2018 Winter Coat Drive: Donate a Coat and Warm a Heart

Organized Interiors is pleased to once again be participating in The Children’s Breakfast Club’s Winter Coat Drive.

The goal of the 2018 Winter Coat Drive is to collect 55,000 clean, gently-used coats and warm clothing items. All donations will ensure that no child in Ontario is cold this winter.

About The Children’s Breakfast Club

The Children’s Breakfast Club is a non-profit charitable organization that began in 1984. They believe every child is entitled to a nutritious breakfast and currently have more than 20 clubs in the Greater Toronto Area. An estimated 4,000 meals are served by the organization every week.

The Children’s Breakfast Club’s other objectives are to:

  • encourage children to develop healthy nutritional, behavioural, and personal hygiene habits
  • provide children with emotional support and social and intellectual stimulation
  • encourage and develop the skills of staff, volunteers, and other community members

What is the Winter Coat Drive?

The Winter Coat Drive collects and distributes new and gently-used winter clothing to children and their families in need of proper winter attire. The Children’s Breakfast Club began the Winter Coat Drive in 2014.

2015’s Winter Coat Drive collected more than 30,000 items of winter clothing. That number grew to more than 40,000 pieces collected the following year. 2017’s Winter Coat Drive was another huge success.

All donations end up at The Children’s Breakfast Club’s Coat Warehouse, which operates throughout the winter season.

Toronto Police will hand out vouchers to families they encounter who are most in need of this winter clothing. The vouchers can then be redeemed by the family members for a winter coat or item of clothing they’re most in need of.

Organized Interiors’ involvement in the Winter Coat Drive

The 2018 Winter Coat Drive kicked off on October 19th and this will be Organized Interiors’ third year of involvement in this worthy cause.

Our participation in the 2016 Winter Coat Drive was inspired by Toronto’s very own NBA All-Star, Toronto Raptor Alumni, and Assistant Coach and Community Ambassador Jamaal Magloire.

Jamaal challenged all of Toronto to “Donate a Coat” and “Warm a Heart”.

More than four truckloads of coats and winter clothing were collected that year at Vaughan’s first drop-off centre in the Organized Interiors showroom.

With our customers’ incredible generosity, five truckloads of winter clothing were promptly delivered to the Coat Warehouse last year.

The drop-off centre at Organized Interiors is the first in Vaughan. Help us fill our bin with warm winter coats.

How you can help

You can get involved by making donations for the 2018 Winter Coat Drive at the Coat Drive drop-off centre in the Organized Interiors showroom at 201 Chrislea Road in Vaughan.

Along with new and gently-used winter coats, we’ll also be gratefully accepting donations of any of the following (in all sizes) until December 31st:

  • hoodies
  • sweaters
  • hats
  • mitts and gloves
  • scarves

Clothing donations can also be made directly to The Children’s Breakfast Club’s main Winter Coat Drive drop-off centre through February 28th, 2019.

It’s located in the Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto at 100 McLevin Avenue (unit 4) in Scarborough. Call (437) 836-6222 to make coat drop-off arrangements.

Monetary donations can also be made at breakfastclubs.ca (a tax receipt will be issued for donations of $20 or more).

Donate a coat and warm a heart

Warm winter clothing is something most of us take for granted. But consider the ways in which inadequate winter clothing can impact a child’s daily life.

Inadequate winter clothing can cause kids to get sick more often, which may affect their school attendance. Unsuitable winter clothing also limits the ability of children to participate in outdoor winter activities.

Your generous donation can help make this winter a little more comfortable for someone in need. We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Coat Drive drop-off centre in our showroom!

Please help to spread the word about the Winter Coat Drive by sharing this post with your family, friends, and co-workers.

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We’re Proud to Be a Canadian Home Organization Company

Organized Interiors building, Canadian home organization company
The Canada 150 celebration last Canada Day was particularly momentous, but every July 1st is special.

As we prepare to spend Canada Day with our families and enjoy the fireworks and all-too-brief hot weather bestowed on us by our beautiful country, the day provides a great opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to live here.

Canada stands as a pillar of stability, kindness, opportunity, and civility to the rest of the world, which we should all be enormously proud of.

A proudly Canadian home organization company

As Canada Day approaches, Organized Interiors also takes the time to reflect on our proud Canadian heritage.

Based in Vaughan, Organized Interiors is Canada’s largest designer, manufacturer, and installer of creative home storage and organization products.

