How A Custom Closet For Dad Will Make His Father’s Day

Let’s face it – Father’s Day doesn’t get the same level of respect as Mother’s Day.

In the U.S., Mother’s Day was officially declared a national holiday in 1914. Father’s Day wasn’t granted the same status until almost six decades later, in 1972.

Furthermore, a survey conducted last year by the National Retail Federation found that American consumers were expected to spend $13 billion on Father’s Day gifts that year versus $21 billion spent on mom’s special day.

Why not do your part to help balance the scales of gift-giving inequity? Make dad’s day this coming Father’s Day with the unique and practical gift of a custom closet and some handy closet accessories to help him get organized.

A custom closet maximizes dad’s storage space

A professionally designed custom closet maximizes your available storage space and your ability to get organized and stay organized.

Shoe racks, closet shelving that can hold out-of-season clothing, drawers with dividers, and other handy features will make dad’s daily routine much smoother.

He’ll love the vastly improved sense of order he’ll experience in the bedroom with his wardrobe and other belongings.

Improve marital harmony

Adding a custom closet can minimize bickering between couples that may occur due to a lack of storage space in the bedroom.

After all, more closet space for dad also means more storage freedom for mom!

Add value to your home

Unlike most store-bought closet organizers, a custom closet designed by a professional is high quality and built for a long life.

This adds value to your home. It can also be designed to complement your bedroom’s decor.

Complement your new addition with closet accessories

There are a wide range of closet accessories to elevate the amazing functionality of a custom closet to even greater heights.

  • a tie rack lets you easily find any tie you need and is a much better option than letting them get wrinkled by folding them up in a drawer or hanging them over a hanger or the closet rod
  • retractable valet rods don’t take up much room and provide a space to hang your ready-to-go outfit for the next day
  • a low profile belt rack allows you to keep your belts properly organized and can be installed just about anywhere in a custom closet
  • a watch winder and storage space for your watches (in drawers or a glass-covered cabinet) are the perfect home for dad’s collection of fine timepieces

Tie rack

Spend less time ironing

When your clothes are jammed into too confined a space, they’re more likely to wrinkle.

A custom closet allows you to keep more space between clothing that’s more susceptible to wrinkling, like dress pants and dress shirts. Improved closet spacing means less time on the ironing board.

Buck the trend of buying a traditional and unimaginative Father’s Day gift this year, such as a tie.

A custom closet organization solution for dad on his special day will surprise and delight him, delivering the benefits of more space and enhanced organization capabilities on a daily basis for years.

Visit our showroom for some custom closet ideas and when you’re ready, book a free in-home consultation with one of our designers.

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