custom home office designs with built-in cabinets are comfortable, highly functional, and aesthetically appealing, which creates a working environment conducive to good productivity.

The drawbacks of buying big box cabinetry

Buying cabinetry for your home from a big box retailer might cost less, but there’s a reason for that. Big box furniture doesn’t offer the same quality of materials or craftsmanship as custom-made furniture. That leads to structural and functionality issues, which inevitably result in a short lifespan.

Custom cabinetry also lets you choose wood finishes, decorative hardware, and unique sizes to fit your space. With off-the-shelf furniture, you’re limited to far fewer design and size options. And big box furniture can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming to assemble yourself, or may require extra fees to have installed professionally.

Why custom cabinetry solutions make more sense

A custom cabinetry solution is worth the investment, especially when it’s from a full-service company like Organized Interiors. We’re hands-on with all aspects of your custom cabinetry project and don’t outsource any of the work involved. Here’s our process:

  1. One of our design consultants discusses your custom cabinetry ideas and goals with you and creates the design
  2. The custom cabinetry is built on-site at Organized Interiors in our manufacturing facility
  3. The finished product is installed in your home by our professional installers

Custom cabinetry ideas for your entire home

Organized Interiors has custom cabinetry ideas and solutions that can be added to any room in your home. Our stylish custom cabinetry will enhance the looks and functionality of your home and improve your comfort level. Schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation to learn more.

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Does Your Spring Cleaning List Include Getting Rid Of These 9 Items?

Approximately three quarters of both Canadians and Americans participate in the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Decluttering the home opens up space, which importantly makes your living environment more functional and minimizes the stress that a cluttered home contributes to.

Every spring cleaning list should include decluttering

When putting together this year’s spring cleaning list of tasks, you’ll need to include getting rid of a number of your unnecessary belongings. Making those decisions can admittedly be tough, but it’s the only way to keep clutter minimized.

Give yourself a weekend or several weeknights to spend on spring cleaning and go through your home from top to bottom and decide what’s expendable. The items should be donated to charity, given away, sold, tossed out, or recycled. These nine disposable items should be included on your spring cleaning list of household belongings that you and your home can live without.

spring cleaning list boxes

1. Old books and magazines

People keep books they’re read for several reasons. Perhaps they enjoy the look of a wall filled with books, they plan on rereading some of the books one day, or they may want to loan some of them to friends and family.

Realistically, however, the two latter scenarios rarely happen. Most old magazines also tend to offer little value and justification for the space they take up in our homes. Donate and recycle your old books and magazines and make better use of the space they previously occupied. A custom entertainment unit makes an ideal replacement for an old bookcase in the family room.

2. Old bills and paperwork

A well-designed home office makes it easier to keep clutter manageable. How much cleaner could this space or other areas of your home be if you only kept the paperwork you truly needed, however? Most bills older than a year or two don’t serve much of a purpose. And if there is a reason to hold on to some of them, you can scan or photograph them and keep digital records (this also applies to receipts). Dealing with this extra paper clutter is also a good reminder that making the move to paperless billing is a sensible choice.

You only need to keep tax returns for six years. Old manuals for items you no longer use can also be discarded and even consider that you can download manuals in PDF format from the manufacturer for products you do still use. Clearing out all of this paperwork will reduce your clutter more than you might expect, especially if it’s been awhile since you last did so. Be sure to recycle your paper and remember to use a paper shredder for personal documents and paperwork.

3. Expired medications

Your spring cleaning list of tasks should include going through your bathroom cabinetry and throwing away the bottles and packages of medication that are no longer useful to you. Medications have expiry dates for a reason and using products that have outlived their listed shelf life may not be safe. At the very least, most expired medications will lose their potency to varying degrees.

4. Old electronics

We live in a tech-reliant world where the rapid pace of innovation dictates that we regularly upgrade our electronic devices. Left in the wake of these technological advances is a collection of obsolete electronics that you likely have in a hidden-from-view area of your home.

You’ve been using a smartphone for years now, so there’s simply no point in holding on to that decade-old flip phone any longer. Or the one or two phones you’ve bought since then that also no longer have any use. The same goes for that old VCR, computer tower, and boxy computer monitor and TV (don’t forget about the remote controls either). Take them to your local electronics recycling depot for proper disposal.

