How To Make Room In Your Closet For Warmer Clothes

sweater weather is here
Photo by Lisa Whiteman

Sweater weather is here!

Goodbye shorts and tank tops. It’s time to replace your summer clothes with sweaters, coats, jeans and winter accessories.

Of course, in order to start wearing pieces from your winter wardrobe, you’ll first need to make room in your closet for these bulkier items.

Here are some ways you can keep your closet organized as the seasons and your wardrobe change.

Goodbye summer clothes

To start, put away your summer clothes until they’re needed once more. Shorts, bathing suits, summer dresses and any other apparel that you don’t plan to wear during the winter can be stored in boxes and placed under the bed, in a spare closet, basement or attic.

This will not only open up more closet space, but it also ensures that your closet only contains wearable winter pieces to streamline your morning routine.

Sort and discard

After your summer clothes are put away, sort through your winter apparel and make a pile of clothes you no longer wish to keep.

You’ll want to place clothes that you no longer like or wear or pieces that are too worn in this pile. Then, depending on the condition of each item, you can decide to either sell, donate or toss the clothes.

This will prevent you from overcrowding your closet with clothes you never wear and will make room for new pieces you plan to buy this year.

Space evaluation

Now it’s time to get creative. Evaluate how much space you have to work with and whether you need more storage room. Sweaters and pants are bulkier and tend to take up more space than summer clothes.

If you need more shelves to fold your pants and sweaters, take advantage of vertical space in your closets or room walls by installing additional shelves.

You can also consider a custom closet solution that will keep your closet organized year after year. Custom closets work with the space you have effectively and efficiently so that every article of clothing you own has a place to call home.

Updating your closet for winter can be as simple as removing summer items and replacing them with your sweaters and coats. Other times, adjustments to your closet need to be made.

If you’re in need of a custom closet, book a complimentary in-home design consultation with the experts at Organized Interiors today.

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