10 Kids Study Room Essentials for Back to School Success

As summer vacation comes to a close, now is the time to start preparing your kids for the new school year.

A kids study room, whether it’s an unused stairwell landing or a spare room, can help your children focus and study more effectively – especially if it includes these 10 kids study room essentials.

1. Shelves

With shelves, your student will have a place to store his or her school books and easy-to-reach pencil crayon jars, magazine holders or stackable storage boxes.

2. Counter space

It’s important that kids have enough counter space for their computers, books, notebooks and any other school supplies they’ll need during study time.

desk space to work

3. Drawers

A clear work space will help eliminate distractions. Make sure your kids’ study room has drawers for files and supplies like paper, pencils and clips.

4. Quiet music

Some students prefer complete silence while studying. If your kids like to have a little background noise, however, try playing quiet instrumental music.

5. The right colour scheme

The colours you choose for a study area can actually impact productivity. Try incorporating blue into the colour scheme, which is said to boost productivity and reduce stress levels.

comfortable blue desk chair

6. A comfortable desk chair

Your child won’t be able to focus if he or she is sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Look for a chair that is supportive and has a lot of padding.

7. Good lighting

As in a home office, bad lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. To create a well-lit study area, set up a lamp next to your kids’ work space or add LED ribbon lights under shelving.

8. Plants

Fresh plants can bring energy to a space. Try adding a plant or two in the study area. Choose one that is easy to take care of with little or no trace of a fragrance.

9. Mood boosters

A few photos or decorative pieces can help you create a study room that your kids actually enjoy.

10. Dedicated study times

If your kids gets in the habit of studying each day, they’re likely to improve in school. Schedule a study time either right after school or before bed, and leave the remaining hours for play and family time.

Ready to start setting up your kids study room? Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with us for a pro’s touch when designing a study space for your home.

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