5. Old electronics cords and cables

While you’re clearing out your electronic relics, go through that box many of us have that’s filled with cables, cords, and chargers we’ve accumulated over the years. The contents may be more twisted and knotted than your average box of Christmas lights, but in all likelihood, the vast majority of these items can be thrown out and not missed.

spring cleaning list closet

6. Clothes that don’t fit or were never worn

Go through your closets and figure out what clothing items are worth keeping. Clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore and which no longer meshes with your stylistic preferences can be donated, as can clothing your kids have outgrown. If you have unworn clothes that still have tags on them after more than a year, ask yourself why you bought them and whether it makes any sense to hold onto them.

Even after decluttering your closet and freeing up some space, think about the benefits of adding a practical closet organizer and closet accessories. They help you maximize your closet storage space and enhance its functionality.

 7. Expired makeup and beauty products

It’s a good idea to go through your collection of makeup and beauty products every year and do some decluttering. Expired makeup can be hazardous to your skin, with many types commonly having anywhere from three months to two years of shelf life. Also use this spring cleaning opportunity to throw out any makeup and beauty products that you weren’t satisfied with and don’t expect to use again.

8. Expired kitchen items

Your spring cleaning list should allow for time to go through your kitchen to clear out some of its contents. Your kitchen cabinets will certainly contain some expired canned goods and packaged foods that are no longer edible. Even herbs and spices need to be checked for freshness once a year. Go through your freezer as well to make sure everything in there is still useable.

9. Old paint cans and household chemicals

Whether they’re stored in your basement or garage, you should get rid of your old paint cans and household chemicals that no longer have any use. Dispose of them responsibly at your local hazardous waste disposal facility. Visit Garage Living for ideas and solutions that will make your garage space more useful.

Organized Interiors can help make next year’s spring cleaning list shorter

We have lots of effective storage and organization solutions that make it much easier to keep your home clean and orderly on a consistent and daily basis. By scheduling a complimentary in-home design consultation, you’ll be taking a first step towards making your spring cleaning list next year just a little shorter.

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Closet Redesign: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Your Project

There are several reasons you may be considering a custom closet redesign. Perhaps the closets you have are small and don’t provide much storage space. Maybe they only have a basic hanging bar, shelf, and floor space and are in need of an effective organization system like a good closet organizer.

You may want a closet redesign done for these reasons, as well as to give this space’s décor a sprucing up, especially with the many attractive closet designs available today. Organized Interiors can help. While thinking about your custom closet redesign options, it’s important to consider these five questions:

1. Do I have space in my closet redesign to include a dressing room?

If your budget and space allows, a dressing room/large walk-in closet offers both the most amount of closet storage space and opportunity to create a large closet space that looks spectacular. The ideal location for a dressing room is to utilize one of your small spare rooms. If you already have a dressing room, we can show you ways to make it even better. A dressing room space can also be incorporated into a large master bedroom by simply building a partition wall.

Our Custom Cabinetry Collection features beautiful custom-made cabinetry that infuses your dressing room with elegance and style, creating a comfortable, private space you’ll cherish. The smart storage and organization solutions we use in your dressing room will also make it much easier to keep your sanctuary clean and clutter-free.

Dressing room closet redesign


2. How much hanging and drawer space will my closet redesign need?

Before you consult with a designer, take some time to think about your current wardrobe and your preferred storage style. Do you like keeping a lot of your clothing folded? If so, you’ll need more shelving and drawer space. If you prefer hanging most of your clothing, extra hanging bars and a useful pant rack can be added to accommodate your needs.

3. What kind of closet accessories should I choose for my closet redesign?

There are many helpful closet accessories you can use in your custom closet redesign. Along with organization helpers like drawer dividers, jewellery drawers, watch winders, and felt storage boxes, consider these other useful closet accessories:

  • pullout laundry hampers with removable cloth bag inserts
  • four position hangers and retractable valet rods for extra hanging space that takes up very little room
  • low profile sliding belt, scarf, and tie racks
  • pullouts that can keep your shoes and purses organized
  • decorative hardware with hundreds of styles of hooks, pulls, and knobs to choose from
  • a pullout ironing board that’s conveniently hidden within a drawer

closet redesign ironing board

4. Do I want my closet to give me more storage flexibility?

Having some flexibility to adjust the storage configuration of your closet space might be important to you. If you’re having the closet space for one of your kids redesigned, this can be particularly beneficial. Their tastes change rapidly, plus they’ll obviously be outgrowing their clothing on a regular basis.

Our SmartLine closet organizer might be the best choice for you in this situation. This modular storage system is wall-mounted and allows for adjustments to shelving and hanging bar heights, depending on your changing needs. Ask one of our design consultants whether the SmartLine or Classic closet organizer are the right choice for your closet space.

closet redesign SmartLine closet organizer

5. What look do you want your custom closet redesign to create?

A closet that fits in with your interior design helps you organize without diminishing your home’s style. From a contemporary white to rich warm wood, you can find an attractive finish to perfectly complement your home décor. Adding extra design touches like an island, full-length mirror, and vanity to your dressing will enhance the look of your closet space even more.

