7 Must-Have Qualifications to Look for in a Home Organization Expert

The marketplace has many different choices available when it comes to businesses that specialize in improving a home’s organization.

What criteria should you use when deciding which home organization expert to hire?

Making the right choice for your home organization expert requires you to do your homework. There are a lot of horror stories out there of less-than-reputable contractors who “provide” sub-par products, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Know what to expect from your home organization expert

Knowing what to look for when picking the best professional to improve your home’s storage and organization functionality requires looking at a few essential criteria.

Remember, cutting corners when it comes to paying for any high quality professional service only leads to regret and frustration later on. Don’t settle for any less than these seven must-have qualifications from the home organization expert you hire.

1. A good reputation

One of the first things you’ll likely research when narrowing down your lists of potential home organization experts is their reputation.

There are many crowd-sourced review sites available to get some insight into the reputation and work practices of any company you’re considering doing business with.

Yelp, Google, HomeStars, Houzz, and Facebook are just a few of the more prominent online review resources you can use to help you make a more informed hiring decision. Just Google “Organized Interiors” and you’ll find that our satisfied clients have left overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Organized Interiors has worked hard to establish and maintain our position as an industry leader in the area of home organization and storage solutions. We take great pride in the fact that many of our projects are a result of customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth.

2. Experience

You’ll want whatever home organization professional you choose to have plenty of experience. Experience doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get high quality work, mind you, but it’s still an important consideration.

Some home organization projects will require electrical work and other complicated tasks that not just anyone can do. When a design consultant is designing a dressing room or closet organizer, they’re drawing from years of schooling and work experience to bring their concept to life.

With experience comes wisdom, so a home organization expert will be able to problem-solve faster and also have more of an idea of what will work best for the client.

Organized Interiors has 40+ years of experience as a home organization expert. Over that long period of time, our highly trained professionals have worked on projects both big and small and have seen just about everything.

home organization expert

Organized Interiors has been a home organization expert for more than 40 years.

3. Excellent customer service and a personal touch

Sub-par customer service is one of the easiest and most common ways to alienate someone who’s hired you for your professional services.

Ideally, your home organization expert should be attentive to your needs and welcome your feedback throughout the project’s duration. A strong level of communication between the client and service provider will result in a higher chance of customer satisfaction.

Some other important factors that play a role in excellent customer service include getting the project done in a timely manner and being reliable.

One reason Organized Interiors’ reputation speaks for itself is our tireless dedication to providing exemplary customer service.

4. Great products

Excellent customer service only gets you so far if the products you’re using in your projects are of an inferior quality. Your home organization expert should be using products that are durable, have appealing aesthetics, and provide easy-to-use-functionality.

A home organization expert with more experience will be more likely to be using products that deliver high marks in all three of these categories.

A newer company will need to go through somewhat of a trial-and-error period to determine which products hold up well and provide a high level of satisfaction for their customers.

When you’ve been around for as long as someone like Organized Interiors, though, you’ve been able to refine your product line more. Even something as seemingly insignificant as the type of hanging rod used in our custom closet projects has been given careful consideration.

All of this goes a long way to ensuring a customer ends up being fully satisfied with the products that were chosen for their project.

5. The ability to customize

Anyone calling themselves a home organization expert should know that the ability to customize to fit their client’s needs is essential.

This is one huge advantage that custom home organization specialists like Organized Interiors have over companies that use stock products for their projects. It’s also another advantage to choosing to DIY your home organization project.

The high quality custom cabinetry we use in our projects has been created specifically for the diverse needs of each individual client. The customer can have input into just about everything, including cabinetry finishes, configuration, and decorative hardware used.

We manufacture our custom products on-site at Organized Interiors. That means no detail is overlooked. The finished product will exactly match the original design, barring any changes that get made while the project is unfolding.

And that’s another advantage to the way we work – our professionals can more easily adapt to the evolving needs of any project.

home organization expert showroom

Your home organization expert should be able to customize your choice of products to fit your specific needs.

6. A guarantee of quality

When you enter into a business relationship with a home organization expert, you want to feel secure that they’ll stand fully behind their work.

The last thing you want to contend with right after having, say, a new home office installed is to come across a problem with it and find that the company is less than eager to resolve the issue now that they’ve been paid.

You also want the peace of mind to know that the products and services you’ve invested in will have a guarantee of long-lasting quality behind it.

This is one area where it pays to shop around and find a home organization expert that provides warranties that suit your needs. We think you’ll be more than pleased with what Organized Interiors offers:

  • a 1 year no-hassle warranty on all installations
  • a 10 year warranty for all of our products covering defects in material and hardware

7. High standards

When a business strives for high standards and employing people who have a real passion for their work, the results are obvious.

This can’t be said of all home organization experts, but you can rest assured you’ll know if you made the right choice shortly after you begin working with someone.

At Organized Interiors, we believe the high standards we set for ourselves is what makes us stand out amongst a crowded field of home organization experts.

Make sure your home organization expert ticks all these boxes

Now you know what to look for in a home organization expert. You can be confident that Organized Interiors ticks all the right boxes when it comes to what you need from the professional you’re trusting to improve your home’s organization.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation with us to get your home organization project started.

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