5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Wardrobe Armoire

Whether you know it as a “wardrobe”, an “armoire”, or a “wardrobe armoire”, this classic piece of furniture has been around for many hundreds of years.

The wardrobe armoire has long been a popular storage solution for a number of reasons. But what should you know before buying a wardrobe armoire for your home? Let’s look at five things that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new wardrobe armoire.

1. A wardrobe armoire gives you extra storage space

If your closet space is lacking and solutions like a closet organizer still aren’t freeing up the storage space you need, a wardrobe armoire is ideal. Wardrobe armoires can be used for your everyday wardrobe, off-season clothing, blankets, linens, and just about anything else that needs a home. Your belongings will remain organized, hidden from view, and always easy to access.

wardrobe armoire 1

2. Wardrobe armoires can be added anywhere in your home

We can design a custom-fitted or free-standing wardrobe armoire that is adaptable to any area of your home, whether it’s in your bedroom, mudroom, front entryway, home office, or elsewhere. Free-standing wardrobe armoires give you the flexibility to be moved from one room to another if necessary. To prevent tipping and ensure its stability, the wardrobe armoire is secured to the wall.

3. Choose a custom wardrobe armoire

A one-size-fits-all approach when buying furniture isn’t always ideal, especially when it comes to wardrobe armoires. Buying assemble-it-yourself furniture from a big box retailer drastically limits your ability to choose a furniture piece that looks and functions exactly how you want.

A custom wardrobe armoire from Organized Interiors can be designed to the exact width, depth, and height required for your space. We can also present you with many custom options, such as your choice of finishes, decorative hardware, and other features like glass door panes, shelving, mirrors, and more.

4. Satisfy your storage needs with a custom wardrobe armoire

Our wardrobe armoires can also be designed according to what your storage needs are. Do you want drawers with divider inserts included to keep your smaller articles of clothing organized? Are pullouts for your shoes an absolute necessity? Do you need more vertical hanging space to accommodate storing your jackets and dresses? Our designers can make all of this possible.

wardrobe armoire 2

5. A custom wardrobe armoire can also be a stylish room centrepiece

Wardrobe armoires are more than just an extension of your closet. The high quality of our custom wardrobe armoires is immediately evident to the eye and to the touch. This stylish furniture piece can instantly become a focal point and centrepiece of any room it’s located in. Its design can also factor in the room’s existing décor in order to effectively complement the look of your space.

Wardrobe armoire storage solutions and more

Along with our wardrobe armoire storage solutions and closet organizers, you could also consider adding create-a-closet® to any room in your home in order to give you more clothes storage space.

Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation. One of our design consultants will visit your residence, measure your space, and provide recommendations for which style and design of wardrobe armoire will look best in your home.

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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality By Reducing Clutter

Millions of Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies caused by outdoor irritants. While it’s impossible to avoid allergens caused by the external environment, it is possible to improve indoor air quality in your home. Reducing clutter is one of the best methods for accomplishing this.

Which allergens cause you to look for solutions to improve indoor air quality?

The most common forms of home allergens are:

  • Dust allergens – dust mites are microscopic critters that are a common indoor allergy trigger. Dust mites live off our dead skin cells, along with the dead skin shed by pets (known as dander). They thrive in the more humid regions of your home and are also typically found in bedding areas, carpets, rugs, blankets, upholstery, and drapes.
  • Indoor pollen – pollen can makes its way in from outside via open entryways and be carried in by your home’s occupants (including pets). Flowers and plants can also contribute to indoor pollen irritants.
  • Mould allergens – any area of your home with high humidity levels (such as the bathroom, basement, and kitchen) can produce mould. The mould spores can become airborne and cause all sorts of potential health problems.
  • Chemical pollutants – a wide range of chemical pollutants can trigger allergic reactions. Household cleaners, a poorly ventilated stove, and formaldehyde found in carpets, curtains, and furniture can all be irritants. Even things as seemingly harmless as candles and dryer sheets can emit chemicals that cause allergic reactions in some people.

