Organize Your Home: 20 Living Space Upgrades for the New Year

When the calendar flips over to January, about 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions.

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to get in shape, eat healthier, and learn a new skill. Right up there with them is the desire to organize your home.

The concept of home comfort has taken on a new level of importance in our lives over this past challenging year. Spending so much time indoors has made us rethink how we use our living spaces.

Many of us have become more mindful of how our homes look and function. Are they contributing to our quality of life or adding more stress to it?

organize your home, woman in walk-in closet

Organize your home by fixing once space at a time

Almost every home has at least one area that needs some TLC. If your home has a few areas in need of some upgrades, don’t take on too much at once. That often leads to a less than satisfying outcome.

Pace yourself and have a smart plan you can stick to. When you set out to organize your home, commit to improving one space at a time. Then you won’t need to go back and tweak or improve your home upgrades, which isn’t productive.

Organization expert Christina Scalise once said that organization isn’t about perfection. Organization is about:

  • better home efficiency
  • reducing clutter and stress
  • saving time and money
  • improving your overall quality of life

How will you organize your home this new year?

Right now is a great time to upgrade and organize your home. Interest rates are low. You may qualify for a home renovation rebate or a work from home tax deduction as well. These can help offset some of your home remodelling costs.

And most importantly, you’ll boost your home comfort level by upgrading your organization systems and refreshing your décor.

But nothing happens without taking that first step.

So where will your efforts to organize your home this year start? Here are 20 areas in your house or condo that are worth upgrading.

Home office

The most popular home design trends of 2020 have been the addition of exercise spaces and home offices. The latter is one trend that will have staying power.

Even after the pandemic ends, remote work will remain the way many of us will earn our living. reports that homebuilders have seen more demand for residences with extra space that can be used as a home office.

Using a proper workspace is better than a makeshift setup of working or studying at the dining room table or on the couch. You can set it up in a part of the home that gives you more privacy.

Talk to us about personalizing your home workspace and designing it to accommodate your work needs. This will provide you with a more comfortable work environment that leads to better productivity.

organize your home office

Reach-in closet

Is keeping your closets organized a constant battle you can never win? If so, look at some solutions that will make it easier to maintain tidier reach-in closet spaces.

Our closet organizer systems will maximize your wardrobe storage space. We have customization options that range from simple to extravagant closet designs.

Do you need a tower of shelves and drawers in the closet’s centre? How about extra hanging rods? Are your closets in need of some sprucing up? Decorative touches like new baseboards, crown moulding, and stylish hardware will help in the latter area.

Just ask us and we’ll work our magic to create a reach-in closet space you’ll love.

two organized reach-in closets in home

Walk-in closet

You’ve been eyeing that spare room and hoping to eventually transform it into the dream walk-in closet you’ve always wanted. Make this the year you finally take action.

A traditional reach-in closet space can’t always meet your storage needs. A walk-in closet provides valuable extra storage space for all of your clothes. It eliminates the headaches that come with managing a large wardrobe collection.

Customize your walk-in with a variety of features for better functionality and stylish appeal. Create a private,  personalized space for getting dressed and more efficient wardrobe storage with:

  • wall-to-wall cabinetry
  • a makeup area with a vanity
  • handy closet accessories like a jewellery drawer and pullout ironing board
  • an island with extra storage space
  • a full-length mirror

Entertainment centre

Our home entertainment rooms got a real workout in 2020 as hours upon hours of TV, movies, and streaming content were watched. Could your home’s main entertainment space be improved?

A small, simple TV stand with a few drawers or shelves may not be enough to meet your needs. A home entertainment setup must accommodate the wide array of audio and video equipment and accessories we use every day.

A built-in entertainment centre is the solution.

A custom home entertainment centre keeps all of your devices and cables organized. Physical media can also be stored on open shelves or hidden behind cabinet doors.

You can even add an electric fireplace to your entertainment centre! There are plenty of custom options available to create a home showpiece that becomes the focal point of your living room or home theatre.

Choosing a custom entertainment centre over a prefab furniture unit has many advantages. Find out why custom entertainment units are better than prefab units from big-box stores.

entertainment centre in condo

Study space

Kids were certainly impacted by the shift to remote learning in 2020. They’ll benefit from having a private, more comfortable area to study in with fewer distractions.

We can transform a spare room or even a small area of your house or condo into a productive home study space. If space is an issue, a study area could also be combined with a home office as part of a multi-purpose room design.

Find out more here about creating a learning-friendly study space in your home.

Sliding closet doors

Sliding closet doors have multiple types of applications. They can be used as sliding doors for a traditional reach-in closet. We can also install custom-built gables and sliding doors that add instant closet storage anywhere in your home.

Sliding closet doors are ideal for using as room dividers, too. This lets you partition off an area of your living space for more privacy when needed. With families quarantining together, interior designers have seen an increase in demand for sliding doors being used for this purpose.

