2 Clever Kids Bedroom Built-Ins That Maximize Storage Space

kids bedroom built-ins

Finding the right storage solutions for kids is usually a challenge. Children can be notoriously picky and as they grow, their needs will change.

Choosing a custom storage solution that endures and appeals is essential and a project one of our designers worked on does just that.

That storage solution involved creating kids bedroom built-ins for one Toronto couple’s son and daughter.

Kids bedroom built-ins were perfect for this project

Our client had two adjacent bedrooms for their children. In typical Toronto housing style, each bedroom’s closet was nestled against each other.

This limited the storage space available in each bedroom, as the other bedroom’s closet essentially backed into the room. The client had their contractor remove the defined closet spaces by taking out their walls, which freed up more space for functional storage in each room.

Bedroom built-ins were ideal for this project. By installing built-ins for each child, we were able to not only make more efficient use of the space, but the staggered depths of the built-in cabinets helps prevent the space from being taken over by the custom cabinetry.

This project illustrates the benefits of working with a design professional who can address the unique needs of a remodelling project. It also showcases how incorporating custom built-ins into a room’s design can create a seamless appearance that makes it look like a part of the room’s existing architecture.

Let’s take a closer look at these kids bedroom built-ins and how we customized the designs for each room.

Built-ins for a girl’s bedroom

For the bases in the daughter’s room, the wardrobe toe kicks and the side of the drawer pedestal under the desk are recessed. This helps keep people from stubbing toes and also adds visual interest.

As with many older houses in Toronto, the walls and ceilings jut out a little bit. While our custom cabinets are square and have right angles, maybe your room doesn’t have the same layout.

The cap shelf applied above the wardrobe cabinet helps minimize the fact that the ceiling slopes upwards towards the wall on the right in the photo below.

The exposed wall area behind the desk was painted out by the client to complement the walls adjacent to the custom cabinetry, creating additional visual interest. A glass desktop allows for their daughter to display some of her favourite things on her desk while she does her homework.

For the son’s and daughter’s wardrobes, we installed slightly different interior configurations that were tailored to the kids’ needs.

girls bedroom built-ins

Recessing the toe kicks prevents stubbed toes and adds visual appeal. Using a cap shelf across the tops also adds visual interest.

Built-ins for a boy’s bedroom

In the other bedroom, we mostly replicated the design with a mirror image of the layout that includes a custom built-in wardrobe, desk, upper cabinets, and a shelf above the desk. For the boy’s bedroom, a different colour scheme was selected, naturally.

As with the girls’s room, the exposed wall area behind the desk was painted with a complementary colour. The built-ins for both kids feature factory-painted exteriors, which is a great choice for any built-in.

Pick a colour and our manufacturing facility will add the finish to your custom cabinetry. Not only do you get a gorgeous finish, factory-painted cabinets also offer more flexibility to perfectly match a room’s decorative details like trims and mouldings.

The son’s cabinets were painted Chelsea Gray as a bolder contrast to his wall colour, while the daughter’s cabinets were painted Chantilly Lace as a softer contrast to the bright hues in the room.

Pullout drawers and shelves in each bedroom’s wardrobes provide easy-to-access storage space.

built-ins in boy’s bedroom

Creative colour selection for the exposed wall above the desk adds depth and visual appeal.

Choosing paints and finishes for these kids bedroom built-ins

Aside from the exterior colour, the other main difference between these two kids bedroom built-ins is what happens inside the custom cabinets.

As with any factory-painted built-in, it’s commonly just the parts of the cabinetry that are most visible that get painted. This includes the doors, sides, trims, drawer fronts, and any exposed shelves or surfaces.

For the interiors, we usually use a standard melamine finish (white in this case), as that keeps costs down. As the interior surfaces get more contact from use over time, melamine will wear better as well.

If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll notice that we did paint the leading edges of the shelves and side panels, as small aspects of them are visible around the doors and would otherwise stand out.

open wardrobe closet in bedroom

Kids bedroom built-in solutions for sleeping

If you’re looking for additional kids bedroom built-in ideas, the room’s sleeping space is a great area to upgrade.

