Turning Your Master Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

sanctuaryNo matter what your living situation, we all need a relaxing place to call our own at the end of the day. Whether it’s to escape roommates, kids, or just the daily hassles of work and life, your master bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can de-stress and decompress. If your bedroom feels more “cluttered mess” than “blissful escape,” here are some simple steps that anyone can take to get closer to having their own private oasis in their very own home.
Soothing Colours
Everyone has their own colour preferences, but there are certain colours that naturally lend themselves to relaxing while other colours are more stimulating and suited to environments where you don’t spend most of your time sleeping. Greens, blues, and neutrals are all fantastic choices for clearing your mind, breathing deeply, and slowing down your heart rate. Reds and yellows are more stimulating and perhaps better suited to your kitchen or somewhere else where high-energy stimulation is more welcome.
Get Rid of the Clutter
All too often bedrooms can turn into storage space. While it may be tempting to throw all of the dirty laundry, unfinished piles of work, laptops, phone chargers, and everything else you don’t want your friends and family looking at when you’re hosting company into the bedroom, this robs you of the sanctuary you need in today’s high-stress environment.
Instead of cluttering up your bedroom’s living space, make better use of your existing closets by getting creative. Designate special bins or cubbies for work, electronics, or anything else that can remind you of your daily stresses.
Making Mornings Easier
Hiding away clutter is one way to make your bedroom less stressful, but simply tucking it away without organizing it is only going to make life stressful again when you can’t find the clothes you want to wear or the cell phone charger that you need in the morning.
Organize your belongings by, again, making full use of the closet that you have. If you think you have too many clothes to organize effectively, stop to think:
Do you only have one rod in your closet? Perhaps you could save space by adding another underneath for shorter articles of clothing like shirts and skirts.
Be sure to hang overhead shelves to keep personal belongings that you don’t use regularly. They won’t be taking up space where you want to keep more frequently used belongings at arm’s reach, but you’ll know where they are when you need to find them.

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