We’re the custom closet redesign experts

Organized Interiors has more than 40 years of expertise when it comes to custom closet redesigns and other solutions that will improve the organization in your home. One of our design consultants can visit your home to discuss a custom closet redesign with you. All you need to do is schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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The Watch Winder And Storage Space Every Watch Collector’s Closet Should Have

Collectors of high quality watches should have a watch winder and storage space, especially when their collection begins to grow. Among the smart closet accessories Organized Interiors carries is a custom watch winder and storage solution that’s perfect for any watch connoisseur.

A watch winder and storage space protects your investment

Whether your premium watch collection consists of a couple of timepieces or has grown to a number much larger, it’s wise to protect your investment.

High quality watches have traditionally been passed down from one generation to the next. Having a custom watch winder and storage space that keeps them properly stored, organized, and wound will lengthen the life of your timepieces. Organized Interiors exclusively uses high quality Orbita watch winders in our custom watch storage designs for closets and dressing rooms.

watch winder and storage drawer

Why we exclusively use Orbita watch winders

Orbita is an American company that was started in 1996 after founder Charles Agnoff was given a Rolex as a retirement gift. Although he loved the stylish look of the watch, he was frustrated that its otherwise brilliant design necessitated the time and date to be reset if the timepiece wasn’t worn for a few days. He applied his background in mechanical engineering to devise a winder that kept the watch wound and went on to find great success with his concept.

Organized Interiors is firmly committed to using the highest quality products in our clients’ projects and Orbita watch winders certainly adhere to this philosophy. Orbita is considered the world’s leading manufacturer of watch winders and is renowned for its innovation and exceptional quality.

Why is a watch winder worth having?

If you’re unfamiliar with why a watch winder might be needed, here’s the reasoning. Automatic watches (also referred to as self-winding, mechanical, or some variation of all three terms) have a self-winding mechanism. The self-winding process only occurs when the watch is worn regularly, however. That’s because it’s activated by detecting regular wrist movement.

If your luxury watch goes days or weeks without being worn, it stops running. The next time you wear the watch, the time and date will need to be updated. If you have a larger watch collection, this can be inconvenient because you’ll assuredly be changing your watches regularly to suit your mood or a specific wardrobe choice. A watch winder simply keeps the watch always running, thereby keeping the time and date accurate, in addition to keeping it well-maintained.

watch winder and storage case

The innovative winding technology in Orbita watch winders

Orbita’s unique Rotorwind technology is a great example of their innovative design approach. Unlike traditional watch winders, the Rotorwind system actually replicates the motion of the wrist, which activates the self-winding mechanism.

Using a tiny amount of lithium battery power, the winding system activates every few minutes to keep the watch running. Orbita also sells traditional rotating-style watch winders that can be programmed, depending on the individual needs of your watches.

How our watch winder and storage space solution showcases your watch collection

Our custom watch winder and storage space designs will do more than just provide an area to keep your treasured timepieces stored, protected, and well-organized. We can design a closet, dressing room, or bedroom space for your watches that will enhance their natural beauty.

Your watch winder and storage space can be added to an elegant custom drawer with felt lining. For a more visible storage space, we can design a beautiful glass case that shows off your prized watch collection. Regardless of the size of your collection of fine watches, we can accommodate your needs.

watch winder and storage case 2

Learn more about our watch winder and storage space solutions

You can learn more about our elegant watch winder and storage space solutions and other helpful closet accessories by visiting our 10,000 square foot showroom.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just around the corner, why not consider this stylish and functional gift idea for the watch connoisseur in your life? Schedule your free in-home design consultation today and you’ll be able to make that happen.

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Home Office Ideas: 7 Essential Design Considerations To Help You Create A Stylish & Productive Workspace

Millions of Canadians work from home, whether they’re self-employed or telecommuters (those who have an arrangement with their employer to work from home).

There are definitely advantages to this type of work setup. For example, there’s the time saved by eliminating commuting, not having to deal with workplace politics, and the freedom to work while wearing your pajamas, to name just a few. Another advantage is being able to determine the look and layout of the work area where you earn your living.

Which home office ideas are worth considering?

There are many home office ideas worth considering when designing your office space. Choosing the right ones will make your workspace stylish and also enable you to be productive.

