How To Combat The Darker Days With Organization

Waking up in the dark sucks!

Getting ready for work and leaving the house in what feels like the coldest, darkest part of night, isn’t much fun. Fighting our instincts to just go back to bed and snuggle under the covers can be a real struggle.

Here are some tips to help you get through your morning while you combat the shorter, darker days ahead.

Before you go to bed…

Help your morning routine by setting things up the night before. Make sure your towels and toiletries are out and ready to be used in your bathroom.

You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to get going in the morning with just a little preparation beforehand.

Plan ahead

Since shuffling around a dark closet can be a recipe for a fashion disaster, plan ahead and save time. Figure out your next day’s wardrobe from head to toe.

A valet rod can be your best weapon against wrinkled, mismatched clothing.

Get a valet rod

A retractable valet rod takes up very little space and gives in your closet to hang up your outfit, assembled and ready to wear.

It can also hold a damp towel after you finish dressing to keep it off the floor and away from dry clothes.

It’s tempting to hook clothes hangers over the top of closet doors but that can lead to problems. Scratches on the doors and an improperly hung outfit may end up making more work for you.

Valet rods in clothes closet.

Footwear fixes

Not everybody keeps their shoes and boots in a bedroom closet. If you need to find your footwear in the morning, leave it where you can slip it on before you walk out the door.

When tall boots aren’t in use, simply pop an empty cardboard paper towel roll inside each boot. It will help them stay standing straight instead of flopping over.

Where did I leave my keys?

A great place to put house keys and car keys is on your bedside table every night. Car break-ins are not uncommon during longer, darker nights.

If you hear someone outside in the middle of the night, press the door lock on your key fob to deter thieves. If necessary, set off your car alarm.

Wherever you put your keys at night, be consistent. Save yourself from running around in the morning, trying to remember where you left them.

Reflective clothing tape

Coming home in the dark isn’t much fun either. Make sure that motorists can see you to stay safe.

Pick up some reflective clothing tape from a dollar store and wrap it around a purse strap or put it on a backpack.

Adding a strip to your coat or jacket will make it easier for drivers who are trying to navigate pedestrian traffic in the dark.

Things are looking brighter already

Remember, it’s only temporary! The days will start getting longer on December 21st. You can make it! So why not do it in an organized, stylish, and safe way.

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