How To Determine Your Entertainment Unit’s Best TV Height

Adding an entertainment unit to your home can do you wonders for improving your viewing experience.

They’re highly functional and add an elegant touch to your viewing space. But what’s the ideal TV height to use with them?

Television height is an important consideration, especially when having your entertainment unit custom-built. Follow these simple rules when it comes to determining the best height for your TV in your entertainment unit.

Entertainment unit with mini-bar, home theatre and fireplace.

Make your viewing experience as comfortable as possible

We’ve all gotten stuck with a seat in the first few rows of a movie theatre at least once. Not the most enjoyable vantage point, is it?

Looking up at your viewing display doesn’t make for a comfortable viewing experience, especially when it comes to lengthy viewing sessions.

Considering a recent stat shows the average Canadian spends just under 20% of their 168 total hours in the course of a week watching TV, the importance of viewing comfort can’t be overstated.

Experts agree: keep your TV height at eye level

Just about every tech expert agrees that the optimal height for a viewing display is at eye level from your viewing position. Slightly below your eye level works fine, too.

Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the floor to your eyes while in a seated position to determine your ideal TV height. Consider the body measurements of the rest of your home’s occupants. Measurements don’t have to be exact – an average ideal height for all of you will suffice.

Don’t forget about a variable like reclining seats that will affect your viewing position. Remember that having your TV height a little lower than your eye level is better than having it a little higher.

The main goal is to give yourself the best sightline towards your viewing display so you’ll get the highest level of picture quality from it.


Apply your TV height measurements to your custom-built entertainment unit

Bring your ideal TV height measurement to our design experts, who will work with you to create your dream entertainment unit.

You can customize your entertainment unit with interior lighting, cabinets, glass doors, and other attractive features, including your choice of beautiful finishes. Book your free in-home consultation today!

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