For several decades, we’ve been serving our Canadian clientele and helping them find innovative ways to make more space for living. In all aspects of our business operations, Organized Interiors’ Canadian roots are proudly on display.

Canadian home organization company, closet

Organized Interiors carries the best closet organization solutions in Canada.

Over 40 years of experience in Canada

Organized Interiors is known as a leading expert in custom closet organization and solutions for improving the entire home, but we weren’t always known by that name.

Our operation actually started in 1974 under the name McDoors & Closets. Organized Interiors came to be after we acquired The Closet Shop and other established closet design companies, all of which were well-respected in the home building and interior design professions.

We rebranded with a name that neatly (pun intended) sums up our core philosophy – providing our customers with helpful solutions for keeping the interiors of their homes well-organized.

More than 40 years later, Organized Interiors is still going strong. The homes of our many valued Canadian customers are now easier to keep organized and have a more high-end look to their décor.

Organized Interiors has been recognized with numerous awards for our outstanding quality and service, including a Business Achievement Award from the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.

Canadian design team

Our team of Canadian design consultants is the best in the business.

Knowledgeable and professional, our design experts know how to create the best design solution to meet the unique needs of each individual client. We encourage you to take advantage of their years of expertise in the industry.

Whether they’re meeting a client in our showroom or in the comfort of the client’s home for a free consultation, the design consultants get to know each customer.

One of Organized Interiors’ hallmarks is our ability to customize each project, which is where you’ll see the design consultants’ talents really shine.

We manufacture in Canada

Once our design consultants have started to bring your project to life with their carefully conceived design, our Canadian manufacturing team gets right to work.

All of our custom cabinetry and custom products are manufactured right here in Canada, on-site at Organized Interiors.

Our team of skilled craftspeople manufacture to the precise specifications the project requires, ensuring the highest standards of quality for all of our products.

Canadian home organization company, bed surround

Our bed surrounds and other custom cabinetry products are manufactured right here in Canada.

Canadian installation team

What sets Organized Interiors apart from our competition is that we are truly a full-service Canadian home organization and storage business.

That includes having our own team of installers finish the project after the designing and manufacturing processes have been completed.

Whether it’s a closet organization system, laundry room, home office, or entertainment unit you’ve custom ordered, the installation team makes sure your custom project looks and fits just right in your home.

Enjoy your Canada Day!

Organized Interiors couldn’t be more proud to be a 100% Canadian home organization business serving the best customers in the world.

From everyone at Organized Interiors, have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day!

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5 Great Reasons To Visit The Organized Interiors Showroom

Organized Interiors showroom hardware display, two people talking
Organized Interiors has been a leader in custom closet design and home organization and storage solutions for more than 40 years.

Our spacious showroom in Vaughan proudly represents where those many years of experience have brought us.

The 10,000 square foot showroom is filled with lots of inspiring ideas and the best products available for improving your home’s storage and organization functionality.

We think there are lots of great reasons for taking the time to visit the Organized Interiors showroom. Here are five of them.

1. Get inspired in the Organized Interiors showroom

Some visitors to the Organized Interiors showroom have a specific product (or several) in mind they want to learn more about. They’ve probably initially viewed the product(s) on our website.

Many of our clients, however, visit our showroom with a specific purpose in mind and end up discovering other great solutions for improving their home they hadn’t considered.

A visit to learn more about our world-class custom closets, for example, might result in someone falling in love with what we can do with home office spaces or a laundry room.

Inspiring your creativity with a visit to our showroom can lead you down any number of unexpected paths.

The Organized Interiors showroom also shares display space with our neighbours, Garage Living. Who knows, you may even leave with a few ideas for transforming your garage!

Organized Interiors showroom interior

Experience organized interiors that are free of clutter in our spacious showroom.

2. Ask us anything

Our helpful design consultants are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to smart ideas for making your home look and function better.

Take advantage of their expertise and creative minds by asking them anything about which home storage and organization products and systems might best suit your needs.

The design consultants can provide guidance in a wide variety of areas. Maybe you’re wondering what type of finish or decorative hardware will work most effectively with the custom cabinetry you have in mind for a project.

Perhaps you’re curious as to whether that spare room you have is the right size to accommodate a dressing room/large walk-in closet. Ask away.

At Organized Interiors, we like to get to know our customers. Starting a dialogue with our design consultants during your Organized Interiors showroom visit helps to get that relationship started.

3. Try our products

The very best of our products for every room in your home are on display in the Organized Interiors showroom. You’ll find lots of carefully created and realistic home room settings throughout the space.

