Laundry: Easy Ways To Divide And Conquer

Multiple laundry hampers from Organized Interiors.
Who says that household chores like laundry have to actually feel like a chore?

Here are seven ways your family can divide and conquer laundry each week and make it more manageable (and fun) for everyone.

Skip laundry on the weekends

Do laundry during the weekdays, and only do one load per night. By putting your laundry room to work on the weekdays, you can keep your weekends free for fun activities.

Tackling only one load each night will make the chore feel easier to accomplish.

Sort by colour

Use three laundry bins instead of one to keep darks, mid-tones and whites separate (then you won’t have to separate one large pile of dirty clothes later).

Make sure everyone in your family is throwing their dirty clothes in the right bins. Then, when one bin is full, you can start the machine.

Divvy up tasks

Divvy up tasks among family members. One person can be in charge of washing, another can switch clothes to the dryer, and you can have someone else solely in charge of folding clothes.

To make laundry less boring, rotate tasks each week or day.

Fold and store big items

Fold larger items that can be put away easily right away, like towels and blankets. If you have a large family, save socks in a smaller basket and only pair and fold them once a week.

Do this with the family so everyone can claim their socks and put them away independently.

Save energy

Time of Use Rates for Toronto HydroBe aware of the best times to do laundry efficiently. In most municipalities the cheapest time to do laundry is on the weekends and evenings.

Post a Time of Use chart in your laundry room and wait until after seven each night to use the washer or dryer. One load per night during peak time will save substantial dollars on your energy bill.

Here are a few links to Time-of-Use Pricing (TOU) in and around the greater Toronto area:

If your city isn’t listed here just do a search for “time of use” for your city/town.

Get organized

Keep the laundry room organized with custom cabinetry. This will allow you to keep detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, hangers, baskets and hampers all in one place, and it can also help speed up the laundry process.

Have fun

Look for opportunities to make laundry fun. For example, you could use laundry as a way to bond with the kids or your partner by tackling the chore together.

To make folding more enjoyable, you can fold while watching your favourite TV show. There are many ways to make laundry time a more fun and manageable experience.

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