How to Organize Your Bedroom Closet and Save Time

By simply organizing your bedroom closet, you can save time and put money in your pocket.

There isn’t a catchy phrase for this like “spring cleaning” but try it. Put in the effort and you will be rewarded.

Save time with an organized bedroom closet.

Disorganization costs you time

A survey conducted by Apartment Guide revealed, “the average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things around the house.

That’s about 6.4 hours a week and roughly 335 hours a year.” What is your time worth? 6 hours is a lot of time to waste each week.

Save time with organization

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By reorganizing your bedroom closet, you can stop spending time searching for belongings and open up your day for more fun or relaxing activities. Here’s how to get started.

Sort through each item in your closet

In order to get organized, first you have to clear out your closet. Sort through all of your clothes and accessories to determine which pieces you rarely wear.

You’ll probably have a dress or suit that can only be worn for formal events and it’s okay to keep special occasion garments such as these.

Casual clothes that hardly ever leave the closet, however, shouldn’t be in your closet anymore.

Sell, donate or throw out unused clothes

Now that you have a clothes pile you no longer wish to keep, decide how you want to get rid of these items.

Clothes that are in good condition can be sold online or in garage sales, helping you make a little extra money right in time for the holidays. You can also choose to donate these clothes.

Store spring/summer clothes elsewhere

Hardly worn clothes are not the only wardrobe pieces you’ll want to remove from the bedroom closet.

Spring and summer items that only get worn during the warmer months should be moved elsewhere too, helping you make room for bulkier sweaters and coats.

To save space, consider placing these items in shallow storage containers that can easily be slid underneath the bed.

To save even more, consider using a vacuum-sealed bag for storing clothes. Less air in the bag means clothes are more compact in a smaller package.

The pay off

You’ll spend less time searching for the perfect outfit and more time sleeping or relaxing. A little organization is all you need to make your wardrobe essentials accessible and easy to find.

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