Great photography and detailed product descriptions are certainly helpful when it comes to understanding what a product offers. But there’s no substitute for experiencing the real thing.

Viewing our products in person and getting a hands-on experience with them will give you the best sense for which products best align with your home’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

We especially encourage anyone visiting to try out all of our high quality products for yourself. Doing so will really allow you to appreciate the careful attention to detail that goes into everything we sell.

Organized Interiors designs and manufactures our products on-site. It’s our feeling that the high standards we have for each and every product we manufacture will be evident to any visitor sampling Organized Interiors’ diverse array of products.

4. Discover how much you can customize

Organized Interiors’ great products and exceptional customer service are a big reason reason the majority of our business comes from referrals.

Our many satisfied customers also recommend us to friends, families, neighbours, and co-workers for another reason – the wealth of custom options we provide.

Our bespoke cabinetry for all areas of your home can be tailored to your specific design preferences. Visit the Design Studio in the showroom to get an idea of the hundreds of types of laminates, melamines, solid surfaces, and granites you can choose from.

The Organized Interiors showroom also features our Artware Gallery, which has the Greater Toronto Area’s largest selection of Richelieu Hardware. Browse through hundreds of samples of the highest quality decorative hardware of all styles, created by world-renowned designers.

The more customization options available when having your bespoke cabinetry designed, the more you’ll be assured of ending up with a finished product you’re 100% satisfied with. You’re also able to add more of a personal touch to the design.

You’ll find that’s one of the biggest advantages over buying cabinetry or closet organizers at a big box store, which limits you to far fewer options.

Organized Interiors showroom decorative hardware display with ladder

Sample hundreds of types of decorative hardware in the Organized Interiors showroom.

5. Pick up an Idea Book. Take your time browsing.

While you’re at our showroom, be sure to pick up a complimentary copy of our new Idea Book. It can also be downloaded here.

The Idea Book is loaded with vivid images and detailed descriptions of all our products and services. Many photos featured in it are from projects we’ve worked on in our customers’ homes.

The Idea Book and showroom nicely encapsulate exactly everything Organized Interiors offers.

Take your time browsing through the showroom, without feeling any pressure to make a buying decision until you’re completely ready.

The Organized Interiors showroom is worth the visit

The Organized Interiors showroom is conveniently located at 201 Chrislea Road in Vaughan, right at Highway 400 and Highway 7.

We encourage you to visit and view and our wide selection of premium products that make space for living more comfortably. You’ll be glad you did.

If your busy life makes a trip to the Organized Interiors showroom less convenient for you, no problem. Just schedule a free in-home design consultation with us.

One of our design consultants will be happy to visit your home to discuss ways in which we can bring more order and functionality to any space in your house or condo.

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7 Must-Have Qualifications to Look for in a Home Organization Expert

The marketplace has many different choices available when it comes to businesses that specialize in improving a home’s organization.

What criteria should you use when deciding which home organization expert to hire?

Making the right choice for your home organization expert requires you to do your homework. There are a lot of horror stories out there of less-than-reputable contractors who “provide” sub-par products, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Know what to expect from your home organization expert

Knowing what to look for when picking the best professional to improve your home’s storage and organization functionality requires looking at a few essential criteria.

Remember, cutting corners when it comes to paying for any high quality professional service only leads to regret and frustration later on. Don’t settle for any less than these seven must-have qualifications from the home organization expert you hire.

1. A good reputation

One of the first things you’ll likely research when narrowing down your lists of potential home organization experts is their reputation.

There are many crowd-sourced review sites available to get some insight into the reputation and work practices of any company you’re considering doing business with.

Yelp, Google, HomeStars, Houzz, and Facebook are just a few of the more prominent online review resources you can use to help you make a more informed hiring decision. Just Google “Organized Interiors” and you’ll find that our satisfied clients have left overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Organized Interiors has worked hard to establish and maintain our position as an industry leader in the area of home organization and storage solutions. We take great pride in the fact that many of our projects are a result of customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth.

2. Experience

You’ll want whatever home organization professional you choose to have plenty of experience. Experience doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get high quality work, mind you, but it’s still an important consideration.

Some home organization projects will require electrical work and other complicated tasks that not just anyone can do. When a design consultant is designing a dressing room or closet organizer, they’re drawing from years of schooling and work experience to bring their concept to life.

With experience comes wisdom, so a home organization expert will be able to problem-solve faster and also have more of an idea of what will work best for the client.