Have your sliding doors custom-made so you have a large selection of design options to choose from. Organized Interiors has a wide range of custom options for door frames and glass, mirror, or melamine inserts.

closed sliding closet doors

Guest room with a Murphy wall bed

Another spare room idea worth considering is turning it into a useful guest room. Including a Murphy wall bed in the room’s design is a great idea, too.

A Murphy wall bed’s biggest benefit is that it takes up very little space. Until they’re needed, the bed stays folded up and out of the way. You can surround the bed within beautiful custom cabinetry that provides storage space for your guests’ linens and pillows.

Having a guest room always-at-the-ready is a wonderful thing to have, not just for unexpected overnight guests, but any time. Your guests will appreciate sleeping on a comfortable mattress that’s a lot friendlier to their backs than an air mattress or lumpy couch.

organized room with lowered Murphy wall bed

Wardrobe closet

Your main bedroom closet has gotten the makeover treatment and you’re still not satisfied with how much storage room is available for all of your clothes. What can you do?

Let a wardrobe closet be your clothes storage saviour! Custom wardrobes can be built to the size you need to fix the problems caused by an overstuffed bedroom closet.

Whether it’s for extra shoe storage, more hanging space, or extra accessories, wardrobes are ideal as a supplementary bedroom storage solution. They can be designed as a built-in or standalone furniture piece.

And if that shared closet space with your partner just isn’t working out, eliminate the frustration you’re both feeling by getting a wardrobe that one of you can use.

open wardrobe closet in kids room

Laundry room

Laundry tasks can be a whole lot more miserable to tackle when the room you’re working in feels like a dungeon.

An increasingly popular way to organize your home and improve one of its hardest working rooms is to update the laundry room’s appearance and functionality.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your laundry room:

  • max out the room’s storage with custom cabinetry
  • update the décor of the room
  • add more usable countertop space
  • upgrade the room’s lighting
  • add convenient helpers like laundry hampers and extra hanging accessories

washer and dryer in laundry room

Wine room

Is your wine collection in need of more storage space? Perhaps your wine collection has never had a proper home and is being stored on wine racks in your basement or living room.

The perfect solution is to turn your spare room into a walk-in wine cellar or a wine room that’s stylish enough to use as an entertainment space.

For smaller spaces or more modestly-sized wine collections, a reach-in wine closet is another option to keep your bottles organized and in ideal storage conditions.

Wet bar

With a little imagination, inspiration, and customization, you can set up a wet bar in almost any room in your home.

Custom bar cabinetry is a great way to keep your liquor organized. It also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch of class to any room.

Entertain in style with one of our custom-designed cabinetry units, island-style bars, or mini-bars.

holiday home organization tips bar cabinetry

Linen closet

The linen closet doesn’t get a lot of home improvement attention. It’s often overlooked because it’s a utilitarian storage space that’s typically small and has a fairly straightforward layout.

That’s exactly why you should think about a linen closet makeover, however. There’s plenty of room for improvement in most reach-in linen closets, which do their fair share in helping to organize your home.

You can have the closet redesigned to freshen up its appearance, maximize its storage space, and keep up with the daily use it gets storing the many linens in your home.

Discover more linen closet ideas here.

Built-in bedroom cabinetry

For a stylish solution to a good night’s sleep, look no further than built-in bedroom cabinetry that is custom-designed for your space, creating a seamless blend with your bedroom’s decor.

Our bedroom cabinetry combines your bed with surrounding built-in storage below, above, and around your sleeping space in a smartly designed integrated furniture piece.

built-in bedroom cabinetry in home

Makeup table

With makeup application being such a staple of the daily routine for so many women, it makes a lot of sense to have a makeup table in order to streamline the process.

A posh makeup area where your beauty routine occurs almost every day is certainly practical, as it helps you to stay organized. It’s also nice to have a personalized space to complete your beauty ritual more comfortably.

Learn more here about why a bespoke makeup table could make a great addition to your walk-in closet, dressing room, master bedroom, or bathroom.


Mudrooms are rather under-appreciated, but they’re quite valuable when it comes to helping organize your home.

The National Association of Realtors believes that the mudroom may even become known as the “disinfection room” in an era of a pandemic. As they wrote in a recent blog post, “The mudroom is gaining prominence as a spot to sanitize before heading further inside.”

A mudroom can come in variety of forms. It might be a small room near an entrance or combined with your laundry room. Even a dedicated space in the hall of your home’s entryway can be considered a mudroom.

Organized Interiors can help keep this transitional space in your home more orderly. We can design a mudroom that creates a proper home for all of your shoes, umbrellas, jackets, and other outwear using hooks, custom cabinetry, shoe racks, and other solutions.

organize your home, bench in mudroom


Basements provide ample room for home storage, but they’re rarely given much consideration to keep the things you’re storing organized and easy to find.

