How To Organize Your Guest Room

Some people say the more storage you offer overnight guests the longer they’ll stay.

Good to know if you’re expecting a visit from your least favourite cousin. But good or bad, what can make or break a guest’s visit comes down to simple organization.

If you already have a designated guest room with a bed that’s a great start. If you are using a spare room, den/office, or space in your basement, here are some tips to make or break it.


Is there a closet or place to hang up your coat?

Break: there’s a coat rack by the door, wall hooks and/or a spare chair in the corner. This says, “We like you, but this is temporary and sorry we don’t have any hangers”.

Make: the space includes a closet behind doors with a couple of feet of rod space and a shelf. This is all most guests need to hang up crushed, travel-packed clothes.

Make them never leave: a custom walk-in closet!


Is there a dresser or place to tuck away folded clothing?

Break: remember that chair?

Make: a clean, empty multi-drawer dresser or built-in drawer system in a closet is very handy and allows guests to settle in and feel at home.

Make them never leave: a closet organizer, complete with multiple storage options including hanging rods, pull out rods, tie racks, jewelry drawer and tilt out laundry hamper.

A wall bed can create an instant guest room.

Bedside storage

Is there a place for reading material, an alarm clock, and a lamp?

Break: there’s a high stack of old magazines that can balance stuff beside the futon.

Make: a table or set of drawers with a roomy top surface is a great convenience for guests at bedtime. A bedside lamp prevents stumbling to an overhead light switch in an unfamiliar space.

Make them never leave: a bedroom storage system complete with open shelves, drawers and built in lighting with a wall bed that tucks away during the day.

Bathroom storage

Is there room for visiting toiletries?

Break: that’s what the top of toilet tanks are for, right?

Make: temporarily clear off some of the shared counter space and clean out a drawer. Or install some custom cabinets overhead, designed to your space.

Make them never leave: an ensuite guest bathroom with fluffy towels and extra toilet paper rolls handy to avoid guests needing to ask for them.

Any room can be a great guest room as long as there is a bed and proper storage.

Organized Interiors can help make the storage space you already have more efficient and beautiful or custom build for whatever your organization needs are.

We just can’t guarantee your guests will leave.

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