A Storage Bed Has It All: Comfort, Functionality & Style!

Storage bed with bedroom cabinetry

What if you could instantly gain more valuable storage space in your bedroom that was easily accessible?

And what if the solution to finding more bedroom storage space lay directly below the spot where you lie down every night?

The solution we’re talking about is a storage bed – the bedroom storage solution that is hiding in plain sight.

A bed with storage goes beyond being just a useful dual-purpose piece of furniture that provides a comfortable space to sleep and additional room to store items. It becomes a triple-purpose asset in the bedroom. That’s because modern storage bed designs update a room’s look with stylish décor.

Why the storage bed concept makes so much sense

A bed is the single largest object in most bedrooms. Therefore, taking advantage of the space it occupies for an extra task is very practical.

Queen-sized mattresses are the most popular size for a bed and take up about 32 square feet.

You won’t gain a full 32 square feet of extra storage space with a queen-sized storage bed, mind you. Some of that square footage will be lost when you factor in the space taken up by the bed’s design (including the bed and drawer frames). Regardless, that still leaves a lot of handy storage space you can make use of.

Not only can more bedroom storage space lighten the load of your closet, you’ll also have more room to stash those assorted items that end up on dressers, side tables, or the floor.

By incorporating surrounding built-in cabinetry pieces into the bed’s design (such as bedside tables or wardrobe closets), your bedroom’s storage capabilities can expand even further.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why a storage bed makes a great addition to any bedroom.

How comfortable is a storage bed?

The idea of having drawers underneath your sleeping surface may have you asking one question: how comfortable is a storage bed?

Instead of a box spring, storage beds (which are also known as platform beds and captains beds) have a support system made from slats or solid panels. The mattress sits on this support system and the drawers are located below the supports.

The biggest factor that determines the comfort level of a bed is the mattress. As long as you have a supportive mattress that feels comfortable, you’ll still get a satisfying sleeping experience on a storage bed.

bed surround storage

Storage beds have a support system made from slats or solid panels that is just as comfortable to sleep on as a box spring.

What’s the best way to use the bed drawer storage space?

A bed with storage is ideal for storing a wide variety of items. If your closet is bursting, you can get some relief by moving some of your less frequently worn things to the bed drawers. You might even be able to get rid of a dresser altogether by moving everything to your underbed storage space.

Items like comforters, extra pillows, pillowcases, and other linens are perfect for storing beneath a bed. Out-of-season clothing can also be kept in the drawers to ease the burden on your closets. Shoes and toys are also ideal for underbed storage.

Not everything going into a bed drawer has to fit into the “not often used” category. Your everyday clothes can be stored there. If you don’t have or want a night table, the drawers can hold items you’d like to be easily accessible, such as books, magazines, or a tablet.

Update your bedroom’s décor

Most people use their bed frames for many years. Mattresses will usually get replaced several times before a new bed is purchased.

Old bed frames might clash with any decorative upgrades you’ve done over the years simply by looking, well, old.

Because the bed is the focal point in a bedroom, updating its look with a more contemporary design can give a room a welcome décor refresh.

There are different design approaches you can take. One is to have your bed designed to complement your existing décor. Another approach is to go with a bolder design that makes the bed stand out as an accent furniture piece.

One reason to have a custom cabinetry specialist like Organized Interiors handle your storage bed’s design is that you’ll have many options to choose the finishes, trims, and types of decorative hardware you want.

Add more storage and functionality around your bed

Your bedroom furniture can have even more of an impact on the room’s look by building surrounding cabinetry around the bed.

Side tables, wardrobe closets, overhead cabinets, open shelving above the headboard, and a desk can all be incorporated into a custom bed’s design. Overhead reading lights or LED accent lighting can be included as well.

These additional furniture pieces add even more storage and functionality to the room. And because everything is being designed and manufactured at once, each piece of built-in furniture integrates seamlessly with one another and has a clean, consistent look.

bed surround cabinetry

Everything from storage cabinets to a wardrobe closet to a desk can be incorporated into a storage bed’s design.

Free up more bedroom space for other things

Here’s another reason that built-in bed storage is so practical – it allows you to save space in the bedroom for other things.