Why home clutter contributes to poor indoor air quality

Home allergens are impossible to fully eliminate. All homes, even ones that appear to be immaculately kept, harbour them in some form. However, homes that are overrun by clutter become a haven for allergens to flourish. That’s because clutter gives allergens more surface area to occupy.

Clutter also makes it much harder to clean your home, which gives allergens a more welcoming environment. Think about it – how often do you actually take the time to move those stacks of clutter in order to clean? The longer an area of your home is untouched with a vacuum or a wipe down with a damp cloth, the more allergens will accumulate.

You’ll also improve indoor air quality by reducing clutter because the airflow in your home will be much better. A critical component of healthy indoor air is the ability to maintain good air circulation. Reducing clutter makes this easier.

Improve indoor air quality with these 11 allergen-reducing solutions

You can improve indoor air quality by using these 11 solutions to reduce the levels of allergens in your home:

  1. Toss unnecessary clutter – purge unnecessary clutter from your home, which will open up space for air to flow more freely and make your home easier to clean.
  2. Use effective clutter-reducing solutions – consult an organization professional like Organized Interiors to add the most effective clutter-reducing solutions to your home. Closet organizers and custom bedroom cabinetry like wardrobes and bed surrounds (which eliminates open spaces underneath beds that attracts dust allergens) will help maximize storage space and keep your home tidy.
  3. Vacuum weekly – make sure you use a HEPA filter in your vacuum to fully trap all dust particles and allergens.
  4. Eliminate bathroom mould – clean your bathroom tile with an effective mould-killing cleaner on a regular basis.
  5. Wash your bedding weekly  washing your bedding once a week in water that’s at least 55˚C (130˚F) will kill dust mites. You may also want to buy special bedding that provides more protection from dust mites.
  6. Wash and brush pets outside weekly and keep them out of the bedroom – you’ll reduce pet dander by cleaning them outside once a week. You can also reduce bedroom allergens by keeping this space off-limits to pets, especially the bed.
  7. Change your air conditioner and furnace filters regularly – professional opinion varies, but it’s generally recommended these filters be changed every 1-3 months.
  8. Use a dehumidifier – a dehumidifier prevents mould (remember to change the filter regularly).
  9. Switch to hard floor surfaces – getting rid of carpeting and rugs and switching to tile, hardwood, or vinyl flooring will give allergens less places to hide.
  10. Think twice about shampooing your carpets – if getting rid of carpeting isn’t an option, be aware that shampooing them can attract even more dust mites or cause mould to grow.
  11. Use unscented detergents and cleaners – fragrance-free detergents and cleaners will be less likely to trigger allergic symptoms.
improve indoor air quality bed surround

A bed surround maximizes storage space and eliminates open space underneath the bed that attracts dust allergens.

Reducing clutter will improve indoor air quality and reduce your stress

Reducing the amount of clutter in your home won’t just improve your air quality. Research shows a strong link between occupants of homes with excess clutter having higher stress levels than occupants who are surrounded by less clutter. A clean, clutter-free home gives you one less thing to stress over, which should help you sleep better.

The ability to improve home air quality by reducing clutter is well within your reach. We’ll help you achieve your goal of a tidy and healthy home environment by getting you started with a complimentary in-home design consultation.

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7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Appreciate More Than Flowers

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday and you may be looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas to surprise mom that are a little more creative and useful.

Yes, flowers and a card are thoughtful. However, these Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t exactly original and their benefits are rather short-lived. They also won’t produce the kind of “Wow!” reaction that our moms deserve to feel on this special day for all the hard work they do.

Giving the meaningful gift of organization is one way to make this Mother’s Day truly memorable. Step up your gift-giving game this year. Here are seven Mother’s Day gift ideas that mom will appreciate for many years to come.

