7 Smart Ways To Reclaim And Organize Your Bedroom

Has your bedroom turned into a disorganized dumping ground? Has your formerly calm and private space turned into nothing more than a multi-purpose room?

organize your bedroom

Organize your bedroom

Don’t overlook the positive benefits of bedroom organization, including less stress. Organize your bedroom to sleep better and help improve the overall flow of your day.

Try these bedroom organization guidelines to reclaim your restful sanctuary!

Your bedroom isn’t an office

Bedrooms should only contain commonly used items. Bills, invoices, and receipts piling up in a bedroom only contributes to a lack of organization.

Keeping a boundary between your finances and your relaxation area might even motivate you to carve a space out of your home for an office.

Your bedroom isn’t a fitness room

Exercise equipment also needs to go…to a gym. Neglected workout equipment in the bedroom unnecessarily takes up precious space and lays a daily guilt trip on you.

Who needs that? Reclaim that treadmill-sized bedroom space!

bed surround

A built-in solution?

Custom-designed bed surrounds may be the answer to your bedroom organization problems.

Surrounding the bed with built-in cabinetry fitted with recessed lighting, open shelves, and drawers completes a room. More storage options than just a nightstand and dresser means more bedroom organization.

The best part is that you choose the finish, style, and configurations that suit your taste, resulting in a one-of-a-kind solution.

Bedroom lighting matters

A reorganized bedroom deserves to be shown off in the best light. Consider updating your bedroom’s central ceiling lighting fixture and lamps.

New LED lighting comes in a variety of styles and finishes, offering clear and crisp lighting that can last a lifetime and also help preserve the health of your eyes.

Comfort underfoot

A soft area rug underneath your feet can make a world of difference. Feet are sensitive to a tactile experience.

A rug is a simple and inexpensive way to add comfort and a bit of luxury to your bedroom.

Check your mattress

Nothing screams “disorganized bedroom” like a messy bed. But even if you make your bed every day, a worn-out mattress that leaves you sore and unrested offsets the positives of an organized sleeping area.

Remember that you spend one third of your life sleeping, so make sleep comfort a high priority. Mattresses have a lifespan and The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing them approximately every eight years.

Replace your pillows

Pillows are an important bedroom component and also have a lifespan. Down-filled pillows can be dry-cleaned, but regular pillows and pillow protectors should be replaced every year or two.

Where organization exists, comfort is not far behind. Reclaim your bedroom as the restful and organized space it’s meant to be.

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