5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Custom Cabinet Designer

If you’re thinking about hiring a designer to build a custom cabinet or custom closet in your home, that’s great!

Hiring a designer allows you to meet specific needs and tailor cabinetry to your exact style.

Before you go ahead and hire a designer, however, there are a few things you’ll want to consider first.

1. Cabinet style

Do you like the contemporary style or traditional? Dark finishes or warm, light colours? Putting some thought into what style you like best will help a designer build cabinets that you love.

It’s also a good idea to consider your home’s current style so you can ensure that the new cabinets don’t clash with existing decor and furniture.

Custom kitchen cabinetry for storing coffee and tea supplies.

2. Storage needs

What exactly are you planning to store in your new cabinets or closet? Kitchenware, office supplies or clothes?

Knowing how you plan to use your custom cabinets will help a designer tailor the project to your needs.

3. Storage space

How much storage space will you be needing? If you already know what items will be placed in the cabinets or closets, you should have a good idea of how large your custom storage solutions need to be.

You might also consider having custom cabinets made larger, to create space for additional items you buy in the future.

4. What’s wrong with your current storage solution?

Is your current closet too small, or does it not have enough shelf space? Pinpointing the problem(s) with your current storage solution will help a designer come up with a solution.

5. Big picture

Are you trying to get more organized, maximize your living space or improve your home’s style?

Know what your main objective is before you take on a project like this, and share this information with your designer!

Talk to a designer

Once you’ve considered these 5 things then talk to a designer. Get them to come to your home and see your space.

A designer can help you save a lot of time and create a custom storage solution that is perfect for your needs.

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