1. Mother’s Day gift ideas that transform the bathroom

Custom bathroom cabinetry as a Mother’s Day gift will transform mom’s bathroom space. Organized Interiors can design stylish bathroom cabinetry that caters to mom’s aesthetic tastes, whether they’re contemporary or classic.

Our bathroom vanities, linen units, and makeup tables offer a high degree of customization with finishes, decorative hardware, mirrors, countertops, and other chic design features.

2. Custom kitchen cabinetry

Help mom get more out your home’s kitchen space by upgrading it with custom kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen walk-in closets and reach-in pantries make smart use of your kitchen’s storage space. We can also design kitchen islands, minibars, specialty stations, and more practical cabinetry and features that enhance your kitchen’s functionality for mom and the entire family.

Mother’s Day gift ideas kitchen

3. Mother’s Day gift ideas to organize mom’s closet

Home clutter is a prime source of stress for many of us. A significant reason for clutter accumulation in closets and bedrooms is the lack of a sensible organization system for clothing. This problem can be remedied by having a custom closet organizer installed.

This Mother’s Day gift idea establishes an efficient system for mom to keep her wardrobe properly organized and stored. She’ll be able to find what she needs much easier because closet organizers create dedicated homes for all your items, while maximizing closet space.

The Classic closet organizer system features deep drawers and shelves to maximize storage space and can be added to a standard closet or walk-in closet. Choose from many different custom options to suit your taste and to complement your bedroom’s décor.

The SmartLine closet organizer system is a modular closet organizer that leaves closet floor space open with its wall-mounted design. It also offers excellent flexibility to accommodate mom’s changing clothes storage needs.

4. A stylish, spacious dressing room

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas that will really be appreciated by mom, consider treating her to a new dressing room. We can create a dressing room out one of your small extra rooms and design a stylish and comfortable space for mom using our Custom Cabinetry Collection. Mom’s new dressing room will provide plenty of space to store her belongings and a private, quiet area she’ll treasure every day.

Mother's Day gift ideas dressing room

5. Closet accessories

Pullout shoe racks, jewellery drawers to protect mom’s valuables and keep them organized, laundry hampers, and scarf holders are just a few of our many helpful closet accessories that add even more functionality to closets.

The simple addition of a valet rod takes up very little space and provides a useful tool for mom to hang up her outfit for the following day, which can help streamline her morning routine.

6. Mother’s Day gift ideas for the entire bedroom

Along with upgrading mom’s closet space, you can help her keep the rest of the bedroom organized with our custom bedroom cabinetry and storage solutions:

  • custom wardrobe closets can be tailored to mom’s bedroom area and increase her bedroom storage space
  • sliding, bifold, solid panel, and mirror custom closet doors can be added to closets or we can add closet space where none exists with our create-a-closet® storage solution
  • a bed surround instills the bedroom with a stylish, cohesive look and maximizes its storage space

Mother’s Day gift ideas bed surround

7. A laundry room makeover

A laundry room makeover can add a much-needed refresh to a frequently used room in your house that often gets overlooked when it comes to home upgrades. Our custom laundry room cabinetry, accessories, and design ideas will modernize your laundry room’s look and increase its usefulness for mom and any other family members tasked with laundry duties.

Mother’s Day gift ideas that deliver long-term benefits

Let’s face it – flower gifts only last a few days and Mother’s Day cards will end up in a drawer before June rolls around. This Mother’s Day, treat mom to something special that delivers long-term benefits.

These Mother’s Day gift ideas will help her stay organized and add more functionality to multiple areas of your home, along with improving its décor. Schedule your free in-home design consultation today to plan your Mother’s Day surprise!

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Custom Home Organization Solutions On A Budget: What Should You Prioritize?

One of the foundations for any beautiful home is organization. If you’re looking to improve your home’s level of organization and are on a budget, you may be wondering – which home organization solutions should I prioritize? 