Built-in bedroom storage that is designed around the bed maximizes the room’s storage space by making the bed multi-task.

Custom-made underbed drawer storage is a nicer, more efficient storage solution than using those flat plastic storage containers with wheels that are covered in dust when you roll them out from beneath a bed.

Incorporating cabinetry around and above the bed improves the room’s functionality and adds a stylish décor upgrade, as you can see below.

bed with built-in storage

Learn more about our built-in storage solutions

Kids bedroom built-ins will make it easier for your children to keep their rooms organized, while also making the décor in these parts of your home look more appealing.

Our built-in cabinetry offerings aren’t limited to just kids bedrooms – we also design and manufacture built-ins for mom and dad’s bedroom and closet, home offices, laundry rooms, the living room, and additional areas of your home.

Schedule a free design consultation with us and let’s start discussing how Organized Interiors’ built-in storage solutions can enhance your home’s functionality.

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Winter Clothes Storage: 9 Tips to Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

winter clothes storage folded sweater

As the weather warms up, more of us will be switching out our winter clothes for our lighter spring and summer wardrobes.

If you lack a winter clothes storage plan or a plan for storing your warm weather apparel when the fall arrives, it can lead to messy closets and drawers, misplaced items, and damaged clothing.

Taking the time now to store your winter clothes properly will result in a more seamless, straightforward transition when your summer clothes are swapped out in the fall. You’ll also be extending the lifespan of your cold weather clothing.

Here are nine winter clothes storage tips that can also be applied to the storage of warm weather clothing.

1. Decide what deserves winter clothes storage space

A National Association of Professional Organizers study found that 80% of your clothes are only worn 20% of the time.

How much of your winter clothing just isn’t getting worn, for whatever reason? It doesn’t make much sense to take up any of your winter clothes storage space (which may be at a premium in your home) with things that won’t get worn when the cold weather returns.

Being proactive and curating your winter wardrobe now will mean you know that everything you have stored is good to go in the fall and winter.

Start sorting through your wardrobe and separating items that are worn out, damaged and beyond repair, and things that have been outgrown or no longer fit.

Get rid of items that were bought on sale years ago and never worn. Any wardrobe pieces that simply don’t speak to your style any more can be added to your “donate” pile, too. Try to adhere to the “one year rule” when purging a closet, meaning that you should remove any items that haven’t been worn in the past year.

While paring down your winter wardrobe before storing things away, try to find time to do the same with all of your home closets’ contents. Closet decluttering should be done once or twice a year to help your closets function more efficiently.

2. Pick the right winter clothes storage spots

Clothing can’t just be stored anywhere in your home. Ideally, clothing that is being stored away for months should be kept in a dry, climate-controlled environment that has good ventilation. Stored clothing should also be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

The attic and garage aren’t recommended for winter clothes storage for a few reasons:

  • these rooms are prone to excess humidity, condensation, and other moisture issues (which can cause mould and mildew problems)
  • they typically don’t maintain stable temperatures, especially the garage (very high temperatures can cause stored clothing to become more brittle)
  • pests favour these areas of the home

The basement is a good winter clothes storage space if there are no pest or moisture issues. For extra peace of mind, you could run a dehumidifier in the basement in whichever room your seasonal clothes are stored in. Aim for maintaining a humidity level between 30-50%.

In a perfect world, you’ll have enough space in your closets to handle storing both your everyday clothes and your seasonal wardrobe. A professionally designed closet organizer system can help to maximize your wardrobe storage space. A wardrobe/armoire and built-in bedroom cabinetry with underbed storage drawers are additional winter clothes storage solutions worth considering.

If you’re really strapped for winter clothes storage space and you’re not going on a vacation anytime soon, even your luggage could be used for extra winter clothes storage. Make sure to label the suitcases with their contents to make finding things easier.

built-in bedroom cabinetry for winter clothes storage

Built-in bedroom cabinetry with drawers and cabinets under and around the bed can be used for storing your winter clothes.

