Linen Closet Organization Tips

The next time you have guests over, wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly grab them an extra blanket, without having to search your entire closet?

A messy linen closet is not only an eyesore, but it can also make sheets, towels and blankets difficult to find.

The solution? Simple! Just follow these three linen closet organization tips.

organized linen in closet

1. Get rid of what you don’t use

If you’re still storing old blankets that you’re too embarrassed to hand over to friends and family, why not get rid of them?

Go through your closet and decide which items you want to keep and use and which linens you could either donate or throw away.

This will give you more room to work with and prevent you from having to stuff your closet to the point where you can barely shut your door.

2. Group similar items and sets together

Rather than just placing linens wherever there is an open spot, group similar items together so that you know exactly where each item goes and where to find it later.

Towels, blankets and sheets can all be separated and put into there own designated spaces. You can also group sheet sets together, so that it’s easy to make the bed before guests arrive.

3. Take advantage of open shelves, pull-out drawers and storage bins

Even if you store linens in closets where you store clothes, toys or outdoor equipment, you can easily make room for your bedding with custom solutions.

Closet solutions like the SmartLine and Classic organizers from Organized Interiors have open shelves and pullout drawers that you can use to store bins and organize linen.

Every home has unique space challenges when it comes to organization. If you’re stuck and need help with your linen closet or any closet in your home, talk to us!

We have amazing design consultants with proven solutions that can help you get organized. Schedule a free in-home design consultation to meet with one of them.

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