Adding better storage systems like custom cabinetry to maintain order and to eliminate visual clutter will help make the basement look more presentable.

An unfinished basement leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department. Make the space cozier by:

  • finishing the walls and ceiling and upgrading the basement’s insulation
  • adding a raised “floating floor” that is more comfortable (temperature-wise) to walk on
  • replacing old carpeting with new carpeting, carpet tiles, or interlocking floor tiles
  • reducing the chill in the basement with an energy-efficient electric fireplace

electric fireplace flames

Library/reading room

If you’re an avid reader and have a large book collection, dedicating a spare room or smaller part of a room for storing books on custom cabinetry shelves keeps things looking tidy and easier to organize.

Make a few more practical additions to the room by complementing your books stored within stylish furniture with some of these ideas:

  • a comfortable accent chair
  • a high-quality reading light
  • an ottoman
  • a side table for beverages

Now you have the ideal personalized space where you can indulge your passion for reading in privacy and blissful comfort!

Craft room

2020 was the perfect year to learn a new hobby. 2021 can be the year you dedicate more time to a new creative pursuit or one of the hobbies you’ve been enjoying for years in the comfort of your own craft room.

A craft room is another great way to use a spare room more effectively. If you or anyone in your family is the creative type, a craft room provides you with a space that is dedicated to your creative passions. You can use it as a room for:

  • sewing
  • scrapbooking
  • playing music
  • drawing or painting

craft room

Closet accessories and decorative hardware

To get even more out of your closet spaces, take advantage of the many helpful closet accessories Organized Interiors carries.

Accessories like extra hanging rods, valet rods, pullout shoe racks, and racks for ties, scarves, and belts elevate a closet space’s functionality to the next level.

Decorative hardware that accentuates the custom cabinetry and complements your décor is also an important consideration when having your storage systems designed.

The garage

Plans to organize your home in 2021 might include getting your garage in order. If your garage clutter has left your vehicles parked in the driveway every day, talk to Garage Living.

They specialize in transforming disorganized, visually unappealing garages into highly efficient storage spaces that look as stunning as a luxury car showroom.

Let us help you organize your home this year

It can be difficult to decide where to start with your New Year’s home organization project.

For some homeowners, it may also be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what storage solutions and design changes are most practical for their living space.

Rely on a pro like Organized Interiors to help you organize your home this new year. Our storage solutions and expertise are abundant and available!

Get 2021 started off on the right foot and schedule a free design consultation with us today.

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13 Common Laundry Mistakes You Might Be Making

The modern-day laundry process has come a long way from the days when hand scrubbing and using washboards and clothes wringers made it much more of a time-consuming, physically demanding task.

But let’s face it, even with the conveniences of today’s smart, high-tech appliances and more efficient laundry cleaning products, doing the laundry is still one of our least favourite home chores.

It doesn’t help when common laundry mistakes cause problems that can damage your clothing, add extra time to the laundry process, and even make your home less safe.

common laundry mistakes

Avoid these common laundry mistakes

The average time to wash and dry a load of clothes is about 90-100 minutes (using normal wash and dry cycles).

That doesn’t even include the time it takes to collect and sort dirty clothes, nor the time required to re-sort, iron, fold, and put away your laundered clothing. The average family does approximately seven loads of laundry per week, which works out to over 400 laundry loads annually.

It’s no wonder that doing the laundry is the most time-consuming household task after cooking!

So how can you streamline the process and avoid making the types of laundry mistakes that can waste your time and shorten the life of both your clothing and laundry appliances?

We’ve chosen some of the most common bad laundry habits and explain how to go about doing your laundry the right way.

1. Using too much detergent

woman pouring laundry detergent into washer

Photo by Rodnae Productions from Pexels

Overusing detergent is one of the most common laundry mistakes. Doing so doesn’t get your clothes any cleaner, however – it only creates problems.

Adding too much detergent to a washer load (whether it’s with a liquid detergent dispenser or using pods) generates more suds than you need.

That makes your clothes harder to rinse and can leave detergent residue or excess dirt and bacteria on them. A washer that can’t drain as efficiently because it has too many suds also has to work harder and can harbour more bacteria.

Using a regular laundry detergent in a high-efficiency washer that should be using a high-efficiency detergent (which you use less of compared to traditional detergents) will generate too many suds as well.

The washer manufacturer’s recommendation for how much detergent to use shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, either.

Try cutting back your liquid detergent use per washer load to three-quarters of what is recommended and see if you’re satisfied with how your clothes are coming out at the end of the wash cycle.

2. Not regularly cleaning the dryer lint trap and vent

Dryer fires caused by lint buildup cause hundreds of fires across Canada every year. Consumer Reports says that dryer fires are much more likely to be caused by lint buildup that is ignored than electrical malfunctions.

Another reason to avoid having significant lint buildup in the dryer and its ductwork and vents is that it extends your drying times. That uses up more energy because the appliance can’t run as efficiently as it should, makes doing the laundry take longer, and shortens the life of a dryer.

