6 Easy Tips To Streamline Your Weekly Routine

Everyone needs some down time or some “me time” throughout the week to stay sane.

But juggling work, errands, household chores, family time and social obligations often gets in the way.

By streamlining your weekly routine, however, you can stay productive and have time for fun. Here are six tips to make it happen.

1. Create meal plans and prepare food ahead of time

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make just one trip to the grocery store each week? With planning, you can!

No more last-minute trips to the grocery store in order to make dinner for your family. Planning ahead ensures you’ll have all of the necessary ingredients to make meals each day.

Prepare tomorrow’s lunches after dinner. You can prep easily while packing up leftovers. This will save time in the morning.

Use a valet rod to pick out your wardrobe the night before.

2. Take a closer look at your wardrobe

If your closet is filled with pieces that don’t go together, coming up with the right outfit each morning can become frustrating. Invest in staple pieces that you can easily mix and match with your more unique, exciting options.

Plan your wardrobe the night before, assemble the pieces on a hanger right down to the accessories, to save time in the morning.

3. Assign times to check your email

Both your work and personal email accounts can distract you during the day and slow you down. Assign times throughout the day to check your email and respond to clients and co-workers.

4. Schedule regular appointments

Instead of wasting a night calling the salon, doctor, auto body shop or spa trying to schedule appointments, set up regular appointments you can attend.

Scheduling appointments on the same day each month or week also helps you remember more easily.

5. Get everyone together for a night of fun

On Wednesday night you have plans with one friend but you still need to find time to meet up with others.

Instead of meeting with friends individually, dedicate just one evening to try bringing your friends together for a night of games, good food or movies.

6. Plan your fun night in advance

A stocked bar, snacks, games and a crowd are all you need for fun. Check to make sure the deck of cards and game pieces are intact, the fridge has mix and the snacks are fresh and easy to handle.

Keep lots of napkins or small plates on hand and use the “self serve” method so you can have fun, too.

We can help!

No matter how busy you are, it’s still essential to find time for fun. Organized Interiors can help you streamline your life with great solutions for your closets and entertaining space.

Visit our showroom and talk to one of our professional design consultants or schedule a free in-home consultation.

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