How Has Organized Interiors Evolved Throughout its 35 Years in Business?

Interview with Mike Albo – President, Organized Interiors
We started out as a glass and mirror shop specializing in Closet Mirror Doors where we were creating additional wardrobe space in bedrooms with floor to ceiling and wall to wall mirror doors and it was natural for us to complete the interior of the closet with organization. This led us into the closet and cabinetry industry.Throughout the past 35 years we have expanded into manufacturing many custom fitted cabinet storage solutions like wardrobes, dressing rooms, home offices, wallbeds, entertainment systems, pantries, wall units, bathroom vanities, and in the last five years into the garage.
What has been the secret to Organized Interiors success?
Our passion and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been the real focal point of our leadership and success in this industry. Behind each and every one of our products is a team of professionals who take great pride in the design, manufacture and installation of what we specialize in. We believe it is a privilege that customers allow us to do work in their home and we are very grateful for this. We never lose sight that we earn our living from our customers and therefore treat them with the upmost respect, integrity, craftsmanship, and trust. That is why the majority of our business comes from referrals and loyal repeat customers that has made the company successful for the past 35 years.
How important is customer service and ensuring that the client is always satisfied?
Customer satisfaction is the most important goal for Organized Interiors. Our commitment to our customers is very simple: to give the very best we can…whether it is advice, our products, our service, and our value for the workmanship and quality we offer.
Tell us a bit about the showroom?
We believe the showroom is an important part of the buying experience for homeowners to be inspired and help visualize their project, inspect the quality and workmanship, and it minimizes errors in customer expectations on their custom work and helps them make their selection and decisions easier and with confidence. It’s also a reflection of the company’s leadership in product innovation. We are always updating the 10,000 sq ft showroom with the latest storage cabinetry solutions, designs, colours, styles and customers are exposed to many ideas and options that they may never consider and then may regret their decisions.
We encourage customers to visit our unique showroom which is the largest in North America and it’s worth visiting when contemplating a project that involves cabinetry and storage. Visitors will see 17 closet settings, 15 Bedroom, Wardrobe and Wallbed applications, 10 areas showcasing Home Offices and Entertainment Wall Units, 9 Closet Door systems, 6 full garages and 9 Shower Door displays and the list goes on even for the bath, kitchen, laundry and Mud rooms. The showroom also gives customers the comfort that they are dealing with the leading company that has a solid reputation with people that deliver on its promises and guarantees from workmanship to the after sale service when something is ever required. Every day we hear customers rave about the work we did and this makes us happy and fulfills our mission in the work we have been doing all these years.
How does Organized Interiors enhance comfort and make life a little bit easier?
We believe that storage solutions and organization provides added comfort and convenience in today’s fast paced environment and lifestyles. More and more people are realizing that the key to successful living is being organized, productive, and efficient as it leads to accomplishing more in less time when you have an Organized Lifestyle.
Home efficiency becomes even more important when managing a household, family, and a career. Organization is a must-have, time saving home feature similar to dishwashers, showers, and having a home computer or office. Clutter living has an enormous impact on our lives. It steals away our time, it costs us money, and makes us frustrated.
In my own personal experience at home and with customers, I have seen this over and over again, how effective organization can be a tool to take control of this clutter problem and help make life a little easier. We believe it starts every morning when you need to get dressed as an organized closet helps eliminate the fuss in the daily routine of finding and deciding what to wear.
Homeowners that have done their closets are now expanding to having many areas of the home organized including having their garage transformed into a neat, tidy, and organized space not only to park their cars but also make it an inviting clutter free entrance to come home to.
We have enough stresses in our lives…improvements to home organization helps reduce the clutter and control your space which leads to making life a little easier.

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