Organized Interiors Laundry Room Featured on the Marilyn Denis Show

Interior designer Jane Lockhart explained the benefits of a custom-fit laundry room from Organized Interiors on The Marilyn Denis Show.

Custom cabinetry from Organized Interiors can make your laundry room a place you actually want to spend time in. Our unique cabinetry can be customized to your needs and maximize your storage space.

Clever features like built-in laundry hamper and pull out drying racks keep everything organized and tidy. Deep drawers and closet space can be configured to the way you like to work and save you time.

Below are some of the show highlights.

Built-in laundry hamper

Marilyn loved the built-in laundry hamper.

Pull out drying rack

A pull out drying rack is a great use of space.

Deep drawers can hold spray bottles and other cleaning supplies

Deep drawers can hold spray bottles and other cleaning supplies that take up more vertical space.

Under sink storage

Under sink storage can contain shelves and drawers that are tailored to your needs.

Laundry room closet space with storage for brooms, vacuums, and cleaning supplies.

Closet space for a broom, vacuum, and mop. A pull out rack can be installed at eye level, making it easier to find cleaning products.

Premium wooden hangers from Organized Interiors

Everyone in the studio audience was given a box of premium wooden hangers from Organized Interiors.

Visit our laundry room page to learn more about the unique custom cabinetry options that can save you time and make your laundry room a place you’ll want to spend time.

The Marilyn Denis Show airs live weekdays at 10 a.m. ET on CTV,, and CTV GO.

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