Looking for a Confidence Boost? Start Clearing Your Clutter

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Physical clutter and mental clutter go hand in hand.

Being surrounded by a lot of things you don’t need causes disorganization and chaos in your life.

That can undermine your confidence because one of the negative effects of clutter is that it makes you feel less in control of your life.

How can decluttering be a confidence boost?

Regaining control of the organization in your surroundings, whether it’s at home or work, will provide a confidence boost and other positive ripple effects. You’ll put yourself in the position where you can enjoy a healthier state of mind.

A confidence boost can come via a number of methods, such as getting in shape, receiving a compliment, or getting a promotion at work. The common denominator with any of these is that the confidence boost is fuelled by the feeling of empowerment.

Decluttering your home and creating a cleaner, tidier living environment that looks more respectable can be extremely empowering. And accomplishing that goal is easier than it may appear when you’re first confronting the big task in front of you.

The harmful effects of clutter

It’s a well-established fact that clutter takes a toll on our mental well-being. It’s just one of many reasons Canadians are now experiencing a “stress epidemic”, as one doctor recently referred to it.

Clutter robs you of the ability to feel good within your surroundings. That’s no wonder, considering the ways in which clutter undermines your happiness:

  • you feel guilt and shame for having clutter
  • the prospect of dealing with clutter can feel overwhelming
  • clutter is a distracting presence that makes it harder to focus

All of this contributes to elevated levels of stress and anxiety. That prevents you from getting a decent night’s sleep and the sleep deprivation only ends up fuelling the whole never-ending cycle of unhappiness.

If the root causes of your stress aren’t addressed, the problem can worsen and lead to bigger concerns, such as depression and heart disease.

Clutter makes it harder to clean

When your home is overly cluttered, you’re far less likely to make an effort to clean. Nobody enjoys having to clean their home.

And having to move stacks of junk scattered all over your home to run the vacuum makes only makes a normally mundane task even more tedious.

On top of the stress that clutter causes, failing to deal with your clutter contributes to your home being less sanitary. And that can also end up affecting your health, as clutter contributes to poor air quality in your living space.

Having an unclean home makes you less willing to have guests over. If you’re embarrassed for a friend or family member to visit your home because of its unclean state, that’s definitely going to take a toll on your self-confidence.

Clutter makes you indecisive

Being overwhelmed with the clutter in your home causes you to be indecisive. Because it’s harder to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter, your ability to make decisions isn’t as finely tuned as it should be. The clarity and drive we need to make each day easier to navigate through just aren’t functioning at their optimal levels.

Clutter is the cause of a lack of organization. A neatly organized closet or dressing room makes it much easier to find something to wear quickly. A closet that has no organization system in place and has clothing thrown anywhere will get cluttered in a hurry.

Trying to pick an outfit or even just an item of clothing to wear from a cluttered closet is simply more time-consuming. Often you’ll end up just settling on something to wear, which may not have been your first choice.

The time wasted looking for things causes stress. You’ll also be more stressed because that time wasted can cause you to be late for work or an appointment. Naturally, that added stress will, to some degree, undermine your self-confidence.

Declutter your home and a confidence boost will follow

The unhappiness and poor self-confidence that clutter contributes to has a simple fix – decluttering. Yes, that’s easier said than done.

However, ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and creating a tidier, cleaner, and more welcoming living environment leads to nothing but good things, including a confidence boost.

Your mind will be less burdened with the nagging feeling that there’s always something to clean up or organize. Naturally, your home will still need regular cleaning and decluttering to keep it organized. You just won’t feel the obligation to do so every waking moment of the day, as you would when you’re surrounded by clutter.

That reduced level of stress helps you get a better night’s sleep, which helps you to function much better during the day.

confidence boost closet

How much less stressful would the start of your day be if your closet was as organized and aesthetically pleasing as this custom closet space?

Be more productive

Part of the reason you’ll feel a confidence boost after decluttering is you’ll find you’re more productive. Having less clutter to contend with means it’ll be easier to make decisions, stay focussed, and get things done in a timely manner.

At home, daily or weekly tasks like cooking, getting dressed, and cleaning can be more enjoyable and less time-consuming. That can leave you more time for hobbies and fun activities.

Being more productive also makes you more willing to tackle those other projects that previously felt too imposing. This could include a home improvement project or something like getting in better shape.

Decluttering doesn’t just provide a confidence boost at home, either. Cleaning up your office or work area also leads to better productivity and clarity at work, along with less stress.

We specialize in confidence boosts

Your home life, work, health, and even relationships can all benefit from the confidence boost that comes when you reclaim control of your life and eliminate your clutter.

For more than four decades, Organized Interiors has been helping our customers get the confidence boost that comes with getting organized. They truly feel empowered from how much tidier and cleaner their home is after we’ve improved their living space with our home organization and storage solutions.

We can provide the same confidence boost to you. All you have to do is begin by booking your free in-home consultation with one of our design experts.

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