7 Ways Your Closet Can Help You Maintain a Good Morning Routine

Between waking up, eating breakfast, getting the kids fed and off to school, showering, getting dressed, and getting out the door in time to make it to work, your morning is pretty busy.

By limiting the amount of time you spend looking for specific items, you can establish and maintain a good morning routine that’s efficient.

Look no further than the closet for some ideas that can save you time in the morning.

Upgrade your closet space to help you establish a good morning routine

Having the right closet organizer and closet accessories will contribute to a good morning routine that’s stress-free.

Let’s look at seven ways you can improve your closet space to save you time in the morning and throughout the day.

Good morning routine helper #1: four position hangers

Offering four positions in which to hang your items, this closet accessory is perfect for hanging the outfit you’ll be wearing the next day. A four position hanger barely takes up any space and is stronger than it looks.

You might also consider adding a four position hanger to the side of a cabinet or to your laundry room or mudroom for additional hanging space.

Good morning routine helper #2: retractable valet rods

A retractable valet rod or two added to your closet is a simple, yet effective way to speed up your morning routine. Retractable valet rods take up very little space and can be used for hanging up the outfit you’ll be wearing the following day.

Using a valet rod for your outfits will leave one less worry in the morning and your outfit will stay wrinkle-free, which might not be the case if you were draping the ready-to-wear ensemble over the back of a chair. Valet rods are also ideal for your laundry room.

Good morning routine helper #3: a pullout ironing board

When you do need to give any of your clothing a quick ironing while getting ready in the morning, have a handy pullout ironing board added to a drawer in your closet, dressing room, or laundry room.

It saves space and offers a quick, convenient solution when you’re pressed for time.

good morning routine ironing board

Good morning routine helper #4: drawer dividers

Are your drawers containing your socks, underwear, and other small articles of clothing a complete mess? If so, that will slow you down whenever you’re searching for a particular item.

Keep your drawers organized with helpful drawer dividers. You’ll find it much easier to sort and group your belongings and make sure you’re able to maintain a good morning routine.

Good morning routine helper #5: sliding belt racks

Hold all your belts in one place so you don’t waste your time searching for them in the morning. Attach a low profile sliding belt rack below a high closet shelf, which makes your belts easy to view and access.

In addition to contributing to a good morning routine, this closet accessory also helps your belts maintain their shape.

Good morning routine helper #6: jewellery drawers

Earrings and other smaller jewellery items can be hard to keep track of without an effective organization system in place.

We can add one or more high quality jewellery drawers to your closet space to store your jewellery in compartments with a felt lining to protect your valuables.

good morning routine jewellery drawer

Good morning routine helper #7: custom closet organizers

Saving the best for last, you’ll set yourself up for a successful morning routine by adding a custom closet organizer to your bedroom.

Choose from our SmartLine, Classic, or Custom Cabinetry Collection organizers to significantly boost your ability to keep your closets tidy, thereby ensuring a good morning routine.

More storage and organization solutions to help your day start right

Along with these seven ideas to improve your closet space, Organized Interiors has many more storage and organization solutions to help you maintain a good morning routine.

From bedroom storage solutions like bed surrounds and wardrobes to custom cabinetry solutions for the rest of your home, we can help.

If you’d like to improve the efficiency of your morning routine by adding better organization and storage to your home, book your complimentary in-home design consultation today.

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