3 Storage Ideas To Keep Your Kid’s Room Organized

Kids might be messy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach them a thing or two about organization.

The key to helping your children keep a tidy room is to find storage solutions that are easy to use.

Here are a few ideas you might consider for your child’s bedroom or play area.

Open shelves in the closet

If your kids are new to organization and cleaning, open shelves are a great place to start. With open shelves, your kids can see where items go, and they’ll have easy access to their stuff.

Closets with open shelves can be used for shoes, books, backpacks, clothes and storage bins. All your kids have to do is place a particular item back on the shelf where they first removed it to keep their space tidy.

open shelves closet

Easy reach storage

Kids can’t be expected to keep a room tidy if they can’t reach the shelves or drawers. Organized Interiors offers custom closet solutions that make storage spaces accessible to your children.

Ensure that your child’s bedroom cabinetry is kid-friendly with easy reach storage. If you share a hallway closet with the kids, you can place their belongings on lower shelves and your items on the hard-to-reach upper shelves.

Sort with labels

A great way to keep toys from cluttering a room is to store them in bins. This, however, can also make toys harder to find. If your kids are old enough to read, try using labels to help your kids keep their toys organized.

Use label categories like “lego”, “dolls” and “games” to keep things sorted. If your children aren’t reading yet you can try using different colour bins to group toys.

Do you want your children to start learning practical organization skills? Provide them with a storage solutions that will make it easier to keep a room tidy and organized.

If your interested in more storage ideas for your children’s rooms then contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our design consultants.

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