Using the space under a bed more efficiently can eliminate the need for a dresser, wardrobe, or storage bins as a supplemental storage space for your closet. That makes it perfect for small bedrooms or bedrooms where you want to have space for a:

Keep your bedroom cleaner

We’ve established that a bed with built-in storage helps you get more storage space in a bedroom.

That’s important because having too much clutter in a bedroom can negatively impact your sleep quality. Studies have shown that excess clutter in a space slows down our ability to focus.

Cluttered office spaces contribute to less productivity. Messy bedrooms have a similar effect on our brains. Both consciously and subconsciously, too much clutter registers in our brain as something that will eventually need to be dealt with. That can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

Another benefit of not having a large open space below your bed is that it leaves less space for dust to collect. How often does the area under most beds get a thorough cleaning? Not often enough, we’d guess.

Replacing that open space with drawers will keep your belongings cleaner, give you less floor space to vacuum, and eliminate those nasty dust bunnies that lower the air quality in your bedroom.

The benefits of bed storage drawers

The open space underneath beds is commonly filled up with rollout underbed storage containers made with plastic or fabric. Bed storage boxes and baskets are also often used, as are vacuum-sealed clothing storage bags.

Proper bed storage drawers are a much better option than these cheap underbed storage products (and certainly better than stashing loose items that don’t have a home below the bed).

If you’re planning to buy a bed with storage, make sure that the drawers are mounted on tracks. Cheaper beds advertise that they have drawers, but they may be “loose” drawers that only roll on the floor. Talk about a bait and switch!

Storage bed drawers typically open on either side or at the foot of the bed (or a combination of both). Another reason to buy a made-to-order bed is that it can be customized to fit your space and needs.

For example, if you wanted to have the bed up against a wall, it can be designed to have extra deep drawers that open on only one side. Other drawer dimensions like the width and height can also be customized.

open storage bed drawer

Storage bed drawers are better than using rollout underbed storage containers. Your belongings are more accessible…and there’s no dust bunnies, either!

A storage bed will transform your bedroom

A bed with storage underneath gives you everything you could want from a furniture piece: convenient functionality, visual appeal, and comfort.

Hopefully, the storage bed ideas presented here have shown you that storage beds aren’t just for kids. Anyone can always use more storage space in the bedroom, regardless of their age.

Here’s a testimonial left on HomeStars by one of our satisfied customers who ordered custom bedroom cabinetry:

Bedroom cabinets HomeStars review

Just as this client did, transform your bedroom with our storage bed designs that are customized to suit all of your needs.

And don’t worry about the hassle of assembling and installing your bed. Organized Interiors takes care of your entire project, from the initial design consultation right through to the installation.

Schedule your free design consultation and we’ll contact you shortly to begin crafting a plan to help you get more out of your bedroom space.

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The Best View in the House Is From a Window Seat

white window seat built-ins in a home office

Sitting in front of a window, and just gazing out, is one of the simple pleasures of life.

From the warmth of your own home, you can curl up, no matter the weather, and watch a blizzard blow its fury across a bare field, or stare up at the night sky and wait for that first star to appear so that you can make the ultimate wish.

Edith Wharton quote

Open the window and listen – just listen – to the morning songbird, to the patter of rain on the roof below, or to the soft rustling of the leaves from a gentle breeze. Not only are your senses stirred, but it might just be the perfect form of meditation.

Add a book to this cozy scenario and you have the picture-perfect setting for fanciful musings and distracting reflections. British author J. K. Rowling said, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

The coveted window seat

At your favorite restaurant, you request a table by the window. If traveling on a train, plane, or bus and seeking solitude, the window seat allows passengers to escape into daydreams and creative imaginings.

If your pets could talk, they’d tell you that they’d prefer a comfortable perch in front of a window so that they could look out and wait for you to come home.

Health benefits

As home designs evolve, we want more glass so that our homes are bathed in natural light. We absorb vitamin D, which is important for normal growth and improved resistance to some diseases. If we don’t get enough, supplements might be required. Researchers have also found that a vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were experiencing anxiety and depression.