To correct one of the most common laundry mistakes and avoid any lint-related issues, be proactive and follow these guidelines:

  • clean your lint trap after every load
  • check your exterior dryer vent for lint buildup a couple of times per year
  • occasionally check behind and underneath your dryer for loose lint
  • disconnect your dryer vent hose and vacuum inside of it twice a year
  • have your dryer ductwork cleaned every couple of years by a professional

3. Having a laundry room that lacks functionality

laundry room with pullout shelves

Remodel your laundry room for an optimal level of functionality by adding custom cabinetry with pullouts.

Considering how much time you spend doing laundry every year, it’s a wise investment to upgrade your laundry room to improve its functionality.

There’s a lot you can do with the room to give it more usefulness, which helps to streamline the laundry process. Here are a few laundry room upgrade ideas:

  • maximize the room’s storage space with custom cabinetry that holds all of your laundry supplies
  • add built-in laundry hampers to keep the room more organized and cut down on the time it takes to sort dirty clothes
  • create more usable workspace for folding and sorting laundry with new countertops
  • install convenient laundry helpers like a pullout ironing board, pullout drying drawers, and retractable valet rods
  • add or upgrade your laundry sink and faucet
  • if your laundry room has the space, install an island that provides an extra work surface and additional storage room

4. Treating stains incorrectly

Stained clothing needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later in order to avoid having a stain set in to the point where eliminating it becomes unnecessarily difficult.

To treat clothing stains effectively, first check the clothing’s label for any guidelines for dealing with stains. There are a few variables involved with treating stains, including what type of clothing you’re dealing with and the liquid or item that caused the stain itself.

A laundry stain remover spray or regular detergent can be used to treat the stain and a number of stain removal remedies using household items can also work.

If a stain removal product isn’t readily available, try submerging the stained part of the clothing in cold water or gently blot the stain with water to keep it from drying before you can deal with it further.

Another tip is to gently dab the stain and avoid scrubbing it too vigorously, which can cause the stain to spread and wear down the fabric.

5. Doing partial laundry loads or loads that are too big

It’s not energy-efficient to only do partial loads of laundry, even with a washing machine that has a setting that lets you adjust the washer’s water level.

Washing machines account for approximately a fifth of the water usage in the average home. A partial washer load with a lower water level will use up almost as much electricity as a full load, too.

Another of the laundry mistakes we make is overstuffing the washer and dryer. Hey, we’ve all had items overflowing from the top of a washer or had to use a little extra muscle to shut that dryer door because the drum was so full.

Here’s exactly why shouldn’t overload your laundry appliances:

  • a beyond-capacity load of clothes in a washer will be packed too tightly together and won’t get evenly cleaned
  • an overloaded dryer won’t dry all of your things as efficiently
  • laundry appliances have weight capacities and you can wear them out prematurely with excessively heavy loads

6. Using dryer sheets instead of dryer balls

Dryer sheets will get your clothes smelling more fragrant, but that highlights one of their negatives – they’re loaded with toxic chemicals that produce that pleasant smell and help them do their other jobs of softening clothes and reducing static.

In addition to the fact that they’re not exactly great for your health, dryer sheets are also less eco-friendly compared to dryer balls.

Most types of dryer sheets are used once and thrown away, their chemicals get released into the atmosphere via your dryer vent, and they don’t separate your clothes as well as dryer balls, which extends drying times.

Dryer balls are a little more cost-effective since they’re reusable and contain little or no chemicals. Another of the advantages dryer balls have over dryer sheets is that they produce less lint that sticks to clothes and ends up in the dryer’s lint screen. Over time, the dryer sheets’ coating tends to leave a thin residue that builds up on the lint trap as well.

7. Not delegating laundry duties

Running a household is hard work and every contribution to keep the home functioning smoothly helps. Therefore, don’t hesitate to delegate laundry duties to (literally) lighten your load.

If your kids are old enough to handle using a washer and dryer, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be helping out once in awhile with the home’s laundry tasks.

Getting them involved in weekly laundry duties teaches kids how to be more responsible. And their dirty clothes are contributing to the workload, so it makes even more sense for them to bear some of the work burden.

Even young kids who aren’t old enough to use laundry appliances yet are capable of putting their clean clothes away in their room when given the proper directions.

8. Using the wrong washer and dryer settings

laundry mistakes washer settings

Take the time to full understand which appliance settings will work most efficiently. (Photo by Rodnae Productions from Pexels)

Perhaps you have recently bought a new washer and/or dryer. If you used the same laundry appliances for years, it’s easy to just apply the same methodology you’re familiar with to your new machines. This is one of the types of laundry mistakes that is easy to avoid.

Chances are, you’ll need to make some sort of adjustment with the new appliances. Modern washers and dryers offer more settings and washing options than older models.

