Top 10 Trending Shades of Grey Finishes

Not everything is black and white. Grey has become the new neutral with a special allure of many shades. Some greys are feisty others are shy.
Organized Interiors has a number of interesting grey finishes for our custom closets, home offices, and laundry rooms. Any of our custom cabinetry solutions can be finished with the grey colours listed below. Discover the many unique, intimate details of our shades of grey.
Summer Drops
Summer-DropsOur coolest of greys with flat finish and a slight hint of blue.
Latitude East
Latitude-EastA love-at-first-sight delicate textured grain bringing out the best of its surrounding décor.
Silver Gloss
Silver-GlossDraws you win with its chic metallic finish and mingles well with other colours and textures.
Pizzo Ferrato
Pizzo-FerattoThe texture and warm hue is an instant charmer.
CastellinaWith highlights of beige and delicate dark streaks, the finish has a wide appeal.
Spring Blossom
Spring-BlossomA must see loaded with charisma: a matt finish, streaks of delicate sheen topped with a grainy and textured finish.
Audacity Gloss
Audacity-GlossA chic contemporary feel, charged up with attitude with its a gloss flat finish
Metallic Charcoal
Metalic-CharcoalA unique delicate micro texture which pairs nicely with other finishes.
AntroaciteAs its mineral name implies, the slate polished look and metallic sparkle is a true gem.
TuxedoStylistically, the deeper grey-brown shade bridges across a span of décor styles from traditional to contemporary.
Characteristics Guide
Organized Interiors’ greys are bursting with personality. Many of them have overlapping characteristics that can be described with three categories — sheen, finish and style.
Our design experts are here to help you use these wonderful shades of grey to express your own style. Contact us for more information or visit our showroom to get a better idea of what these shades look like.

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