The Anatomy of a Hanger

Closet hangers might seem like a small purchase, but the ones you choose can make a big difference.

There are many different materials and styles of hangers available, from wire to padded. Some hangers are made with additional features like strap hooks and others are made exclusively for pants and skirts.

How do you choose the right hanger for your wardrobe?

Wrinkle free dry cleaned clothes

At Organized Interiors, we value premium design and offer premium hardwood hangers that will not only keep your closet organized but protect your clothing investment.

beautiful hangers
Select between high-quality cherry or white hardwood hangers.

The metal head of our hangers is smartly designed with a safety hook to prevent scratching. 

The shoulders are strong to support jackets and shirts, and we carry thicker hanger shapes to support heavier suit jackets.

Notches securely hold straps in place and prevent clothing from falling.

Last, but not least, the spine features a supportive cross bar that, like the shoulders, is resistant to slips and creases. 

Choosing premium hangers can help you maintain your wardrobe and extend the life of your clothing. Quality hangers will be both stretch and crease-resistant. They will prevent shirts and dresses from slipping and keep items wrinkle-free.

It’s important, however, that your closet isn’t too crowded, as your hangers can only help so much. Purge your closet regularly, eliminating out of season pieces and keeping only what you love and wear often. You can also optimize space by using one hanger for a pants and jacket set.

An organized closet makes it much easier to select an outfit each morning, and with high-quality hangers you don’t have to worry about clothing being stretched out or wrinkled when you’re in a rush.

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