If you’re the type who never looks at the instruction manual of the products you buy, you’ll want to take a few minutes to read the user guides for your new washer and dryer.

There is sure to be at least one piece of useful information in them you’ll find useful, whether it’s something related to their maintenance or a simple operating tip you’ve been ignoring.

One more tip is to use less hot water for your wash cycles unless you’re cleaning items that typically harbour more bacteria like bath, hand, and dish towels, underwear, and sweaty clothing.

Cold water will do the job fine in most cases and is easier on your fabrics. It’s cheaper to use as well, since heating the water accounts for as much as 90% of a washer’s energy consumption.

9. Using outdated laundry appliances

Using laundry appliances you bought 20+ years ago will naturally consume more electricity compared to a newer washer or dryer model that is designated with the familiar Energy Star logo.

Newer washers will also use less water than old washers and front-loading washers operate more efficiently than top-loading washers. High-efficiency washers that are very energy-efficient and use less detergent are becoming more popular with homeowners.

One of the most attractive reasons to upgrade your laundry appliances is the wide variety of convenient features they offer, especially smart washers and dryers.

Higher-end modern laundry appliances include helpful features like:

  • moisture sensors to prevent overdrying
  • AI technology to determine the best settings for washing or drying clothes
  • load capacity sensors
  • notifications that can be sent to your smartphone to alert you when a wash or dry cycle is done
  • a powerful steam cycle to eliminate common household allergens

10. Leaving buttons buttoned and zippers unzipped

One of the more common laundry mistakes that can damage your shirts is to leave them buttoned up when they’re being washed or dried.

If shirts are left buttoned up, all of that tumbling around inside the appliances puts stress on the buttons and buttonholes that can cause threads to loosen and buttons to fall off.

Leaving the zippers on pants or other types of clothing unzipped is another mistake to avoid. The metal teeth of a zipper can easily catch on another piece of clothing and cause damage, particularly with delicate fabrics.

11. Ignoring the decor of your laundry room

modern laundry room

A few hundred hours can be spent in the laundry room over the course of a year. Why not make it look nicer?

We’ve covered the benefits of improving your laundry room’s functionality. Why not pay some attention to upgrading the room’s appearance, too?

“Stylish décor” isn’t something many of us associate with a laundry room – but why not? There’s no reason to pay any less attention to a laundry room’s look than you would to any other room in your home.

When you consider just how much time you’ll spend in the laundry room over the course of a year, that should be even more incentive to make it look and feel more inviting.

To freshen up the room’s décor, give the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint or add wallpaper with a high humidity tolerance. Brighter lighting, new flooring, a rug, some wall art, and some plants (if the room gets enough sunlight) will get you that much closer to creating a comfortable laundry space.

High-quality custom cabinetry will allow you to choose stylish decorative hardware and appealing finishes that complete your décor upgrade.

12. Not cleaning your washing machine

It might not seem like it needs it, but that appliance that gets your clothes clean occasionally needs to be cleaned itself. Not all of the bacteria from the loads of dirty clothes and linens that you wash just disappears with the drained laundry water.

If you have an old washing machine or wash in cold water 100% of the time, your appliance will likely be even more susceptible to bacteria buildup. A telltale sign that your washer needs a cleaning is that it will have an unpleasant odour that is being caused by a buildup of mould and mildew.

To eliminate washing machine bacteria (as well as the buildup from dirt and detergent), it’s a good idea to run a cleaning cycle with no clothes in the machine using hot water and bleach (or a bleach alternative) on a monthly basis.

Samsung recommends keeping a washing machine’s door and detergent drawer open after using it to prevent mould and mildew from forming.

13. Washing jeans the wrong way

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Denim may be one of the most rugged types of fabrics we wear, but washing and drying jeans the wrong way is one of the laundry mistakes that can cause your favourite pair of pants to fall apart prematurely.

People commonly wash their jeans using their washer’s heavy-duty setting because they think denim requires it. Unless the care label on the jeans says so, however, this is unnecessary and only putting more stress on the pants. Jeans don’t require anything higher than a medium or low setting for the dryer, either.

How often you wash your jeans is a personal choice. As long as a pair of jeans smells fine and looks presentable, that’s good enough for a lot of people. If you prefer to be a little more proactive with keeping your jeans clean, Good Housekeeping magazine’s product testers recommend washing jeans every three or four wears.

A jean washing tip you might not know is that they should always be turned inside out when being washed and dried. It’s gentler on the outer fibres of the pants and slows down the fading process.

Transform your laundry room

These best practices can correct some of the most common laundry mistakes we make and help to save you some time and frustration when doing your laundry.

If it’s time for your outdated laundry room to get some special attention to make it more functional and modern-looking, Organized Interiors is the design professional to trust.

Schedule a complimentary design consultation with us to begin planning your laundry room transformation.