Vitamins aside, sunshine is a natural mood enhancer. We can all relate to this. When the sun is shining, we naturally feel better. Sunlight helps to boost a chemical in our brain called serotonin, which can ignite our energy level, and help to keep us calm, positive, and focused. During the winter, when days are shorter, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and doctors will often treat low levels of serotonin with natural or artificial light.

As mentioned, sitting in front of a window is a wonderful form of meditation. A popular mindfulness exercise engages all of your senses. While looking out, focus on five things that you can see. Then listen for four things that you can hear, followed by three things that you can smell, two things that you can taste, and one thing that you can feel.

Step through the wardrobe

Window seats conjure up a romanticized ambiance. Every child, if given a choice, would want a window seat in their room. Like a fort, it’s their own private space where they can retreat to their make-believe nirvana.

If listing your house to sell, window seats capture everyone’s imagination. They are always considered a sought-after feature, not only for the seating but for the extra storage space and books shelves that are so often part of the overall design.

At Organized Interiors, we have a real soft spot for designing window seats. The possibilities are endless.

Taking in custom considerations, we can transform what would often be labeled as dead space, and turn it into an enchanted sanctuary and feature wall.

angled photo of white window seat built-in storage

11 window seat benefits

Here are some great reasons for installing a window seat in your home.

Extra seating

If space is at a premium, a window seat can add a delightful chair alternative.

More storage

The space below any window seat can be multifunctional and provide precious storage. In order to avoid lifting the seat/lid, especially if you added upholstered items, consider drawers.

Transform a space

From functional to fashionable, a window seat makes use of unused space.

Not just for windows

A built-in seat can be added in a variety of locations, especially if space is at a premium. Consider installing one at the top of the stairs, on a landing, or in a passageway. These nooks and crannies are delightful alternatives.

Take it to the next level

From traditional to contemporary, window seats can be added to bathrooms, great rooms, and home offices. Because they are built-in, they are incorporated into the room and don’t overwhelm a space like a large piece of furniture might.

A getaway for guests

If the space is conducive, the window seat could be designed like a day bed. Adorned with lots of throws and pillows, it’s a reading retreat during the day, and a guest bed at night.

Rest and relaxation

Ultimately, a window seat is a go-to escape for respite and contemplation. Make it your own with all your favourite things close at hand.

A framed snapshot

A slice of life is captured outside your window. A window seat compels you to pause and absorb what’s right in front of you.

On the flip side

The right window, the right lighting, and the right position can bring the outside, in.

Window highlights

Furniture positioning can block a window. With a well-thought-out arrangement, a window seat can open up the interior space and offer additional seating.

A room without a view

If you’re positioning a built-in seat in an area without a window, consider the addition of lighting, wall finishes, and a contrast of textures for your personally inspired oasis.

Have a seat and talk to us

There really aren’t any downsides to installing a window seat or added storage. With the right design, it becomes an integrated part of any space.

If you are considering a window seat, talk to us. Schedule a free design consultation today. Organized Interiors can transform any living space to adapt to your specific requirements.

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Update the Storage Space in Your Home and Get Organized

white built-in wall unit

You know that it’s long overdue – it’s time to update the storage space in your home and get organized. If the pandemic did one thing, it heightened all the areas in your home that just weren’t working.

On a typical day (pre-pandemic), you’d be rushing to get ready in the morning and encouraging everyone else to get their skates on, as you tossed breakfast dishes into the sink or dishwasher, lined up lunch boxes, and helped child number two find suitable footwear for the day ahead. Once home, after work and school, dinner, homework and nighttime routines took over, and you continued on as you did the day before, and the day before that.

Even if things weren’t working, you didn’t have time to think about making changes, let alone actually doing it.

Now you’re able to reassess how you’ve set up your house, and if it’s really working for you and your family. Are there obstacles in the way? Are there things that you do by rote when there might be a better way?

An organized home creates a feeling of calm and efficiency

Tripping over shoes when you enter your home isn’t welcoming. Tossing your coat on the back of the couch infringes on your seating area, and turning a blind eye to things that never got put away only ups the frustration level and leads to a chaotic atmosphere.

white mudroom

There’s a feeling of calm and sensibility that is derived from an organized home. Similar to the feeling that you have after cleaning, you want to maintain that status quo for as long as you can. Family members and pets are banned from traipsing in from the outside on a recently washed kitchen floor, and heaven help the person who makes the first spill on a freshly shampooed carpet.