Organized Interiors has 40+ years of experience as a home organization expert. Over that long period of time, our highly trained professionals have worked on projects both big and small and have seen just about everything.

home organization expert

Organized Interiors has been a home organization expert for more than 40 years.

3. Excellent customer service and a personal touch

Sub-par customer service is one of the easiest and most common ways to alienate someone who’s hired you for your professional services.

Ideally, your home organization expert should be attentive to your needs and welcome your feedback throughout the project’s duration. A strong level of communication between the client and service provider will result in a higher chance of customer satisfaction.

Some other important factors that play a role in excellent customer service include getting the project done in a timely manner and being reliable.

One reason Organized Interiors’ reputation speaks for itself is our tireless dedication to providing exemplary customer service.

4. Great products

Excellent customer service only gets you so far if the products you’re using in your projects are of an inferior quality. Your home organization expert should be using products that are durable, have appealing aesthetics, and provide easy-to-use-functionality.

A home organization expert with more experience will be more likely to be using products that deliver high marks in all three of these categories.

A newer company will need to go through somewhat of a trial-and-error period to determine which products hold up well and provide a high level of satisfaction for their customers.

When you’ve been around for as long as someone like Organized Interiors, though, you’ve been able to refine your product line more. Even something as seemingly insignificant as the type of hanging rod used in our custom closet projects has been given careful consideration.

All of this goes a long way to ensuring a customer ends up being fully satisfied with the products that were chosen for their project.

5. The ability to customize

Anyone calling themselves a home organization expert should know that the ability to customize to fit their client’s needs is essential.

This is one huge advantage that custom home organization specialists like Organized Interiors have over companies that use stock products for their projects. It’s also another advantage to choosing to DIY your home organization project.

The high quality custom cabinetry we use in our projects has been created specifically for the diverse needs of each individual client. The customer can have input into just about everything, including cabinetry finishes, configuration, and decorative hardware used.

We manufacture our custom products on-site at Organized Interiors. That means no detail is overlooked. The finished product will exactly match the original design, barring any changes that get made while the project is unfolding.

And that’s another advantage to the way we work – our professionals can more easily adapt to the evolving needs of any project.

home organization expert showroom

Your home organization expert should be able to customize your choice of products to fit your specific needs.

6. A guarantee of quality

When you enter into a business relationship with a home organization expert, you want to feel secure that they’ll stand fully behind their work.

The last thing you want to contend with right after having, say, a new home office installed is to come across a problem with it and find that the company is less than eager to resolve the issue now that they’ve been paid.

You also want the peace of mind to know that the products and services you’ve invested in will have a guarantee of long-lasting quality behind it.

This is one area where it pays to shop around and find a home organization expert that provides warranties that suit your needs. We think you’ll be more than pleased with what Organized Interiors offers:

  • a 1 year no-hassle warranty on all installations
  • a 10 year warranty for all of our products covering defects in material and hardware

7. High standards

When a business strives for high standards and employing people who have a real passion for their work, the results are obvious.

This can’t be said of all home organization experts, but you can rest assured you’ll know if you made the right choice shortly after you begin working with someone.

At Organized Interiors, we believe the high standards we set for ourselves is what makes us stand out amongst a crowded field of home organization experts.

Make sure your home organization expert ticks all these boxes

Now you know what to look for in a home organization expert. You can be confident that Organized Interiors ticks all the right boxes when it comes to what you need from the professional you’re trusting to improve your home’s organization.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation with us to get your home organization project started.

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Get Inspired With the Brand New Organized Interiors Idea Book

Idea Book
Organized Interiors is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Idea Book, which is loaded with inspirational organization and storage ideas for your home.

The new Organized Interiors Idea Book features all of the great products and services we offer. You’ll find lots of new vivid images, including many photos featuring projects in our customers’ homes.

The Idea Book includes informative descriptions that list the benefits, features, and options for each of our products. This helps you get a better sense of what each product offers so you can make a more informed buying decision.

Make space for living with our new Idea Book

And there’s a lot more to love with the new Idea Book! Our last edition was 48 pages, while the just-released Idea Book has expanded to 72 packed pages of inspiring content.

This growth reflects the evolution of our product line and how Organized Interiors continuously strives to make our high quality products even better, while offering our customers more choices. Examples include our new MONOGRAM custom cabinetry and new products like a pullout folding shelf and the SlimStep ladder.

We take great pride in this forward-thinking approach and believe it’s one of the reasons Organized Interiors continues to be a respected leader in our industry.