3. Wash or dry clean your winter apparel

A big part of a proactive winter clothes storage plan is to wash or dry clean things before storing them, particularly if they were worn regularly during the winter.

Even if a piece of winter clothing seems clean, it’s a good idea to wash it before storing it away for a few months. Stains from perspiration can be hard to see initially and become more visible over time. The longer they remain untreated and set in, the harder they are to remove.

Odours from our bodies and perfumes or colognes that remain on clothing also become more difficult to get rid of the longer they remain on the clothing.

Taking care of any stains and odours on your winter clothing before packing them away minimizes the likelihood of encountering any pest issues as well. Insects such as closet moths and silverfish are attracted to body oils, microscopic dead skin cells, and residue from food that is left on your clothing.

Once again, a time investment now to wash or dry clean your winter clothes will mean less time sorting through things later in the year.

4. Repair and mend damaged clothing

As part of your effort to store your winter clothes in as good a condition as possible, spend some time repairing and mending the items that need it.

You may find that some pieces of winter clothing are beyond repairing and not worth the storage space. It’s better to make that determination now instead of the fall.

If you have decent sewing skills, repairing small holes, sweater pulls, and broken zippers should be manageable. If not, seek out the services of a seamstress or tailor.

To get rid of pilling on your favourite fleece pullover or sweater and other fabrics, there is no shortage of solutions available. Some household items like a sandpaper sponge, shaving razor, or a strip of Velcro can remove those annoying fuzzballs. You’re better off using a more dedicated tool like a lint remover, sweater comb, sweater stone, or a fabric shaver.

5. Use plastic storage bins

We’ve previously written about why you shouldn’t over-rely on plastic storage bins for your home storage needs. However, one thing they are very practical for is seasonal clothes storage.

You’ll want to store clothing that won’t be worn for awhile in clean plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes because:

  • cardboard is more susceptible to infiltration from pests
  • storage bins provide an airtight seal that keeps out dust and moisture
  • white or yellow stains can develop on clothing that is stored in cardboard boxes for long periods
  • plastic storage bins are sturdier and can be stacked more safely than cardboard boxes

It’s imperative that any winter clothes that are being kept in storage containers be completely dry. As much as plastic storage bins keep outside moisture from coming in, they also keep any existing moisture in a container trapped. That can lead to nasty mould and mildew issues that may ruin some of your clothes.

Don’t fill up your storage containers to the point where they are overflowing, particularly if they are storing a number of clothing items made from natural fibres. Some air circulation will help the fabrics breathe a bit. Clothing that isn’t crammed into a tight storage space will result in less creases and wrinkling to deal with later as well.

Here are a few more winter clothes storage tips if you’re using plastic storage bins:

  • label the containers to make finding things easier
  • pack bulkier winter clothing on the bottom of the bin and lighter items on top of those
  • if moisture issues are a concern where your clothes are being stored, add silica gel packets to the containers to absorb excess moisture

6. Use garment bags, not dry cleaner bags

For any items that have been dry cleaned, ensure that they get removed from the plastic bags that your dry cleaner has covered them in.

The dry cleaning process actually involves the use of liquid chemicals. If your garments haven’t properly dried and remain wrapped in plastic that traps any moisture, the fabrics can yellow and – even worse – mould and mildew can form.

Buy some good garment bags for long-term storage of your winter coats, suits, and other clothing that doesn’t get worn very often.

A breathable garment bag will ensure these items stay fresh, wrinkle-free, and protected from moths and dust.

7. Keep the pests away

We’ve already covered some ways to keep your stored clothing safe from pests, but there are additional protective measures you can take.

One thing you can do is to vacuum regularly in your closets or wherever your winter clothes are stored.

Closets often get overlooked when it comes to doing home cleaning and rarely get a good deep cleaning. Doing so regularly will keep your storage areas less prone to accumulating food particles and other things that attract insects. Frequent cleanings can also help you spot early warning signs of a pest problem, such as flying insects, holes in clothing, and bug droppings.

