How to Fold Fitted Sheets

Folding clothes, towels, and blankets is pretty simple. But folding a fitted sheet? Well, that’s another story.

After trying and failing multiple times, it can be tempting to just scrunch up your sheets and throw them in the linen closet.

Bunching up your sheets, however, takes up more space in your closet than a sheet should and it also leaves your closet looking disheveled.

Instead, follow these simple steps and learn how to fold your fitted sheets with ease. You’ll save space and your linen closet will look neat and tidy.

  1. Turn your sheet inside out, with the tag facing away from your body. Place each hand into the corner seams, with one hand in the foot corner and the other in the head corner.
  2. Bring your two hands together and tuck one corner inside the other so that both corners are now in just one of your hands.
  3. Grab the corner that is hanging in front with your free hand and repeat the previous step.
  4. Next, bring up the last corner and tuck it underneath the others.
  5. Now that the corners are tucked neatly into each other, you can easily fold your sheet into a small square or rectangle. Place the folded sheet in your linen closet and enjoy having space to store more of your stuff!

Here is a short video that demonstrates how to fold your fitted sheets easily.

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