Nate Berkus, a favourite designer of Oprah Winfrey, says, “Your home should rise up to greet you. And, at the end of the day, it should ground you in a sense of peace.”

Consider every inch of valuable storage space

Floor surfaces aren’t the only place where you can arrange things. Look up – way up. All that wall space affords many options and alternatives when it comes to storage, shelving, and wall units.

white built-in storage in a den

You may be too close to visualize the breadth of possibilities, or even know what options are available. For this reason, you’ll benefit from a design consultation from Organized Interiors.

One of our design consultants can analyze your space, to understand how it is that you live and what specific requirements are applicable to your family’s needs. You’ll be amazed with the design solution we come up with, and you’ll begin to see your surroundings in a more manageable way.

5 steps to creating an organized home environment

  1. Edit: Pare back your belongings. Go through clothes that your children have out-grown, and items that you haven’t worn in years. Get rid of paper – magazines, newspapers, and outdated bills. When’s the last time that Johnny played with that train? Donate items to charity and recycle toys with other families. Be ruthless. If you don’t use it – get rid of it.
  2. Space planning: The layout of a room should support its function, as well as have a natural flow. Reclaim space that isn’t being used to its full potential.
  3. Proper lighting: This is so important to the function of any room or storage space. If you can’t adequately see the contents, then you’ll become frustrated in your search, and all that you’ve organized will be for naught.
  4. Zone designation: If room permits, have designated areas for playing games, crafts or personal collections, and then have display cases made, and storage designed to accommodate specific items.
  5. Comfort and compatibility: Ultimately, this is what you’re going for. You want your home to be comfortable and well-organized – a space that is tailor-made to its occupants and everyday living.

Update the outdated

Editing your belongings does not mean that your home has been decluttered. It’s how you organize what you have left that ultimately provides a feeling of living in a cohesive environment.

It could be as simple as using hooks, instead of hangers, for everyday outerwear, so that family members actually hang up their coats. And using the ‘right’ hangers for specific closets also helps to maintain order.

Depending upon the age of the house that you live in, closet space might be at a premium, and what little you do have doesn’t accommodate all that you own. What’s behind those closet and cabinet doors is what’s important.

closet storage

Each grouping of items needs to be defined and accounted for. A simple shelf isn’t adequate. Instead, drawers, dividers, rods, shelving, and angled shoe shelves, as well as belt, tie, scarf and jewelry racks are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve redesigned your closet space, and moved on to the laundry room, the office, and the mudroom, the need for order will become a condition of the household.

The possibilities are limitless in terms of how a space in your home can be reconfigured and re-adapted. Start anew with a fresh perspective on a better way of living.

Request a free design consultation

Organized Interiors can transform any living space to adapt to your specific requirements. If you are considering a closet makeover or a bigger-scale project in your home, contact Organized Interiors for a free design consultation today.

From concept to completion we can reconfigure your space for maximum efficiency.

Working From Home Is the New Normal. Are You Ready?

home office with two white desk, two white chairs, upper cabinetry

Working from home is an acquired preference, and requires discipline.

Prior to COVID-19, many people would say that they would have chosen to keep their work and home life separate, going as far to admit that they’d miss the social interaction with their colleagues, meeting people for lunch, and actually having a reason to get up and get dressed every day – so that they could put their best foot forward. Going out to work provided structure to their day.

On the flip side, many people spent hours commuting, rarely made it home in time for dinner or to put their kids to bed, and were stressed to the max because they couldn’t find that work/life balance.

Europeans like to say that they work to live, while North Americans live to work – and that sentiment is true. Many countries have a minimum of four weeks of holidays per year when the average allotment in North America is only two weeks out of 52 per year. It’s crazy.