Your brand new Idea Book shows everything Organized Interiors carries to help you make space for living. Here are the different product and service categories you’ll find inside.

Closet organizers, custom closet cabinetry, and dressing rooms

After more than 40 years of of transforming our clients’ closet spaces, the dedicated professionals at Organized Interiors have turned closet organization into an art. Our closet designs look great and, naturally, will maximize your storage space and help you to keep your closets organized.

Our closet organization products include:

  • SMART|LINE – a modular off-the-floor closet organizer that easily adapts to your changing storage needs
  • CLASSIC – a floor-support closet organizer with a wider range of depths to maximize storage space
  • MONOGRAM – our new collection of custom cabinetry for dressing rooms/walk-in closets that allows for ample design flexibility to reflect your personal style
  • create-a-closet® – add extra closet space anywhere you need with this innovative storage concept
  • Closet doors – choose from our many styles of sliding, bifold, solid panel and mirror closet doors

Bedroom storage

In addition to our custom closet solutions, Organized Interiors specializes in custom-built products for the entire bedroom:

  • Wardrobes – a custom-fit wardrobe adds a stylish appeal to your bedroom and effectively complements your closets with additional storage space
  • Bed surrounds – this integrated furniture piece uses under-bed storage, nightstands, and additional space for storage to keep any bedroom neat and tidy
  • Murphy beds – our custom Murphy beds (also known as wall beds) are a practical space-saving bedding solution that are ideal for small condos and guest rooms

Feature walls and electric fireplaces

It’s easier and cheaper to add an electric fireplace or electric firebox to your home than it is to add a wood-burning fireplace.

Electric fireplaces also require virtually no maintenance, function as a cost-effective supplemental heating solution, and feature incredibly realistic-looking flames.

The new Organized Interiors Idea Book also shows you how incorporating an electric fireplace into a feature wall can create an incredible home showpiece.

Custom cabinetry for the entire home

Organized Interiors’ custom cabinetry solutions for your entire home include:

  • Home offices and study spaces – we can design a home office or study space that looks fantastic, is precisely tailored to accommodate your work needs, and improves your workspace functionality
  • Bathrooms – our custom vanity, makeup table, and master ensuite designs for your bathroom allow you to create a personal, private space with many storage options
  • Laundry rooms and mudrooms – upgrade your laundry room or mudroom’s looks and functionality with custom cabinetry that enables better storage management
  • Kitchens – our custom kitchen cabinetry solutions include coffee stations, kitchen sideboards, and hutches
  • Hobby rooms – make space for your creativity by having a special room designed to indulge in your hobbies
  • Wine cellars – our stylish custom wine cabinetry allows you to store your wine collection properly
  • Wet bars – a minibar or full-size bar can be built to your exact specifications and custom-fits to your home’s space
  • Entertainment units – create a dynamic-looking and highly functional home media centre that enhances your viewing experience

Decorative hardware and closet accessories

You can personalize your custom cabinetry with our huge selection of hundreds of types of decorative hardware (or “Artware”, as we like to call it).

You’ll also find lots of photos in the Idea Book showcasing Organized Interiors’ wide variety of closet accessories including:

  • Jewellery drawers and drawer safes
  • Shoe pullouts
  • Valet rods
  • Pullout ironing boards
  • Pullout belt racks and tie racks


Browse through our inspiring 10,000 square foot showroom, which features beautiful displays showcasing all of our products. Getting a hands-on experience with our home organization and storage products will really give you a sense for:

  • The creativity of our talented design consultants
  • The expert craftsmanship that goes into Organized Interiors’ custom cabinetry, which is manufactured on-site
  • The high quality of materials we use to assure our products have a long life
  • Our products’ smooth, easy-to-use functionality (like our soft-close drawers and doors)

How we work

The Idea Book explains our full-service process for each of our customers’ projects:

  1. During the free in-home consultation, our designers and the client develop a personalized plan for the project
  2. Our design consultants bring the project to life by designing to the exact organizational needs of the client
  3. The project’s products are custom-manufactured on-site at Organized Interiors
  4. Your project is installed by our professional installers

All of Organized Interiors’ products come with a 10-year warranty that covers defects in material and hardware, along with a one-year no-hassle installation warranty.

Download or pick up your free Idea Book

Your free Organized Interiors Idea Book can be downloaded here.

If you’d prefer a hard copy, visit our showroom to pick up your complimentary copy of the new Idea Book, which features upgraded binding and a new soft-touch cover.

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