5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wall Beds

Wall beds have come a long way since the first fold down beds and they’re certainly worth another look especially as a smart solution for your small space.

Not only can one turn any room into a guest room in an instant, the room transforms in style, too.

1. Common features

Originally a wall bed was just that – a bed inside a large box that pulled down for sleeping and pushed back up to make more space in the room.

Today’s custom-made wall beds are designed for the rooms they will live in. From height and width, to finishes, cabinet style, lighting and storage solutions, wall beds can now be made to order.

You can create a grand, 10 foot tall, book-filled library wall or a chic, modern, high gloss display wall with open shelves crisply lit by modern lighting.

Open and closed storage can be incorporated to the sides or above the bed.

2. Hidden storage

When it’s time to fold up your bed, what do you do with the pillows?

Rather than moving them to the closet or to a different room every time you use the wall bed, consider turning your bed’s headboard into a storage area where you can tuck the pillows in during the day.

Hidden wall bed storage for pillows and blankets.
Add storage above the bed for extras like blankets and comforters. Just close the doors and they disappear.

3. Lighting

You don’t need to get out of bed to flip the light switch.

When installed above the bed, and LED ribbon light provides just the right amount of light for reading and can easily be turned off without getting up from under the covers.

Wall bed lighting is convenient and very functional.

4. Pullout nightstand

It wouldn’t make sense to have a nightstand in the dining room or home office, but you can have a pullout nightstand that blends in with the rest of your cabinetry.

5. Hidden technology

Some wall beds offer the latest technology. With the push or full of your index finger you can open or close a wall bed.

The Murphy bed hardware in Organized Interiors’ wall beds is incredibly safe and easy to use. You never have to worry about the weight of the wall bed when pulling it down or putting it away. Anyone can use it.

Opening an Organized Interiors wall bed is quite easy.

Unlike most sofa beds, there are now easy-to-unfold legs that support the bed when it’s open and hold the bed linens in place when it’s closed.

The best part is they angle back and sit under the bed. No more stubbed toes in the dark.

Organized Interiors wall bed feet angle in under the bed so you don't stub your toes.

Take another look at wall beds in the Organized Interiors showroom and see how easy they are to use.

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