5 Ways You Can Eliminate Clutter For Good

Clutter is sneaky. On Sunday, you go to bed feeling good about a tidy home. By the time Friday rolls around it’s transformed into a chaotic mess.

It’s all because of clutter. Bathroom products cover the counter, the mail is all over the dining room table, and the piles of clothes on the floor are merging so you can’t tell the difference between the clean and dirty clothes.

Piles of unopened mail.

Learn how to combat clutter

If you’re in a constant battle with clutter, it might be time to approach the problem using a new strategy.

These five steps can help you not only eliminate clutter, but also prevent it from taking over your home in the future.

1. Pinpoint clutter hotspots

Is there a room/table/surface/floor that seems to be messy more frequently than other areas in your home? Determine which spots are often cluttered and focus your energy and time there first.

Breaking down the problem into small areas will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and giving up. Now you’re ready.

2. Tackle one clutter zone at a time

Break the project up even further by doing only a little bit at a time. For example, if both the bathroom vanity and your bedroom floors are clutter hotspots, tackle only one of the problem areas.

Wait until you’ve finished tackling the first mess is gone before moving to the next. Reward yourself with a break between clutter zones.

3. Rethink your storage solutions

Why do we leave hair products, clothes and accessories strewn about?  It’s probably because we use them everyday and want them within reach. Most people won’t put stuff away if it’s not easy or accessible.

If something isn’t hung up properly or tucked away in a drawer it’s probably because it’s too much work.

If your current storage solutions prevent you from easily finding and retrieving your everyday products or wardrobe essentials, then you probably need a new system.

The custom closet difference

Custom closet solutions that feature the right number and size of shelves for your clothing is a good start.

Hanging rods can be placed at different heights to accommodate different lengths of clothing. Custom-sized and beautifully designed drawers make you want to put everything away.

Custom closet for master bedroom with pitched roof line.

Portable solutions work too

A simple portable bathroom organizer can be a great help, everyday. It allows you to carry all of your beauty supplies with you at once so you can pack up your products safely and efficiently, instead of leaving them on the counter.

Create your own solution to clutter

Another reason clutter happens is because you don’t have a storage solution at all. For example, many people don’t have a place to hold their mail, so they simply pile up letters and bills on their tables instead.

A simple mail holder hung on the wall can ensure your surfaces stay clean, and it also prevents you from losing important documents.

4. Ask yourself if you really use all of your stuff

Clutter could be a problem in your home simply because you have too much stuff. When tackling each hot spot, seriously consider whether it’s worth keeping.

Most likely you’ll realize that much of your stuff is rarely used and can be donated, sold or thrown away.

Take inventory of your stuff at the beginning of every season and get rid of the things you don’t need.

5. Do a 10-15 minute quick clean every day

Lastly, it’s important to prevent future clutter by taking a little time out of each day to put items back where they belong!

As long as you have a good organizational system, this necessary step can be very simple and easy.

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