3 Highly Effective Customized Shoe Storage Ideas

Finding a place for every pair of footwear you own can be quite aggravating without the proper storage systems in place.

Are your pairs of athletic shoes, heels, dress shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, and sandals kept in an orderly manner, or is it a daily challenge keeping everything organized?

If it’s the latter in your case, then read on for some highly effective customized shoe storage ideas.

1. Pullout shoe storage racks work great in dressing rooms

The biggest benefit of a dressing room (or large walk-in closet) is obviously the extra amount of space for storing your wardrobe and belongings. Put that extra space to good use.

Dedicate a specific area of your dressing room to shoe storage that uses a smart closet accessory like pullout shoe storage racks.

A pullout customized shoe storage rack for your dressing room helps to easily manage your collection of footwear. They can be installed anywhere in your closet, to whatever depth you require. Metal railing on the front of the pullout shelves ensures that your shoes won’t slide forward when the shelves are pulled out.

Pullout shoe racks can also be added to wardrobes and regular closets, depending on available space. Speak with one of our designers for more details.


2. Shoe racks as part of a closet organizer system

A good closet organizer system can be used in a wide range of closet sizes. Bring stylish organization into your bedroom with stationary shoe racks that you can size to your storage needs.

Keep your footwear accessible, clean, and coordinated with this practical customized shoe storage solution.

3. Customized shoe storage using cubbies/dividers

If shoe racks aren’t to your liking, consider a cubby/divider storage option as part of your closet organizer system. Cubbies leave your footwear easy to access and easy to keep organized. Their storage space can also be used for bags, purses, and other belongings that aren’t hung up.

Customized shoe storage organizers offer a sophisticated way to keep all of your shoes neatly put away and accessible.

Let our experts bring a fresh and creative approach to your design needs with these customized shoe storage ideas. Schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our designers today.

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