Mothballs are effective at repelling pests, but they have two big downsides: their scent is not for everybody and they’re a pesticide. Chemical-free mothballs are available, but what are your other options to keep the pests away? Here are some alternatives to using mothballs:

  • cedar-lined storage chests
  • cedar blocks, balls, and chips
  • cedar rings that attach to your clothes hangers
  • cloth satchels filled with aromatic dried herbs like lavender, rosemary, cloves, or thyme

Keep in mind that mothballs, cedar products, or herbs will become less effective for controlling pests over time as they lose their smell and potency.

8. Think twice before vacuum sealing your winter clothes

Vacuum sealing seasonal clothing with a hand pump device or an attachment on your vacuum will save you storage space. It might seem even more practical for your winter clothes storage needs, considering your winter apparel is bulkier and takes up more storage space.

Vacuum sealing isn’t always clothing-friendly, however. Leather products, down jackets, and clothing items made from natural fibres like wool and cashmere should not be vacuum sealed.

Doing so doesn’t allow the fabrics to breathe and can cause the natural fibres to become overly compressed. This makes the clothing (plus other “puffy” products made with fabrics like pillows, sleeping bags, and comforters) lose their natural form. After being removed from the vacuum seal, these items usually return to their original form slowly, but sometimes they won’t.

9. Fold instead of using hangers where necessary

Another storage mistake that can lead to clothing getting damaged is hanging up things that should really be folded.

Thick winter knits like sweaters will maintain their shape better if they are stored in a drawer, wardrobe closet, or storage container.

There is a proper way to hang a sweater on a hanger, but if a sweater is hung on a hanger the traditional way (and especially on a cheap wire hanger), it’s sure to get stretched out and maybe even ruined.

closet clothes storage

This walk-in closet provides a wealth of hanging storage space. Plenty of drawer and open shelving space is available for items that are more suited to folding storage, such as sweaters.

Stay organized with our winter clothes storage solutions

We know how challenging it can be to organize a closet space and keep it tidy, especially when you’re trying to find extra room for storing your winter and seasonal clothes.

When asked what their home’s most cluttered space was, 67% of the respondents in a survey by MakeSpace said it was their bedroom closet.

Allow us to help you make more space in your closets and other areas of your home to satisfy your storage needs. Just request a complimentary design consultation with us to begin addressing your family’s organizational challenges.

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3 Creative Bedroom Storage Furniture Ideas to Lighten Your Closet’s Load

bedroom storage furniture ideas bed surround

The key component in keeping an organized bedroom is to have a closet space that’s well-designed and highly functional.

A well-managed closet can keep clutter from spilling out into the rest of the bedroom, but a closet won’t always be able to handle all of your wardrobe storage needs.

That’s when it’s time to consider some bedroom storage furniture ideas to help lighten the load in your closet a little.

Bedroom storage furniture ideas you may not have considered

Perhaps you’re looking for some supplemental storage systems for the bedroom for the following reasons:

  • your bedroom closet is too small
  • you own too many clothes and can’t find the time to properly thin out your wardrobe
  • you want to make better use of the storage space in your bedroom

A dresser and nightstand/bedside table are some obvious examples of bedroom storage furniture most of us use.

If you’re looking for some additional outside-the-closet bedroom storage furniture ideas to keep things tidy, here are a few outside-the-box suggestions.

1. Bed surround

When it comes to adding extra non-closet storage space to a bedroom, it’s hard to beat a bed surround.

This versatile piece of furniture gets somewhat overlooked when homeowners are considering the best bedroom storage furniture ideas.

Here’s why a bed surround is worthy of your consideration when you’re looking for smart ways to furnish your bedroom:

  • maximizes your bedroom storage space
  • provides a comfortable sleeping space
  • adds a stylish decorative touch to a bedroom

Let’s start with the valuable underbed storage a bed surround provides. The integrated storage drawers are perfect for things like out-of-season clothing, pillows, and blankets. And unlike a traditionally open underbed storage space, all your belongings will stay clean and dust bunny-free.