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This Custom Built-in Wall Unit Multi-Tasks and Looks Beautiful

built-in wall unit with tv, fireplace, wardrobes

Why are you better off buying a custom built-in wall unit instead of freestanding cabinetry that you assemble yourself?

Well for starters, you won’t need to contend with the aggravating “assemble it yourself” part.

There’s also no comparison between the two in terms of how they look and can be tailored for both your living space and functional needs.

One project we worked on involved designing a multi-purpose built-in wall unit that includes several wardrobe closets, a laundry hamper, a built-in fireplace, and an entertainment centre.

Storage, a laundry helper, a mood setter, and home entertainment all brought together in one beautiful solution – what’s not to love? 

This built-in wall unit is perfect for this bedroom space

Let’s face it, not all of the features in this wall unit are things you would exactly associate with one another. The TV and fireplace together make a lot of sense. For many people, however, perhaps including either the laundry hamper or closet spaces wouldn’t work for their needs.

That’s the beauty of custom cabinetry. It allows you to break free from the limitations of what stock, one-size-fits-all furniture that is designed to appeal to the most number of consumers offers.

For this client’s specific needs, the all-in-one wall unit is perfect. They don’t have to buy several furniture pieces that may be difficult to stylistically match with each other, nor do they need to worry about how well everything will fit within their living space.

Improve the shape and function of your rooms

One of the many benefits of a built-in wall unit is that it takes up a smaller footprint in a room than freestanding furniture.

This custom cabinetry piece integrates seamlessly with the rest of the room. With its complementary décor and wise use of the space, it truly looks like a part of the room’s original design.

Details like that matter. As an architect wrote in a Houzz article titled The Hidden Benefits of Built-In Storage, “thoughtfully designed storage can improve the shape and function of our interior spaces”.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the design features that went into this one-of-a-kind built-in wall unit.

Built-in wardrobes

built-in wall unit wardrobe

Ample shelving and drawer wardrobe storage space can be used as a bedroom’s primary closet space or supplement a traditional closet.

Four separate full-height closets on each end of the built-in wall unit provide plenty of wardrobe storage space in this master bedroom.

These closets are designed with adjustable shelves and lower drawers, but you’re not limited to this type of setup. We can design built-in wardrobes to include hanging rods and various closet accessories, too. This wall unit could also have been designed with one larger wardrobe on each side instead of two.

Because the drawer boxes are concealed behind the doors in this wall unit, they have simplified fronts. We’ve employed “scoop” handles, which allows us to make the drawers full-depth without compromising the depth with protruding handles or knobs.

A built-in entertainment centre

Since the wall unit was being installed in the master bedroom, a built-in entertainment centre with room for a television and additional media accessories was required.

As you can see, the built-in TV above the fireplace is mounted relatively high. That location makes it ideal for watching the TV while in bed. The wall unit’s design allows wires and cables to be discreetly kept hidden.

Above the television are a couple of open spaces where a soundbar, streaming device, cable receiver, or PVR can go. Taller open shelving display spaces could also be used for placing books or personal effects like photos or knick-knacks.

The layout can be configured for your needs. The open sections up top could instead be included at the bottom of the unit in place of the two banks of drawers (one of which is actually a well-disguised laundry hamper, as we’ll explain shortly). This would make adding something like a Blu-ray player more practical.

Electric fireplace

custom wall unit

An electric fireplace and TV boosts the room’s comfort level.

Along with the TV, an embedded electric fireplace forms the centrepiece of this highly functional wall unit.

Electric fireplaces are great for several reasons:

  • they can be used year-round to boost a room’s ambiance and comfort level
  • some electric fireplace models can provide ambiance and function as a supplemental heating source
  • they’re energy-efficient
  • compared to using a traditional wood fireplace, they’re much safer and involve virtually no maintenance or extra work like cutting or hauling firewood
  • they’re super-easy to use and have options that allow you to change the display colour to match your mood or complement your décor

A laundry hamper and matching drawers

pullout laundry hamper below electric fireplace

A cleverly disguised tilt-out laundry hamper sits beside a bank of real drawers.

When is a bank of drawers not a bank of drawers? When it’s the front face for a tilt-out laundry hamper!

To keep the overall structure symmetrical, we matched the adjacent three drawers with a false front composed of three faces pieced together. Locating the hamper right below the fireplace simply made the most sense, as you wouldn’t want it positioned too high.

Since the wall unit functions as the bedroom’s master wardrobe, having an integrated space to put dirty clothes makes a great deal of sense.

The hamper’s cloth bag is designed to be easily removed when it’s time to do the laundry and can be cleaned when required.

Additional design features of this built-in wall unit

This custom wall unit is constructed using one of our most popular finishes, a colour called Antique White. It’s a fairly universal colour, in that it is readily available in the various types of laminates that we use in our custom cabinetry construction.

Flat components, in this case comprising the structural parts like the cabinet’s sides and shelves, are achieved using melamine on board.

