Custom Closet Ideas For The Accessory Lovers In Your Life

Accessory lovers know that eye-catching jewellery, a striking scarf and statement shoes take ordinary outfits and make them stunning.

The only problem with having a wide selection of accessories is that the collection can quickly clutter a closet.

If you have friends who love accessories, but don’t have the right storage solutions to keep them organized, consider giving a custom closet as a gift this holiday season.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

closet accessories help organize your closet

Jewellery lovers

A small jewellery box just doesn’t have enough space for the accessory lovers in your life. As an alternative solution, help design your friends a custom closet with jewellery drawers that will keep their collection organized.

These drawers have divided areas that make small pieces easy to find and prevent necklaces from getting tangled.

Shoe lovers

Don’t let your friends leave their favourite pairs of shoes cluttered on the closet floor. Offer your friends the perfect solution for both their shoe addiction and space: pull-out shoe racks.

These shoe drawers offer plenty of space for storage and prevent shoes from getting scuffed.

Scarf lovers

Scarves aren’t just for adding warmth when the weather is chilly. They are also great for enhancing style, and many different designs, colours and materials are available.

If your friends have a large collection, help them keep scarves organized with hooks installed in their custom closet. Hooks can also be used to store belts.

Give a one-of-a-kind gift this year with some of these closet accessory solutions. To get started, contact Organized Interiors today.

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