House Hunting Tips: What to Look for With Closet and Storage Space

There are a multitude of considerations to make when house hunting. Inevitably, some compromises will be made when you finally buy the home that best fulfills the essentials you value most in a residence.

One of the time-tested house hunting tips is not to undervalue the importance of closet and storage space. is the America’s largest publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information and one of their surveys found that 80% of respondents had regrets about their home purchase.

9% of that was made up of buyers who found their home lacked adequate closet or storage space.

Use these house hunting tips to help you evaluate potential storage space

These house hunting tips in relation to closet and storage space will assist you in knowing what to look for when viewing different homes and the storage potential they offer.

Take stock of what you own

Before you begin to visit potential future homes, take careful stock of everything you own and how much closet and storage space you have. A move is a great opportunity to declutter, so factor that in to your assessment.

Having even a loose concept of how your family’s belongings will fit within another home will be an asset. It can also dictate whether additional closet space becomes one of your priorities for a new home.

It can also help you avoid the common mistake of being mislead by the cluttered contents of someone else’s home, which may be attributable to a few different things.

Evaluate how a potential seller is using their storage space

Sure, a home might be cluttered and disorganized due to a lack of storage space. But a home that appears to not have adequate storage space might just be lacking effective storage systems and homeowners that don’t declutter enough.

Is the homeowner making use of closet organizers or effective bedroom storage solutions? These can make a big difference in how a home’s storage space is used and the overall presentation of the house.

house hunting tips closet organizer

Inspect thoroughly and document your findings

One of the house hunting tips that not enough potential buyers follow is to inspect all areas of a home you’re looking at. Open every door, drawer, and cupboard in every room because you never know what you might be missing.

There could be extra storage space that isn’t immediately obvious or, conversely, potential problems that will come as an unwelcome surprise once you’ve moved in.

Particularly focus on inspecting the closet areas. As a prospective buyer, you’re entitled to thoroughly examine all areas of the home, so don’t worry about seeming like you’re too nosy (as long as you’re not snooping through the owner’s belongings).

Take measurements and also ask the realtor for permission to take photos or video footage of the home. Having as much documentation as possible while house hunting helps, especially if you’re looking at numerous properties and need to keep details straight.

Expect less closet and storage space in older homes

If the home you’re browsing is older, expect there to be less closet space than you’ll find in newer homes. Some rooms may not even have a closet, or the closet space that does exist may be much smaller than you’re used to.

Decide whether you can adapt to a more confined amount of storage space and whether this may be a deal-breaker for you and your family.

Remember that you can always add storage space in the bedroom

Remember that a small closet can still be quite functional with a good closet organizer and some helpful closet accessories.

You can also add storage space to a bedroom in the form of a bed surround or wardrobe (which could also be added to a front hallway). Our convenient create-a-closet® solution is another option. It creates closet space anywhere you need it.

If the home you’re touring has a spare bedroom, consider turning it into a dressing room/large walk-in closet. Even an oversized master bedroom can have a partition wall added to give you a nice private dressing area.

Storage space in the kitchen and bathroom

How important is adequate storage space and the proper décor for your bathroom to you? If the bathroom in a home you’re considering buying is lacking in these areas, consider updating its look and storage capabilities with custom bathroom cabinetry.

A kitchen pantry is a nice to have for storing your food, which frees up space for storing items like small appliances, dishes, cooking supplies, and other kitchen items in your cupboards. Ask us about our high quality custom kitchen cabinetry.

Are the laundry room or mudroom making the best use of their space?

When inspecting the laundry room in a home you’re viewing, assess whether the space fits your needs. How much storage space is there for detergents and fabric softeners?

A drab laundry room with poor lighting and a lack of functionality can always be improved. We can update your laundry room’s look and also enhance its usefulness by adding custom cabinetry and accessories like valet rods, hidden laundry hampers, and pullout ironing boards.

A mudroom should be more than a disorganized area that becomes a storage spot for things that don’t quite have a home elsewhere in the house. Look for adequate overhead storage, enough hooks for hanging coats and hats, and other storage spaces, such as a bench with storage space inside of it.

house hunting tips laundry room

Assessing storage space in the rest of the home

When assessing the available closet and storage space in the rest of the home, decide whether or not the basement and hallways have enough storage room for you and your family. Is there a linen closet or space to store your wine collection?

Does the area underneath the stairs offer any storage possibilities? And don’t forget the garage! For help with maximizing any garage’s storage space, consult the professionals at Garage Living.

House hunting tips that prevent regrets

Following these house hunting tips that help you understand what to look for when assessing the closet and storage space in a potential future home will ensure you don’t have regrets in this department later on.

If you’ve already moved into a new home recently and are looking for ways to increase your storage space and make it more functional, we can help. Schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation to get started.

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