Bed surrounds can also include everything from nightstands, a headboard with cabinets and shelving storage, and even a custom wardrobe (or two).

And with a bespoke bed surround design, everything from the drawer sizes, shelf widths and depths, lighting placement, finishes, and any other available features can be customized for you.

bedroom storage furniture ideas bed surround 2

2. Wardrobe

A wardrobe (also known as an “armoire”) is another smart solution to turn to when you need more bedroom storage. The beauty of a wardrobe is that it can fit anywhere there’s free space in a bedroom.

Some people are under the impression that a wardrobe is little more than a furniture enclosure with an extra hanging rod or two, along with a shelf.

While it does function as an extension of your closet for clothes hanging space, a wardrobe can do so much more. Many of the useful accessories and features that make a closet organization system so effective can be added, too. Examples include:

  • full-length mirror
  • drawers with dividers
  • pullout shoe rack
  • a valet rod, tie/scarf rack, and decorative hooks

Wardrobes are a great storage option if you’re finding a shared closet space too frustrating to maintain with your partner. Create a separate storage space for one of you by adding a wardrobe to your bedroom.

Bedrooms aren’t the only room in a home where a wardrobe can be added, either. They’re ideal for a playroom, storage room, guest room, or any room without adequate (or any) closet space.

And just like a bed surround, going the custom route for the wardrobe you’re buying allows you to personalize the design to suit your needs, both functionally and aesthetically. With decorative touches like metal grill or glass doors, crown moulding, and stylish door and drawer pulls, a bespoke wardrobe becomes a beautiful furniture display piece.

3. Wall bed

You might not think of a wall bed when you’re considering bedroom storage furniture ideas, but it might actually be perfect for your needs.

A wall bed’s clever design is all about space-saving and nothing occupies more floor space in a bedroom than a bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim the floor space a bed takes up when you don’t need it?

Wall beds (also known as “Murphy beds”) conveniently fold up into a stylish cabinet when they’re not being used. That makes them ideal for guest rooms, micro-condos, or any room where space is limited.

You could also optimize your available space by creating a multi-purpose room that functions occasionally as a guest room and as a home office the rest of the time.

And we’re not including wall beds on this list of creative bedroom storage furniture ideas just because the bed itself can be stored away.

A custom wall bed can also incorporate surrounding drawer and cabinet storage, to really expand your bedroom storage options.

bedroom storage furniture ideas wall bed

Great bedroom storage furniture ideas to keep you organized

Organized Interiors has the highest quality bedroom storage furniture ideas and custom closet solutions for your home.

Schedule a free in-home design consultation with us to discover how our 40+ years of organization expertise can help you to improve the storage flexibility in your home.

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Bed Surrounds: 5 Reasons They’re the Perfect Bedroom Storage Solution

bed surrounds 1It can sometimes require a little ingenuity to find extra storage space in the bedroom.

Small bedrooms present even more of a challenge when it comes to finding storage space that helps you stay organized. That’s why bed surrounds are so useful.

Bed surrounds maximize your bedroom’s storage space and functionality by providing extra storage room that’s built right into the all-in-one design of the bedroom furniture.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “bed surround”, you may be more familiar with the bed products that are in the same furniture category:

  • platform bed
  • storage bed
  • platform storage bed
  • captains/captain’s bed

The origin of bed storage

The bed surround takes the smart underbed storage concept one step further by expanding on the design to create a larger, fully integrated furniture piece. The origin of this multipurpose, storage space-maximizing concept can be traced back hundreds of years.

The cabins on ships back then were so small that a creative designer came up with the idea of adding storage space that was built right into a cabin’s bed. It was a luxury that only the ship’s top personnel got to enjoy, hence the name “captains bed”.

So why should you consider a bed surround for your home? Here are five great reasons:

1. Bed surrounds aren’t just for kids

You might think that bed surrounds are suited more to kids’ bedrooms and not meant for adults. In fact, a bed surround is perfect for kids and adults.

