Maximize Your Closet Space – Big Storage Solutions for Small Closets

You may think you couldn’t possibly get more use out of your small closet without studying the laws of physics and gravity. But all you need is a simple change in perspective.

Classic closet organizer

Think differently

Look at your closet. Standard closets come with one rack spanning the width of the space with a shelf on top of it. Look past it, or better yet, take it out. Now what do you see? It’s more than just a box, it’s a three dimensional space.

Now consider the height, width, and depth. If it were a sealed space, how much water could it contain? Don’t try this! Just get your mind thinking about the space as a big container ready for filling.

Let’s get personal

Think about what you need to store in it. Do you wear suits, dresses, and skirts? If so you need to hang them up, leaving about 24″ of depth and enough room across so the clothing can “breathe” and not get crushed.

Think vertically

Look up. Take advantage of the height and double-hang the racks so there is enough room so that the clothing on the bottom rack doesn’t graze the floor. You can either extend the top rack to accommodate long pieces or add another long rack.

Think horizontally

This will leave more space to add horizontal shelving. There’s no need for a 24″ depth for sweaters and ready-to-wear items, unless the shelves can be pulled out so you can see what’s in the back. Otherwise, consider short-stacking the shelves so fewer items rest on more shelves.

Keep it at eye level

Keep what you need on a regular basis at eye level. Use upper storage for items used less often. Some people prefer to use storage boxes and containers for the out-of-the-way items and the day-to-day items exposed for easy use.

If the shoe fits…

If the shoe fits, take good care of it! After a quick wipe down, shoes need to be stored in a dry, clean space, preferably upright and properly supported (like popping simple cardboard tubes into boots).

If your preference is to put them in drawers, look into a pull out shoe rack for larger footwear collections. Even the smallest closets can add stacked shelves on the floor.

Bags of bags

Like shoes, purses can take up lots of space. If you hang them together they can become a big, twisted clump. Give them their space. Add a series of cubbies or store them in clear boxes so you can see each one and access them easily.

It’s the little things that count

At the end of the day when you want to take off your watch, jewelry, belts, and small accessories, you need to have a place to put them.

There are multiple solutions and container systems available that take up very little space. Even a simple hook can do wonders. An extra shelf or counter top can be a regular drop-off spot, or include a drawer in your shelving system so you can simply tuck away and hide.

closet accessories help organize your closet

It’s personal

Your closet is your space, a reflection of your lifestyle. You can try to modify the space on your own or you can talk to an expert and have them show you how to maximize your closet space.

Organized Interiors’ design consultants specialize in creating personal, one-of-a-kind fittings, custom-designed for your personal storage needs.

Schedule a free in-home design consultation with one of our professionals to start getting more from your closet spaces.

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