Kids Bedroom Storage: 7 Tips to Help Your Children Stay Organized

It wasn’t until the 1800s that kids bedrooms are known to have begun to be used. Even then, they weren’t very common until the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 1900s.

There is one thing you can count on – for as long as kids bedrooms have existed, there have been constant squabbles between parents and their offspring over the messiness of these rooms.

Instilling good organization habits in your kids early on will serve them well for a lifetime. If you’re finding it a challenge to have your children or young teens maintain a clean bedroom, there are some ways to remedy this frustrating situation.

Follow these kids bedroom storage tips to get their private home space looking and functioning much better.

1. The first step in increasing kids bedroom storage space: declutter

A productive way to increase the amount of kids bedroom storage space available is to first declutter. Out-of-season clothing can be moved to a more spacious storage area of the house.

Kids grow quickly and clothes that no longer fit them are likely occupying valuable closet and dresser drawer storage space. Assess the wearability of their wardrobe and donate their outgrown clothing to charity or pass them on to friends and family.

No-longer-used toys are another item that tends to accumulate and contribute to household clutter when kids outgrow them. Decide on which toys are still valued by your kids and add the rest to your donation pile.

Bring your kids with you when you drop the donations off at the charity. They’ll get firsthand experience of how donating their old items will end up helping the less fortunate.

open shelves closet

2. Closet organizers aren’t just for adults

Good storage solutions shouldn’t be restricted to just the bedrooms of adults. One of the best ways to help with kids bedroom storage and organization is a closet organizer.

Our modular SmartLine closet organizer system is ideal for children and older kids. Designed to allow for excellent flexibility, you can adjust the heights of shelving and the closet’s hanging bar as your kids grow. The organizer’s layout can also be easily reconfigured, depending on the wardrobe storage needs of your kids.

Keeping your children’s bedrooms clean and well-maintained becomes much easier when they have an efficient storage and organization system in place. A closet organizer with kid-friendly heights provides such a solution. Add child-sized hangers and accessories like hooks to make organizing even easier for them.

3. Open shelving for easy access

If your kids are new to organization, open shelving is a great way to keep their belongings easily accessible. Closets with open shelves can be used for shoes, books, backpacks, clothes, and other items.

Stress the importance of putting items back where they’re taken from and not just tossing them anywhere. This will make it a lot easier for your kids to maintain their space’s cleanliness.

4. Use storage bins for toys and other belongings

Even with some proper kids bedroom and storage solutions, you might still be looking for additional storage options for what your kids’ closets and shelves can’t hold, such as toys.

Organized Interiors has storage bins that can be used for these items. It’s a good idea to use labels on them to easily find things.

5. Maximize storage space in small or shared bedrooms

The importance of having good kids bedroom storage solutions is highlighted when your children have a small bedroom and have less storage space to work with.

Siblings sharing a bedroom can also make storage and organization a challenge, both in terms of available space and issues with boundaries. Maximizing your storage space helps.

6. Reward the cleanup efforts of your kids

While a clean bedroom is its own reward, it certainly doesn’t hurt to reward your kids once in a while for a job well done with their cleanup efforts.

Along with verbal praise, occasionally reward them with treats after a well-done bedroom cleanup or if they’ve maintained a clean bedroom for a few weeks.

7. Set a good example

Kids emulate the behaviours and tendencies of their parents, so lead by example. If your bedroom is a catastrophe, how can you reasonably expect high cleanliness standards from your kids?

Keeping your bedroom organized and clutter-free sets a good example for your kids. It also makes your day-to-day routine run smoother.

Whether it’s your messy bedroom or your kids’ bedroom that’s sorely in need of some storage and organization solutions, Organized Interiors can help. We provide complimentary in-home design consultations, so book yours today.

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