5 Easy Ways to Remedy Closet Sharing Problems With Your Spouse

Fitting an entire wardrobe into a bedroom closet is tricky enough for one person.

When it comes to closet sharing with your husband or wife, things can become downright unmanageable and acrimonious.

Even if the two of you are able to fit both of your wardrobes into one closet, chances are they’re not getting stored in an orderly fashion.

This makes it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Consider how much time is wasted as the result of poor closet organization.

There doesn’t need to be harmonic discord between spouses when it comes to closet sharing.

Follow these five easy ways to remedy the issues you and your significant other might be dealing with when it comes to closet sharing.

1. You’ll get better results by organizing your closet together

Before reworking your closet’s setup, make sure to communicate with your partner about your closet sharing ideas and your vision for its layout, going forward. Have an open mind when they share their ideas as well.

Reach a consensus in terms of how the closet will be configured and the allotted amount of storage space for each of you.

Strong communication throughout this closet reorganizing process fosters unity and a smooth day-to-day process in the future for both of you.

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2. Empty your closet and assess what’s worth keeping

The easiest way to free up closet space is to de-clutter. Empty everything out of the closet and sort through it to determine what’s worth keeping.

You both need to be honest with yourselves about what qualifies as a keeper and what items won’t be missed.

Be sure to donate anything that someone else might be able to get more use out of. Move off-season clothing items to another area of your home with available storage space.

Once you’ve purged your non-essential belongings, give your closet a good cleaning before moving things back in. The opportunity for a thorough cleaning in an empty closet doesn’t present itself very often, so take advantage of it.

3. Establish separate closet zones. Respect each other’s boundaries.

Divide the space in your closet into “his and hers” areas, with consideration given to whoever has more belongings. Respect each other’s set boundaries.

By doing so, you’ll maintain an efficient organizational structure that makes finding desired items of clothing much easier.

Do your best to manage clutter by carefully going through your closet at least once a year and removing unnecessary items.

4. Closet sharing succeeds with a little help

Improve your ability to get the utmost efficiency out of your space when sharing a closet. Consider these practical closet storage solutions:

  • closet organizers are the most effective way to maximize your closet’s storage space
  • if your closet is tall enough, add a second hanging rod to double your hanging storage space
  • retractable valet rods take up very little space and provide a helpful extra hanging space
  • other closet accessories like tie holders, scarf holders, shelf dividers, shoe racks, and belt racks give your belongings dedicated homes and help maintain organization


5. Go one step further by adding a custom wardrobe

Even with the aforementioned storage solutions and tips, it’s possible your single bedroom closet simply isn’t big enough to comfortably hold what you both would like it to. This is when you have to turn to another bedroom storage option.

Consider the benefits of a custom-fitted wardrobe closet when it comes to expanding your traditional closet storage space.

A wardrobe closet from Organized Interiors offers numerous design options and is built exactly to the dimensions of the space it’ll occupy in your bedroom.

Enjoy the improved closet storage flexibility you’ll have with this stylish addition to your home’s decor.

It only takes a motivated effort and practical thinking to make closet sharing in the bedroom work in an efficient, mutually beneficial way for you and your partner.

Book a free in-home consultation with us to get started on creating your own unique closet sharing solution.

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