There are three important custom home organization solutions that we would suggest allocating your organization budget towards. These three organization and storage solutions will deliver effective results and reduce clutter in your home.

1. Custom home organization solutions for the closet

Whether your closets are too small or you’re just not making the best use of their space, one of the most effective custom home organization solutions to choose is a closet organizer.

A customized closet solution provides a place for every wardrobe item. You’ll find that keeping clutter minimized in your closet and bedroom space requires much less effort. Whether you want a simple closet organizer with various shelves, drawers, and a hanging rod, or a more complex walk-in closet organizer, you can find a design that works for your home and budget. Here are two options:

  • SmartLine closet organizer: this modular organization system is flexible to accommodate your future storage needs. That means should you need to adjust the heights of hanging bars or shelving, you’ll be able to do so. Drawers, plenty of hanging space, and open shelving maximize your storage space. The SmartLine organizer is also wall-mounted, leaving your closet floor space clear.
  • Classic closet organizer: this floor-supported custom home organization solution is ideal for closet spaces both smaller and larger, such as a walk-in. Get even more out of your closet’s storage space with the Classic’s deeper shelving and drawers. You can ensure this organizer complements your home’s décor with the available custom options.
custom home organization solutions classic

The Classic closet organizer’s deep drawers and shelves provide ample storage space.

2. Closet accessory custom home organization solutions

Adding useful closet accessories to not just your closets, but other areas of your house, saves you space and makes your home more functional. Here’s just a few of the many closet accessories we have available:

  • built-in laundry hampers can be added to closets and laundry rooms and keep your dirty clothes sorted and out of sight
  • a four position hanger can create more room for hanging clothes in the closet or be attached to a wall or the side of a cabinet
  • install a pullout rack for your shoes that makes each pair easily accessible (it can also be used for bags)
  • a retractable valet rod is a relatively inexpensive closet accessory that’s small and simple, yet highly effective when it comes to adding extra hanging space for your wardrobe
  • a low profile sliding belt rack can be added almost anywhere and will keep your belts organized and properly stored to maintain their shape

3. Custom home organization solutions to protect your valuables

Do you have expensive jewellery or important documents you’d prefer to keep protected? We have three custom home organization solutions that are designed to safeguard your valuables:

  • custom jewellery drawers with felt lining provide a soft surface for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, and prevent these accessories from sliding around and getting tangled
  • vital documents like a will or insurance policy and other valuables can be keep in a lockable hidden document drawer that’s discretely installed underneath a clothing drawer
  • a fire-resistant drawer safe can also be discreetly secured within a cabinetry drawer
custom home organization solutions Hidden document drawer

Keep your valuables discreetly stored in a hidden document drawer.

Custom home organization solutions are worth the expense

Although you may be on a budget, you’ll find that choosing custom home organization solutions is worth the expense. Our design consultants can work with you to tailor all of your custom home organization solutions to your space and aesthetic preferences. That includes picking the type of finish or decorative hardware that your custom cabinetry is made with.

We also manufacture and install our custom products, resulting in a professional beginning-to-end process that ensures quality control and complete customer satisfaction. Unlike inferior big box home organization products, we don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach to home organization systems best serves our client’s needs.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation so one of our design consultants can evaluate your space and find the best custom home organization solutions that will work within your budget.

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Custom Cabinetry Ideas To Enhance Every Room In Your Home

If you’re thinking about giving one or more rooms in your home a decorative update, custom cabinetry probably plays a role in your design plans.

Custom cabinetry can be added to any room in your home and well-designed custom cabinetry can transform the look and functionality of any space it occupies. With so many custom cabinetry ideas to consider for the entire home, let’s explore your options.

