The Best Way To Keep Your Dry Cleaned Clothes Wrinkle Free

Wrinkle free dry cleaned clothes

Here’s a scenario you’ve probably experienced before: You bring your clothes to the dry cleaner and they come out looking crisp and clean.

After a few days in your closet, however, your dry cleaned clothes are already back to looking wrinkled and in need of a good ironing. Frustrating, right?

The good news is that this scenario can be avoided. With a few simple tips and techniques up your sleeve, you can keep your dry cleaned clothes wrinkle-free.

Put dry cleaned clothes away immediately

Many times, wrinkles are formed during the time after cleaning and before putting the clothes away.

Rather than throwing your clothes on the bed and leaving them to put away later, hang or fold them right after they’ve been cleaned to reduce wrinkles.

Don’t overcrowd your closet

Stuffing as many clothes into your closet or drawer space is likely to cause wrinkles. When hanging clothes, leave a little bit of space between each shirt and never fill your drawer space so much that you can’t easily close or open it.

If you need more space in your closets to store clothes, consider a custom closet solution that will maximize your space.

Know when it’s best to fold or hang clothes

Some clothes, like dress shirts or linen fabrics, need to be hung in order to prevent wrinkles. Other items, such as knit sweaters, are best folded.

Sort through your clothes and determine which articles of clothing should be hung in the closet, folded, or placed on a shelf or in a drawer.

Learn how to properly fold your clothes

While some clothes should be folded, the way in which you fold those clothes can cause wrinkles. The video below can help you with your shirt folding technique.

Keep a wrinkle-free spray handy

Sometimes wrinkles happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them. With a wrinkle-free spray, you can quickly get rid of creases and wrinkles before heading out the door – without even turning on your iron.

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