After all, who wouldn’t want one of their rooms to be enhanced by a comfortable, beautiful piece of furniture that makes their bedroom space work harder for them?

2. Maximize your bedroom’s storage space

The bed surround’s valuable underbed storage design features spacious drawers that can be used more effectively than traditional underbed storage.

The 6-10 inch gap underneath beds that use a box spring are typically filled with flat rolling plastic storage containers or, even worse, miscellaneous items that are just stashed loosely, with no thought given to organization.

And because they’re difficult to get underneath to vacuum (and because it’s a pain to move the stored items out of the way), the area underneath traditional beds is usually filthy.

Bed surrounds use a slat support system instead of a box spring, which allows for more storage space with the drawers. The drawers’ stored contents also stay protected from dust. Extra blankets, pillows, linens, toys, and clothing can be kept in the deep, conveniently close-at-hand drawers.

The “surround” part of the bed surround design can include:

  • built-in nightstands with drawers
  • custom cabinetry and open shelving above the bed
  • hidden storage within the headboard
  • a custom wardrobe

3. A custom bed surround fits your needs better

Unlike the limited one-size-fits-all selection you’ll find with bed surrounds sold at big box stores, a custom bed surround can be designed to fit your needs much better.

Being able to choose what storage features are incorporated into your bed surround’s design means you’ll get a lot more functionality from the furniture.

For example, say your closets and dresser drawers are full and you’re looking for more clothing storage space. This need can be factored into the design of the bed surround, perhaps by incorporating a custom wardrobe.

How wide or deep do you need your bed’s drawers and how many of them would you prefer? Do you have a desire to really personalize the space above your bed surround with art or photos, which would call for more open shelving to be used in the design?

Perhaps you want the top of your nightstand to be a little bigger to allow enough room for the numerous items that will be kept there, such as eyeglasses, an alarm clock, books, or a tablet or phone. The beauty of custom bed surrounds is that your specific needs can usually be accommodated.

bed surrounds 2

4. Customize your bed surround’s look

Having a lot more bedroom storage space is nice, but you also want your new bed surround to enhance your bedroom’s décor. That’s one of the other major benefits of choosing a custom bed surround.

Organized Interiors’ custom bed surrounds complement any room’s style, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or modern. Choose from a huge selection of finish colours and styles to achieve the look you want.

A number of other customization options allows you to adorn your bed surround with even more appealing features. When choosing your pulls for the drawers and doors, you can select from the largest selection of Richelieu decorative hardware in the GTA.

You can add task, accent, and ambient lighting that’s useful and also really shows off the bed surround’s beautiful design.

5. Bed surrounds are perfect for small bedrooms

If some other bedroom storage products like a wardrobe or dresser simply can’t fit within your small bedroom space, a bed surround is perfect to make the most of your limited space.

And if your large or small bedroom has awkward corners and spaces, a custom bed surround can be designed to accommodate your room’s unique layout.

Bed surrounds: a practical bedroom storage solution

When it comes to practical bedroom storage ideas that can lighten the load on your closets, bed surrounds make complete sense.

Schedule a free in-home design consultation and one of our design consultants can further explain how a custom bed surround can enrich your home.

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Why Bed Surround Storage Is the Bedroom Storage Solution You’re Overlooking

Is clutter and a frustrating lack of bedroom storage space an ongoing problem in your home?

Well, there’s a solution that you may not even be aware of – bed surround storage.

Bed surround storage is a somewhat overlooked solution for storing your belongings in the bedroom. Closets, dressers, and wardrobes tend to be the more obvious bedroom storage options, but a custom bed surround can be just as valuable.

What is bed surround storage?

The relatively under-the-radar nature of bed surround storage may mean you’re not even aware of what this type of furniture even is. Its name is actually quite self-explanatory, however.

Simply put, a bed surround is comprised of custom-made pieces that are integrated (meaning they’re designed to join together to form one large piece of furniture that has a clean, stylish look).