Pieces that have some shape to them (the baseboard, crown moulding, and door and drawer fronts) are shaped in MDF with thermoplastic (sometimes called thermofoil) laminate. Thermoplastic is more flexible than melamine and wraps in and out of the curves and around the edges.

Finishing touches include adding decorative pulls and over cabinet lighting for additional visual appeal.

Customize your built-in wall unit

This creative blend of home storage and décor solutions is just one example of what’s possible when you customize your cabinetry instead of buying a mass-produced wall unit.

Yes, a custom built-in wall unit does cost more. However, you can rest assured that it will fit your space perfectly, have a high-end look that complements your room’s style, and be tailored specifically for your storage needs.

Schedule a free consultation with Organized Interiors to start planning your built-in wall unit’s design.

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The Murphy Bed Sofa: A Perfect Mix of Versatility, Comfort & Style

custom Murphy bed sofa

Murphy wall beds are well-known for their space-saving benefits, practicality, and comfort.

But did you know this age-old sleeping solution extends to more than just a traditional bed that folds down from a wall?

The Murphy bed sofa takes this clever furniture concept and does it one better by adding a comfortable sofa to the mix.

Why a Murphy bed sofa is so practical

One of the main reasons to install a Murphy bed sofa (also known as a MurphySofa or a Murphy bed with a couch) is to allow a room to serve other purposes aside from being used only as sleeping quarters.

We often see them used in home offices and family rooms, especially with the rising popularity of smaller condo units in Toronto. Even a larger room in your home may need to serve multiple purposes, which the bed/sofa combination is ideal for.

The project highlighted here is a great example of how combining a Murphy bed with a stylish sofa can change how you use your space for the better.

In this project, the room will mostly be used as a work area and occasionally for entertaining. With the simple addition of a custom sofa with an integrated Murphy bed behind it, the room becomes more versatile.

murphy bed with sofa

The sofa is located close to the window, providing a comfortable seating area with a nice view. The Murphy wall bed is stored behind it.

built-in custom wall unit with TV

The Murphy bed sofa is well-positioned facing the built-in wall unit on the opposite wall that was also installed.

Guest rooms are another ideal spot for a Murphy bed sofa. Having overnight visitors is not a weekly or monthly occurrence, so you may not wish to dedicate an entire room for this purpose.

A wall bed/sofa allows the room to always be at-the-ready to accommodate guests. One of the hallmarks of a genuine Murphy bed is that they include a real mattress (spring or coil and up to 10″ thick) that doesn’t fold in the middle. This allows your guests to get a better night’s sleep than they would on a flimsy, uncomfortable sleeper sofa mattress.

When visitors aren’t staying over, the room can be used for something else, such as a home office, craft room, exercise space, or reading room.

How a Murphy bed sofa works

Let’s explain how a Murphy bed sofa works. The idea is that moving an entire couch in order to fold down a wall bed located behind it isn’t practical.

That’s too much work and besides, if you have a Murphy bed in the first place then space is likely at a premium in the room.

To make things easier, we incorporate the sofa into the bed. To access the bed, simply remove the back and bottom cushions and lower the bed over the sofa frame, as shown below.

murphy bed and couch opened and closed

Folding the bed down or raising it back up is smooth and easy. Organized Interiors uses genuine Murphy bed hardware for its superior quality, ease of use, and its outstanding 25-year warranty.

The Murphy wall bed folds back up into a storage space that is hidden with attractive faux cabinet doors (they’re actually the underside of the bed and also function as the couch’s backrest).

The entire design is customized to complement the existing décor of your room.

Customize your furniture and let a pro install it

As always, Organized Interiors designs all of our projects with you and your space in mind.

That’s the biggest advantage of choosing us for your project instead of buying your Murphy bed and sofa online and trying to install it yourself.

Customized design

We work with you to create a design that is customized to complement your home’s décor. Many finish and panel options are available, as well as a wealth of hardware styles and upgrade options. You can specify what type and colour of fabric you want for the sofa, the type of legs it has, and even customize the arm design.

The project shown here features a queen-size bed, but we can also do this furniture combination with single and double-size mattresses. Organized Interiors can design a sofa with a side-tilt (horizontal) Murphy bed, too (this configuration is available in double and queen sizes only).

sofa bed combination

Professional installation

Assembling and installing a Murphy bed sofa in your home isn’t a job for the average homeowner with basic handyman skills.

We save you the headache of tackling this tricky installation by installing everything efficiently and correctly. Our professional installers will ensure that your bed and sofa unit fit perfectly.

Experience the benefits of a Murphy bed sofa

Upgrade the functionality in one of your home’s rooms by adding a multipurpose Murphy bed sofa to it.

Schedule a free consultation with us to start collaborating on a bed and sofa design that works for your living space.

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2 Clever Kids Bedroom Built-Ins That Maximize Storage Space

kids bedroom built-ins

Finding the right storage solutions for kids is usually a challenge. Children can be notoriously picky and as they grow, their needs will change.