In 2017, France introduced a law that allowed workers the ‘right to disconnect’ from after-hour emails. In addition, 9.3 hours of their day is devoted to relaxation and leisure. We have it backwards. In the Netherlands, the average workweek is 30.3 hours, they have a generous parental leave policy and are one of the highest-ranking countries when it comes to an enjoyable work/life balance for their citizens.

Multi-tasking work and home life

For those of you who found yourself working from home (not by choice), along with other members of your household and school-aged children, the home priorities took on a different light. Scheduled meetings, client calls, class time, and deadlines were all vying for your time. The chaos of domestic life was ramped up, and you no longer just had to think about yourself when you walked out the door in the morning.

There’s no doubt that young families bared the brunt of this pandemonium, as two-income earners tried their best to manage their work hours and attend to their children. In one-parent families, multi-tasking took on a new meaning. Down-time was an unheard-of commodity, and everyone became everything to everybody.

dark desk and cabinetry for home office and single chair

If for no other reason than personal sanity, having a designated office is now a priority. We’re not talking about make-shift work stations or sharing space with someone else, we’re talking about an organized environment that has a door, along with associated rules and times when others can enter.

And, this work-from-home space has to address all of your wants and needs as it relates to your profession, along with the compulsory measures that are vital in order for you to perform at your best. Organized Interiors can tailor specific requirements, as it relates to surfaces, storage, and organizational solutions for maximum functionality and efficiency.

Working from home is a good thing

Ultimately, these enforced changes to your daily routine can be viewed in a positive light. Change can be difficult for many, but when you take a situation and weigh the pros and cons, it can often tip the scales to a favourable outcome.

Work from home pros

  • No need to commute
  • More free time
  • Reduced travel budget
  • Less wear and tear on vehicle
  • Reduced wardrobe budget
  • Save money on eating out
  • Flextime
  • Ability to do more with kids
  • More aware of household operations
  • More in-tuned with family members
  • Time to cook nutritious meals
  • Able to schedule regular outdoor breaks
  • Factor in time for exercise and meditation
  • You’re no longer a clock watcher
  • The family budget is enhanced
  • Live/work balance achieved

Work from home cons

  • Feeling of isolation
  • Difficulty getting motivated
  • Miss quiet time when driving
  • Find it hard to get outside
  • Don’t have a reason to dress up
  • Nine to five workdays with everyone else
  • Workday + commute = no time with kids
  • Relationships become strained
  • Less professional feedback
  • Life is unbalanced

Big businesses are making big decisions to have their employees work from home

The pros and cons apply to employers, as well. They have less overhead, in terms of costs related to office space, parking permits, expense accounts, etc. Some may choose to have employees interact in an office space on occasion, but with Zoom calls, email, phone calls, and texts, information is quickly shared, rather than have everyone drive, or fly, to a business meeting. Of course, there’s a domino effect to everything, and hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other socially-focused businesses will be feeling this reclusive pinch. We’ll find our way.

In the meantime, it’s time to focus on your personal office space. Not only have these changes affected how we work, but they also affect the way that we work. You don’t need a study to tell you that an organized workspace leads to better productivity. That’s common sense.

Rather than lugging your computer, workout gear, lunch, and files back and forth, and then sitting in a de-personalized cubicle, you can create a home office space that suits you to a ‘T’.

new unfurnished home office with white cabinets and black desktop

Important things to consider when setting up your new home office

  • Do not work in the same area that you sleep in
  • Carve out space that is yours alone, and has a door
  • Spend money on the design of your new office
  • Have cabinetry custom made to adequately meet your professional demands
  • Choose a damn good office chair and furniture
  • Select paint colours that boost your mood and productivity
  • Make the most of natural light and add plants
  • Consider your background for Zoom calls
  • Make friends and family aware of your business hours
  • Take regular breaks
  • Ensure that there is definition to your day so that timelines aren’t blurred

Schedule a free in-home design consultation with Organized Interiors for help in creating a personalized home office space that works for you!

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Is A Cloffice (Closet + Office) Right For You?

White cloffice with desk, chair, wardrobe closet.

When you do a dictionary lookup of ‘cloffice’ on Meriam-Webster, the result is, “The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary.”

