Help Your Child Refocus After The New Year With An Effective Study Space

The holiday season is officially over and the kids are back to school.

After a long break, it might be difficult for children to get back into the swing of things, but you can help them refocus with these ideas for creating a study space in the home.

Consider your children’s study preferences

Do your kids prefer to work in absolute silence or do they like soft background music? Every child is different, so ask your children what types of environments help them focus and which ones just distract them.

Some kids might need a quiet nook in the corner, but many kids might benefit from doing their homework at the dining room table, where they can interact with you and ask for help if they need it.

Stock up on supplies

From glue sticks to notebooks, there are often many different school supplies that students need to complete their homework and projects.

Stock up on these supplies and organize them with a bookshelf or desk. This will prevent you and your kids from losing items like pens, as well as keep your space clean.


Design a comfortable space

While you don’t want to create a space so comfortable that your kids fall asleep, you do want to design a space that promotes productivity.

A comfortable chair will allow for hours of studying, and a few personal touches like a family photo or a plant can boost their mood and help keep them energized.

Ask us about how we can create a home office space that’s also designed to accommodate your kids’ study needs.

Follow a schedule

Following a consistent schedule can help your children become more efficient and effective while studying.

Work with your kids to set up a time they can dedicate to homework and studying on week nights.

Some children might prefer to finish everything right after school, while others might want to wait until after dinner.

Give them something to look forward to after studying

Your kids work hard studying for school, so make the effort worthwhile by adding a little fun into the mix.

You could bring the family together to play a game or go out for ice cream to keep their spirits and energy up.

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