It includes storage space and other design features that can be added underneath and at the foot and head of the bed.

bed surround storage 1

Bed surround storage unburdens your packed closets and dressers

Your closets and dressers may be a disorganized, overstuffed mess due to your bedroom lacking a quality closet organizer or other helpful closet accessories.

Those will definitely help and adding a bed surround is another way to relieve some of the burden that your other bedroom storage spaces may be experiencing.

Bed surrounds are particularly effective in smaller bedrooms that are prone to clutter due to inadequate storage space.

A bed surround maximizes storage space in the bedroom

A custom bed surround is carefully designed to utilize the maximum amount of storage space available in the area that it’s occupying.

Working around the dimensions and design aspects of your bed, we create a multi-purpose piece of custom furniture that gives you more storage space underneath and around your bed area.

Why your current underbed storage systems need improvement

Underbed storage is especially valuable, despite the feng shui theory that advises against it.

A queen size bed takes up approximately 33 square feet of space and a king size bed occupies about 42 square feet. Why waste that prime storage space underneath the bed?

When that underbed area is used, it doesn’t tend to get utilized properly by homeowners, however. Some people just stuff their loose belongings there, with little regard for organization or cleanliness (you may have noticed that area is an absolute haven for dust bunnies).

If a storage system is used, it’s probably a cheap plastic flat tote that isn’t destined for a long life. These storage methods are inferior to what a bed surround provides.

How a bed surround does a much better job using underbed storage space

Drawer space that’s located underneath your bed can be designed to the width and depth that your needs require. No underbed storage space is wasted and the elimination of any open space here also gives you one less area to vacuum.

Your infrequently used items stay out-of-sight, while remaining easily accessible. Linens, pillows, and out-of-season items are perfect for storing here.

bed surround storage 2

Additional storage spaces provided by a bed surround

Bed surround storage isn’t just about making use of the storage space below your sleeping area. It can include additional storage space in the form of a wardrobe, a wall unit that has open shelving or shelving behind closed glass doors, and bedside tables.

Any combination of these integrated furniture pieces is possible with our custom crafting capabilities.

Bed surround storage adds a contemporary look to your room

Along with the high functionality a bed surround provides, they’re also bring a very stylish upgrade to your bedroom’s decor. Surrounding your bed with custom cabinetry makes it the focal point of any room, especially when refined touches like accent and task lighting are added.

Our wide variety of bed surround finish and decorative hardware options will effectively complement your bedroom’s existing decor as well.

Why a custom bed surround is the smartest choice

Working with a company that is hands-on in all aspects of your bed surround’s design and installation has its advantages. Our complete oversight of the entire process ensures you’ll receive a finished product you’re 100% satisfied with.

A custom cabinetry manufacturer like Organized Interiors gives you complete control over how your bed surround will look. Here are some of the design features that can be added to a bed surround:

  • plenty of decorative panel options that determine the bed surround’s colour, finish, sheen, and style
  • choose from the largest selection of Richelieu decorative cabinetry hardware in Toronto
  • integrated bedside tables with soft-close drawers
  • open shelving and closed shelving with glass or wood doors
  • an integrated wardrobe
  • task lighting for reading
  • accent or ambient lighting to highlight personal effects such as photos or artwork

How bed surround storage evolves from an idea to reality

Working with our clients, our design consultants create the bed surround’s design. Then our skilled craftspeople (who custom-build all of our cabinetry) bring that design to life.

Finally, our professional installers ensure that the bed surround storage fits into your bedroom space perfectly.

Here’s an example of a bed surround that was designed for one of our clients:

bed surround storage finished product

The finished bed surround at our manufacturing facility before delivery and installation. It’s designed with 5 oversized drawers in the bed base, a headboard containing a hidden pillow box, and 2 bedside tables.

Visit our showroom to find out more about bed surround storage

Our 10,000 square foot showroom features every product we sell. Stop by to browse all of our home organization and storage solutions and get an up-close look at how bed surround storage can make a great addition to your bedroom.

You can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts to discuss a bed surround or any of our other products that will improve your home.

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