Custom cabinetry ideas for your dressing room

Organized Interiors has lots of stylish and practical custom cabinetry ideas that can enhance any bedroom. Our Custom Cabinetry Collection is perfect for dressing rooms (also known as large walk-in closets). We can create a luxurious environment highlighted by rich wood finishes, convenient closet accessories, and an abundance of storage space.

custom cabinetry ideas dressing room

Custom cabinetry ideas for the entire bedroom

Transform the rest of your bedroom with our bedroom storage and custom cabinetry ideas and solutions:

  • custom-fitted wardrobe closets can complement your traditional closet storage space and add an elegant stylish touch to bedrooms
  • the integrated design of a bed surround maximizes your storage space and can be highly customized to fit your needs
  • wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) save lots of space and are just as comfortable as a traditional bed, making them ideal for guest bedrooms

Bathroom custom cabinetry ideas

Reinvent your bathroom décor with our beautiful custom bathroom cabinetry. We can create a bathroom that matches your vision, whether you’re seeking an aesthetic that’s modern, contemporary, or vintage. The designs of our vanities, makeup tables, and other bathroom cabinetry offer a wealth of custom options.

Custom cabinetry ideas to upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is one of your home’s most important rooms and we can help you get the most out of its functionality and looks with our custom kitchen cabinetry. We can ensure your kitchen is making the best use of its storage space and add stylish cabinetry, pantries, an island, and other ideas that will complement your home’s décor.

custom cabinetry ideas laundry room

Laundry room and mudroom custom cabinetry solutions

Brighten the look of your laundry room and mudroom with our custom cabinetry solutions. Add easy-to-access upper and lower cabinetry, pullouts, drawers, and countertops to enhance the usefulness and storage capabilities of this task-oriented workspace. Add additional accessories like a hanging rods and built-in ironing boards and laundry hampers to maximize this space’s potential.

Custom cabinetry for the family room

A custom entertainment unit isn’t just a piece of furniture where your TV is located. It becomes the focal point of any family room or living room, especially when you add any of the design features we offer, such as an electric fireplace, cabinets with adjustable shelves, interior lighting, and many more options.

The family room (or just about anywhere else in your home) can also include custom bar cabinetry to store, display, and enjoy your spirits, glassware, and liquor accessories. We can design bar cabinetry of all sizes and styles which will add a classy, chic touch to your home.

Custom wine cabinetry

Our custom wine cabinetry can add a dedicated wine storage room that can double as an entertainment space, a traditional wine cellar, or a smaller reach-in closet wine storage space to your home. Store your wine collection properly with our sophisticated custom wine cabinetry solutions.

custom cabinetry ideas wine

Custom cabinetry ideas for a home office

Boost your productivity when working from home by having us create a modern home office space. Our custom home office designs with built-in cabinets are comfortable, highly functional, and aesthetically appealing, which creates a working environment conducive to good productivity.

The drawbacks of buying big box cabinetry

Buying cabinetry for your home from a big box retailer might cost less, but there’s a reason for that. Big box furniture doesn’t offer the same quality of materials or craftsmanship as custom-made furniture. That leads to structural and functionality issues, which inevitably result in a short lifespan.

Custom cabinetry also lets you choose wood finishes, decorative hardware, and unique sizes to fit your space. With off-the-shelf furniture, you’re limited to far fewer design and size options. And big box furniture can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming to assemble yourself, or may require extra fees to have installed professionally.

Why custom cabinetry solutions make more sense

A custom cabinetry solution is worth the investment, especially when it’s from a full-service company like Organized Interiors. We’re hands-on with all aspects of your custom cabinetry project and don’t outsource any of the work involved. Here’s our process:

  1. One of our design consultants discusses your custom cabinetry ideas and goals with you and creates the design
  2. The custom cabinetry is built on-site at Organized Interiors in our manufacturing facility
  3. The finished product is installed in your home by our professional installers

Custom cabinetry ideas for your entire home

Organized Interiors has custom cabinetry ideas and solutions that can be added to any room in your home. Our stylish custom cabinetry will enhance the looks and functionality of your home and improve your comfort level. Schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation to learn more.

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