Let’s look at the seven key questions you should be asking when creating a home office, along with the best home office ideas to choose. Having a vision in mind for what you want your home office space to be will be a great help to the Organized Interiors design consultant who’ll be helping to bring your home office vision to life.

home office ideas desk

1. What will my home office space be used for?

There are many reasons for creating a home office space and knowing exactly what your home office will be used for is an important first question to ask yourself. Identifying the main purpose for your office and how it will be utilized will establish the foundation for its design. Perhaps it’s for one of these reasons:

  • for running your full-time business
  • as a designated space in the home for paying bills and doing taxes
  • for telecommuting
  • as a space for your kids and/or partner to occasionally surf online or do homework
  • for creating a private area that lets you focus on your hobby, such as creative writing
  • as a space for both your business and for the family to use during your non-working hours (we can create a multi-function home office with separate work stations)

2. Where should I put my home office?

A spare room is obviously the most ideal spot to set up a home office. It allows for more space, which gives your home office designer much more flexibility to include all of the home office design elements you desire. Extra room will also be more important if your business requires having visits from clients.

If you’ll be spending lots of hours working in your home office, extra space is also ideal. Spending 40+ hours per week working in a confined space with little or no sunlight likely won’t help you maintain a strong level of work productivity. A spare room should also provide your workspace with natural light, which is beneficial.

One other crucial consideration related to home office location is privacy. Choosing a location that removes you as much as possible from potential distractions will help facilitate a stronger, more consistent workflow. If you’re having clients over then having a quiet, private home office location is also more important.

Home office small space

3. What if I don’t have much space to add a home office?

Of course, space considerations may limit your options for where you can add a home office. That doesn’t have to be an obstacle when it comes to using many of these home office ideas, however. Organized Interiors can create a home office space in just about any area of your home, like the bedroom, family room, or basement.

We can also create a multi-purpose space that combines a home office with a guest room that saves space with a custom wall bed. Keep this in mind for tax purposes: to write off the room your home office is located in as a business expense, more than 50% of its use should be for work.

4. What type of work equipment will I be using?

Be clear with your home office designer on what type of work equipment the home office will need to accommodate. Your main work tool will almost certainly be a desktop computer, which creates the opportunity for a number of design options. Do you want your computer keyboard always sitting on the desk or would you prefer it out-of-the-way and on a pullout tray? Maybe you’d prefer to have an increasingly popular standing computer workstation designed for you.

Your office will also need to have space for supplies and other types of electronic equipment, such as phones, printers, charging stations, scanners, modems, photocopiers, desktop speakers, and external hard drive backup storage. You’ll want your office design to make efficient use of space for these, have enough outlets, and to keep their wires and cords hidden. The more frequently used items also need to be set up in a convenient, easy-to-access spot for you.

5. What will I be storing in my home office?

All businesses increasingly rely on digital invoices, receipts, and word processor files. You may still generate a sizable amount of actual paperwork in your day-to-day work, however, or have lots of older physical files and records that you need to retain.

Our experts can design efficient home office storage systems that will fit the needs of your business and space. Our custom free-standing and built-in cabinetry (including book cases and file storage drawers) and office desks are designed to accommodate anything that needs to be stored in your home office. Because we design and manufacture our own products, we can also customize your storage system to maximize storage space.

home office ideas storage

6. What type of decor do I want my home office to have?

Adding an office to your home means you will have a number of decisions to make regarding its decor. This includes choosing how the following elements of your home office will look:

  • wall and ceiling colour
  • colours and finishes for your custom cabinetry and desk
  • decorative hardware (pulls, knobs, and handles) for your custom cabinetry and desk
  • general lighting and task lighting
  • flooring (carpeting, rugs, or hardwood/laminate)

Ask an Organized Interiors design consultant about the wealth of colour, finish, and decorative hardware options we have available for our custom home office solutions. Additionally, if you’re having a home office space designed to be part of another room (like a bedroom or guest room), we can design it to complement the existing decor of that room.

7. How can I make my home office a comfortable, yet productive space?

Your office is meant for business, but what home office ideas will make it comfortable, as well as a space that lets you be productive? We’ll ensure your office desk and surroundings are designed so you’ll have all the space you need, without clutter accumulating. Considering how much time you’ll be spending in it, you should also invest in a comfortable, ergonomically correct chair.

Add some small personal touches to the room, such as family photos, artwork, knickknacks, and some plants. Be mindful of keeping potentially distracting items (like a TV) out of your home office.

Learn more about how these and more home office ideas

A home office should be more than a cold, dull workspace – it can also be a stylish and attractive part of your home. We can use these home office ideas to create such a space. Schedule your free in-home consultation today with one of our design experts.

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