Choosing a custom storage solution that endures and appeals is essential and a project one of our designers worked on does just that.

That storage solution involved creating kids bedroom built-ins for one Toronto couple’s son and daughter.

Kids bedroom built-ins were perfect for this project

Our client had two adjacent bedrooms for their children. In typical Toronto housing style, each bedroom’s closet was nestled against each other.

This limited the storage space available in each bedroom, as the other bedroom’s closet essentially backed into the room. The client had their contractor remove the defined closet spaces by taking out their walls, which freed up more space for functional storage in each room.

Bedroom built-ins were ideal for this project. By installing built-ins for each child, we were able to not only make more efficient use of the space, but the staggered depths of the built-in cabinets helps prevent the space from being taken over by the custom cabinetry.

This project illustrates the benefits of working with a design professional who can address the unique needs of a remodelling project. It also showcases how incorporating custom built-ins into a room’s design can create a seamless appearance that makes it look like a part of the room’s existing architecture.

Let’s take a closer look at these kids bedroom built-ins and how we customized the designs for each room.

Built-ins for a girl’s bedroom

For the bases in the daughter’s room, the wardrobe toe kicks and the side of the drawer pedestal under the desk are recessed. This helps keep people from stubbing toes and also adds visual interest.

As with many older houses in Toronto, the walls and ceilings jut out a little bit. While our custom cabinets are square and have right angles, maybe your room doesn’t have the same layout.

The cap shelf applied above the wardrobe cabinet helps minimize the fact that the ceiling slopes upwards towards the wall on the right in the photo below.

The exposed wall area behind the desk was painted out by the client to complement the walls adjacent to the custom cabinetry, creating additional visual interest. A glass desktop allows for their daughter to display some of her favourite things on her desk while she does her homework.

For the son’s and daughter’s wardrobes, we installed slightly different interior configurations that were tailored to the kids’ needs.

girls bedroom built-ins

Recessing the toe kicks prevents stubbed toes and adds visual appeal. Using a cap shelf across the tops also adds visual interest.

Built-ins for a boy’s bedroom

In the other bedroom, we mostly replicated the design with a mirror image of the layout that includes a custom built-in wardrobe, desk, upper cabinets, and a shelf above the desk. For the boy’s bedroom, a different colour scheme was selected, naturally.

As with the girls’s room, the exposed wall area behind the desk was painted with a complementary colour. The built-ins for both kids feature factory-painted exteriors, which is a great choice for any built-in.

Pick a colour and our manufacturing facility will add the finish to your custom cabinetry. Not only do you get a gorgeous finish, factory-painted cabinets also offer more flexibility to perfectly match a room’s decorative details like trims and mouldings.

The son’s cabinets were painted Chelsea Gray as a bolder contrast to his wall colour, while the daughter’s cabinets were painted Chantilly Lace as a softer contrast to the bright hues in the room.

Pullout drawers and shelves in each bedroom’s wardrobes provide easy-to-access storage space.

built-ins in boy’s bedroom

Creative colour selection for the exposed wall above the desk adds depth and visual appeal.

Choosing paints and finishes for these kids bedroom built-ins

Aside from the exterior colour, the other main difference between these two kids bedroom built-ins is what happens inside the custom cabinets.

As with any factory-painted built-in, it’s commonly just the parts of the cabinetry that are most visible that get painted. This includes the doors, sides, trims, drawer fronts, and any exposed shelves or surfaces.

For the interiors, we usually use a standard melamine finish (white in this case), as that keeps costs down. As the interior surfaces get more contact from use over time, melamine will wear better as well.

If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll notice that we did paint the leading edges of the shelves and side panels, as small aspects of them are visible around the doors and would otherwise stand out.

open wardrobe closet in bedroom

Kids bedroom built-in solutions for sleeping

If you’re looking for additional kids bedroom built-in ideas, the room’s sleeping space is a great area to upgrade.

Built-in bedroom storage that is designed around the bed maximizes the room’s storage space by making the bed multi-task.

Custom-made underbed drawer storage is a nicer, more efficient storage solution than using those flat plastic storage containers with wheels that are covered in dust when you roll them out from beneath a bed.

Incorporating cabinetry around and above the bed improves the room’s functionality and adds a stylish décor upgrade, as you can see below.

bed with built-in storage

Learn more about our built-in storage solutions

Kids bedroom built-ins will make it easier for your children to keep their rooms organized, while also making the décor in these parts of your home look more appealing.

Our built-in cabinetry offerings aren’t limited to just kids bedrooms – we also design and manufacture built-ins for mom and dad’s bedroom and closet, home offices, laundry rooms, the living room, and additional areas of your home.

Schedule a free design consultation with us and let’s start discussing how Organized Interiors’ built-in storage solutions can enhance your home’s functionality.

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