5 Closet Accessories That Make Great Gifts

Nobody can resist a gift that promises to make life easier, especially if it’s wrapped in a hint of glamour. Better than a day at the spa, it’s a lifetime of organization.

Here are 5 closet accessories that make great gifts.

women's pull out shoe rack

Shoe shrine

It’s not just a shoe rack, it’s the ultimate in convenience – a pull out footwear storage system.

It’s like a dresser, except all the doors are “open-faced” with a low, sturdy railing track to hold shoes in and can be pulled out to extend the full depth of the drawer, then pushed back in and out of the way.

There’s no more scrounging around the floor at the back of the closet. Shoes are elevated to a higher, more accessible level.

jewellery drawer

Jewellery in a drawer

Using drawer storage is also an excellent way to keep your jewellery within reach. Using a top drawer that’s closer to eye level, in a well-lit closet, is an easy way for mom to get her bling on.

Choose a custom velvet-lined drawer. It’s not only a beautiful way to display your jewellery, it’s also functional.

Velvet-lined spacers help keep jewellery “in shape” by providing a slip-resistant surface. Keeping jewellery pieces separated also helps prevent scratches on surfaces and tangling.

A little Paris flair

You can never have too many scarves. They’re always in style (just ask a Parisienne).

Discover a better way to store your scarves. It can be as simple as purchasing drawer dividers to fit into a shallow drawer to neatly fold away each one.

There are many solutions available to keep them wrinkle-free and fresh. By keeping them in sight and within reach, there’s no excuse to leave the house without a little French style all year long.

Maximizing space and minimizing effort

To maximize closet space, look up. If you use double height rods to hang shirts, pants, etc. you create double the storage space.

You’ve probably thought about it but decided against it because it would make it too difficult to reach clothes on the upper rack. But what if that rack simply pulls out and down to your level with a simple movement?

Genius, effortless, the closet does the hard work for you.

hidden ironing board

Ironing board in a drawer

Yes, an ironing board can be a perfect gift. Not the clumsy, squeaky, awkwardly shaped, leggy ironing board you have to drag out of a dark closet, bend over to unfold, adjust and bend over again to fold up and drag back to the closet.

This one is in a drawer and the system is beautifully designed to function by simply sliding out when needed and tucks away when you’re done.

For even more gift ideas, check out our closet accessories page.

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