Dictionary editors spend their time reading and looking for changes in language. They look at publications and sites (like this one) and identify vocabulary that has entered mainstream life – terms like bucket list, sexting, and unfriend. A word gets into the dictionary when it becomes commonly used by many people who all agree that it means the same thing.

Is cloffice the right word?

Cloffice? Offclo? Closeoff? Offset? Maybe we just call it what it is – a closet that has been transformed into a home office. Now everyone has to agree on the right term to get it into the dictionary.

A bit of closet history

The closet, itself, has underlying connotations and hasn’t always been viewed in the best possible light. The word has been around since the 17th century, and is derived from the Latin word ‘clausum’, which means ‘closed’. Closets were originally associated with an upper-class status and were often small rooms that were adjacent to the bedroom where people would spend their leisure time.

Back then, closets were seldom a consideration in the construction of homes for the lower class. Wardrobes and bureaus were used to store one’s possessions.

As housing styles changed and storage became a part of the design, closets were added, but only accommodated a limited number of garments. A single shelf that was placed above a rod for hanging might hold a precarious pile of sweaters and boxes that threatened to tip every time the door was opened. The floor was a dark, secret cave of abandoned shoes and misplaced items that had nowhere else to go.

So, maybe it’s time that the closet has regained a prominent position in the house – one that can also house a leisure-like getaway or a workspace.

Working from home out of necessity

Being aware of trends and demographics is imperative for designer Jane Lockhart. As she points out, condo dwellers were already moving to the suburbs in order to get more space, boomers were already moving out of the city or procuring a second residence, and 2.1 million Canadians were already working from home. “The pandemic was like throwing gas on a fire,” says Lockhart. “It accelerated these trends that were already underway.”

As of June 2020, Statistics Canada reported that 40 per cent of Canada’s workers are working from home. In 2018 it was less than 10 per cent. Everyone in the family were trying to eke out their space for office work and homework. Zoom calls were now a thing, and private areas were difficult to find.

While the general public is now used to seeing a presenter’s dog or toddler enter the screen while watching the news, there are times when you need to focus and get away from the surrounding chaos of the home environment.

White cloffice with desk, chair, wardrobe closet.

10 great reasons for having a cloffice

  1. Closets have doors, which can be closed – whether it’s bifold doors on a small closet or a more-substantial door on a large, walk-in closet.
  2. Shutting the doors serves two purposes. It provides privacy and it also hides work that is in progress, so that you don’t have to tidy up every time that dinner is served or a visitor arrives.
  3. While there are pantries, broom closets, and front hall closets, bedroom closets provide an extra layer of privacy.
  4. Guest rooms were the first area to be repurposed as home office space. Without overnight visitors, it made sense to take over a room that could have more than one function.
  5. The closet in the spare room is a natural alternative to work space, as it’s more likely to be unused.
  6. At the end of a workday, you can literally turn it off. This is very important on a psychological level in order to define when you are working – and when you are not.
  7. If working in the kitchen, noise is echoed off of tiled floors and walls. Carpets, drapery, and furniture help to deaden sound. If your office is in a closet, you have an increased sound barrier.
  8. Closets make excellent Zoom rooms for those all-important meetings.
  9. Consider hanging fabric, or rearranging props for a suitable, studio-like backdrop during Zoom calls.
  10. You’re less likely to be disturbed if you’re not visible to the rest of the family.

Short term or long term cloffice?

Even if students are scheduled to go back to school, they are going to continue to excel if they have a dedicated study/work area at home.

Many people will not be returning to an office environment. Working from home is going to become the norm for a high percentage of the population. So, again, you’re going to want a space that is devoted to your particular requirements, with a suitable surface, drawers, shelves, and storage.

cloffice desk chair dark wood

Each work/office space should be individually designed to suit personal needs and wants. No one works or learns the same. Some kids are visual learners, while others or auditory. Some of us are messy and need extra room, and some of us are uber-organized. The designers at Organized Interiors take all of these requests and desires into consideration when re-purposing a space.

Put your closet to work with a cloffice

Organized Interiors can transform any living space to adapt to your specific requirements. If you are considering a cloffice, contact us to schedule a free design consultation today.

From concept to completion, we can reconfigure your space for maximum efficiency.

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