Eliminate Home Office Clutter And Boost Your Productivity

Organizing home office clutter is a challenge for most of us. But an organized workspace simply makes life easier, whether it’s at your job or in your home.

Most importantly, a tidy home office will improve your productivity.

The Wall Street Journal estimates that office workers waste an average of 40% of their workday because of poor organizational habits.

A clean desk and office also reflects positively on your work ethic and organizational skills.

Get rid of that clutter both at work and in your home office and you’ll notice your work productivity increase in no time.

Eliminate home office clutter with a filing cabinet and a clean desk.

Use your drawers for filing

Cramming papers and office supplies into your desk drawers might keep your desk clean, but it can make bills or documents hard to find.

Consider using one or more of your office drawers for labelled file folder storage. Finding that important document will be much easier.

Digitize files

When all that piled up office paperwork becomes too much, scan your documents and organize them digitally instead.

You can always print out a hard copy if needed and that decrease in clutter will boost your productivity.

Stop making piles

It’s convenient to simply pile documents and folders on top of each other in order to minimize desk clutter.

This isn’t an effective way to manage clutter or stay productive –  you’ll just spend more time organizing in the future.

Rather than putting them into piles, put office papers away properly after you’re done using them.

Don’t forget about your email

Email management is also an important part of office organization. A cluttered email account can decrease productivity and make it difficult to find important messages.

Create email subfolders and spend a little time each day putting your emails into the correct one. Better yet, automate the process using email rules to keep your inbox organized.

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Keep frequently used items nearby

Some office supplies are used every day, but others are only required every few months. Keep frequently used materials close by, such as in your desk drawers.

This ensures you won’t waste time each day sorting through clutter to gather the supplies you need.

Don’t let home office clutter decrease your productivity. Organize the mess and then take the time to maintain your tidy space.

Solutions can be as easy as making better use of your existing office setup or updating your space with an improved office storage system.

Contact a design professional at Organized Interiors today to eliminate your home office clutter.

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