Space-Saving Murphy Beds Are Back

When you hear the term Murphy bed or wall bed you might picture a small, springy mattress tucked behind a closet door.

Murphy beds have come a long way in recent years, and they are showing up in smaller houses and condos once more for good reason.

Murphy bed

A Murphy bed in chocolate pear tucks away in this home library.

Not your mother’s Hide-A-Bed

In her article featured in The Globe and Mail last year writer, Ellen Himelfarb describes the new slick designs as, “Not your mother’s hide-a-bed, to be sure.” She noted the demand for Murphy beds is increasing.

Versatile design is key

New designs have transformed the Murphy bed into a space-saving, stylish and comfortable addition to one’s home. Murphy beds are now designed to look great whether they’re in use, or tucked away.

Reclaim your space

Wall beds help you reclaim your space. If you live in a tiny condo, a Murphy bed is essentially a must-have. Unlike regular beds, Murphy beds take up no space during the day.

You can design a workroom, a work out area, dining room, office or even a living room around a Murphy bed. Use the space the way you want to during the day.

When it’s time to go to sleep, simply pull down your bed and enjoy resting on a high-quality, comfortable mattress.

The right fit

When guests come to stay, they’ll never guess that there’s a bed hiding behind your beautiful cabinetry.

The newest wall bed designs can be customized to fit right into your home’s style. This ensures your wall bed enhances your overall design.

Easy to operate wall bed

Spring-balanced Murphy beds are safe and easy to operate.

Easy-peasy to operate

The latest wall beds are easy to lift and pull down. “And they don’t take 500 pounds of person-power to stow away,” Himelfarb wrote.

Companies now offer beds designed with ease of use in mind. Organized Interiors’ wall beds, for example, feature a patented spring-based mechanism that makes both lifting and lowering the bed a breeze. And safe!

When you live in a small space, the Murphy bed simply makes the most sense.

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