Find out How These Closet Door Ideas Will Improve Your Bedroom Space

One aspect of your bedroom that may not have gotten the attention it deserves is your closet doors.

There’s a lot of opportunity to improve your bedroom space, however, simply by using some of these useful closet door ideas.

Enhance your bedroom’s decor with these closet door ideas

Closet doors are capable of being used for more than just hiding the contents of a messy closet. They offer the chance to enhance the décor in your bedroom.

Our high quality closet doors come in the following types:

  • sliding
  • bifold
  • solid panel
  • mirrored

Mirrored and wood surfaces can be combined to create a truly dynamic bedroom aesthetic. We have the best selection of detailed mirrored door designs in Canada.

Mirrored closet doors make a room seem larger and brighter, as well as saving you the space that a full-length wall or floor mirror would require.

Adding floor-to-ceiling closet doors also helps to make a room seem larger. Choose from a wide variety of wood finishes and mirror styles, in addition to framing (or frameless) options.

mirror closet door ideas

Custom closet doors are your best choice

Why buy your closet doors at a big box retailer with their limited one-size-fits-all selection and the hassle of installing them yourself? For the best closet door ideas, come to Organized Interiors.

We manufacture our own closet doors, which means it’s easier to achieve the look you want for your closet doors.

Custom-made closet doors also offer more flexibility for closet spaces with unique and unconventional dimensions. We oversee every aspect of your closet doors, from design to manufacturing to installation.

This beginning-to-end approach to our customer’s product means they’re assured of complete satisfaction with both the look and fit of their doors.

Easily access the contents of your closet

Sliding closet doors don’t open into the room, so they use less space. Our closet doors are manufactured with the highest quality track and hardware systems, ensuring many years of smooth, silent, and effortless performance.

We also offer a tri-access door system, which gives you almost 100% access to the items in your closet.

closet door ideas create-a-closet

Transform unused bedroom space into closet space with create-a-closet®

Our create-a-closet® concept lets you use your bedroom’s unused space to create a floor-to-ceiling freestanding closet that gives you more storage space.

It can be installed quickly with none of the mess, inconvenience, or high cost that comes with a home renovation project.

We’ll help you assess the best spot for your create-a-closet®. Once we’ve installed the hardware, gables, and closet doors in your style of choice, your functional and stylish closet will be ready to use.

create-a-closet® works great in any room in your home that could benefit from additional closet space.

Complement your closet doors with an organizer and accessories

You can complement these closet door ideas by adding additional closet storage and organization solutions:

  • a modular SmartLine closet organizer leaves floor space clear, maximizes closet storage space and functionality, and can be adjusted as your needs change
  • closet accessories like retractable valet rods and four position hangers take up little space and provide extra hanging space
  • sliding belt racks keep your belts organized and helps them maintain their shape
  • felt storage boxes look stylish, are ideal for storing household items, and fold up when they’re not being used

These closet door ideas can work in a bedroom, guest room, and home office.

Visit our unique showroom, which has all of these closet door ideas and much more that will capture your imagination.

You can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts to discuss your plans to improve your closet space.

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