How To Reduce Clutter With Better Storage Solutions

Clutter creeps up and tries to take over a home every time you bring something into the house.

Even the daily mail can pile up causing feelings of stress.

Declutter regularly

It’s no surprise then that many people now regularly declutter their space. It helps you gain control and achieve peace of mind. There are even books written to help with this process.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, is a quick read and offers some quirky and practical ways to keep a home tidy. There are even websites dedicated to maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle, like The Minimalists.

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up

Decluttering is just part of the answer

But while giving away clothes, electronics and other old or unused items is necessary now and then, you may still be cramming the items that are left on top of each other.

You might even avoid opening the closet altogether just so you don’t have to see the chaos.

What’s under the clutter?

If you took everything out of your closet what’s left? Typical closets feature a top shelf, hanging rack and some floor space.

Having only one shelf means you’re often forced to stack items on top of each other. This makes it very difficult for you to find and access clothes, cleaning supplies or any other belongings.

There’s a better way to keep items separate and easy to access.

Be smart about your storage

What is smarter storage? At Organized Interiors the answer is customization. Smarter storage solutions help you maintain an organized home without forcing you to give up all of your belongings.

Organized closet with shelves and drawers to organize everything!

From chaos to order

Custom closets, are designed to meet your unique needs. You can have drawers, multiple shelves, cabinets and pullout racks to separate items and make all of your stuff accessible.

With a specific spot for belongings, you’re less likely to let these items take over your home and cause a mess.

Living with less is a good strategy to follow, but cutting clutter doesn’t mean you have to live with nothing. To keep a clean, stress-free home, use storage solutions designed to keep your stuff organized.

Personalized storage solutions are the answer

For further inspiration, download Organized Interiors’ Idea Book. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our talented designers.

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