Organization Tips for Front Door Closets

Front door closets can be tricky to organize – especially when you have large coats, shoes, sports equipment and more household items that need to be stored.

If you’re having a hard time keeping your closet tidy (and resorting to stuffing everything into one chaotic pile), try out some of these handy organization tips.

  • Combine your hanging rod with shelving to accommodate for more than just coats.
  • shoe rackInstead of throwing all of your shoes on the closet floor, keep them tidy with a shoe organizer. There are various kinds of shoe organizers you can choose from, including hanging organizers and shoe racks. This will make it easier for everyone in the family to find their shoes in the morning.
  • Storage boxes are an easy way to prevent your closet from looking cluttered and allow you to sort and categorize items to keep everything organized.
  • In the winter, why hang your spring and fall coats in the entryway closet? If you have space somewhere else (such as the basement or attic), store items and seasonal clothes you don’t need elsewhere to keep your closet tidy and functional. Ask about garment racks available at Organized Interiors.garment rack with white clothes hanging
  • Invest in a custom mudroom closet to keep your entryway always organized. The experts at Organized Interiors are skilled in transforming closet spaces to match your needs and space. With a custom solution, you can have your closet doors removed, add a built-in bench and turn an ordinary closet into a stylish storage area.

If a custom solution sounds like the right plan for your entryway, request a free in-home design consultation with Organized Interiors.

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